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Suzhou, Anhui

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Country  China
Province  Anhui
Population  1.601 million (2000)
Area  9,939.8 km2
Mayor  Tang Chengpei (???)

Suzhou (Chinese: ; pinyin: ) formerly Romanized as Suchow is a prefecture-level city in northern Anhui province. It borders the prefectural cities of Huaibei and Bengbu to the southwest and south respectively, the provinces of Jiangsu to the east, Shandong to the north, and Henan to the northwest.


Map of Suzhou, Anhui

Its population was 5,352,924 inhabitants at the 2010 census whom 1,647,642 lived in the built-up area (or metro) made of Yongqiao urban district, even though it stays largely rural.


Suzhou, Anhui in the past, History of Suzhou, Anhui

Suzhou was formerly Su County (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: ).


Sacrifice the kitchen God (??)
This festival is the traditional lunar festival of East Asia, celebrated in Suzhou. People think this festival is to give presents to God. In Suzhou, this festival is celebrated by offering food and burning incense on a table and white wine on the floor to worship the gods. This food is left untouched for, more or less, one day. Also, some food is shared with family and friends.

Suzhou, Anhui Festival of Suzhou, Anhui

Pear Flower Festival (???)
There are many pear trees in Suzhou and when their flowers bloom people get together to appreciate it and have a picnic. At night there is a festival program on Anhui TV to show how beautiful it is.

Sacred Stone Festival(???)
Suzhou Lingbi Sacred Stone Festival aims to promote the charming and admirable Lingbi sculptures. This festival expands the economy, promotes the cooperation and exchane, sets up an investment promotion platform, promotes Suzhou economic and social development, enhances its visibility and reputation. People get together and show their unique and beautiful stones. You can enjoy them at the Suzhou QiShi Museum. The city mayor chooses the best one to be sent to the National Museum of China.


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