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Street Justice

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6.6/10 TV

Composer(s)  Lawrence Shragge
Original language(s)  English
Network  Broadcast syndication
7.3/10 IMDb

Genre  Crime drama Action
Country of origin  United States
Final episode date  29 May 1993
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Created by  David Levinson Mark Lisson David H. Balkan
Starring  Carl Weathers Bryan Genesse Eric McCormack Charlene Fernetz Marcus Chong
Executive producers  Ann Donahue, Jonathan Glassner
Cast  Carl Weathers, Marcus Chong, Charlene Fernetz, Eric McCormack, Ken Tremblett

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Street Justice is an American action crime drama series starring Carl Weathers and Bryan Genesse. The series began airing in syndication in 1991, and was canceled in 1993 after two seasons.


My best friend street justice


The series revolves around U.S. Army Special Forces Soldier-turned-metropolitan police detective, Adam Beaudreaux (Weathers) (b. 1948), and Grady Jameson (Genesse), a martial arts expert. As a child, Grady saved Adam's life when he was wounded in action during the Vietnam War. Grady's parents, who were Canadian missionaries, were killed when the Vietcong burned down their village. After the encounter they formed a bond and were together in Vietnam for 10 months until Adam was discharged from service. Adam promised Grady that he would come back for him. In 1972 Adam became a police officer and began a 20-year search for the boy who had saved his life. They were reunited when Grady found his way to the U.S. and showed up at Adam's place.

Adam puts Grady to work at the bar he owns with his friend, Malloy (Charlene Fernetz), the daughter of his deceased partner. Grady soon begins helping Adam on cases using the knowledge he picked up living on the streets along with his martial arts training.


  • Carl Weathers as Adam Beaudreaux
  • Bryan Genesse as Grady Jameson
  • Charlene Fernetz as Malloy
  • Marcus Chong as Miguel Mendez (19 episodes)
  • Eric McCormack as Detective Eric Rothman (18 episodes)
  • Janne Mortil as Detective Tricia Kelsey
  • Ken Tremblett as Detective Paul Schuham (11 episodes)
  • Guest stars

  • Tamsin Kelsey (6 episodes)
  • Sandra P. Grant
  • Lisa Vultaggio
  • Steve Bacic (3 episodes)
  • Carrie-Anne Moss (2 episodes)
  • Beverley Hendry (2 episodes)
  • Ken Camroux (2 episodes)
  • Christianne Hirt
  • Walter Marsh
  • Victor Young (2 episodes)
  • John Tench
  • Eric Keenleyside (2 episodes)
  • Rick Poltaruk
  • Wren Robertz
  • Stephen E. Miller
  • Salma Hayek
  • Robert McNeil
  • Oliver Becker
  • Jano Frandsen
  • Jill Teed
  • Johnny Cuthbert
  • John Novak (2 episodes)
  • Roark Critchlow
  • Debbie Gibson
  • Tom McBeath
  • Dustin Nguyen
  • Kim Kondrashoff
  • Marc Baur
  • Roger R. Cross (2 episodes)
  • Kevin McNulty (2 episodes)
  • Melanie Nicholls-King
  • Billy Blanks
  • Amy Yasbeck
  • Collin Raye
  • R. Lee Ermey
  • Peter DeLuise
  • Don S. Davis
  • Kim Coates
  • Steve Kahan
  • Alfonso Quijada (3 episodes)
  • Alex Datcher (2 episodes)
  • Travis MacDonald
  • Jim Byrnes
  • Earl Pastko
  • Jay Brazeau
  • Kathy Long
  • Benjamin Ratner
  • Rob Morton
  • Notes

    Marcus Chong and Carrie-Anne Moss would reunite years later in The Matrix.

    DVD releases

    Visual Entertainment has released both seasons of Street Justice on DVD in Canada.

    On March 22, 2011, VEI released Street Justice: The Complete Series on DVD in Canada. The 10-disc boxset features all 43 episodes of the series.

    Awards and nominations

    Chicago International Film Festival

  • Won: Best Direction, Dramatic Series, David Winning (for episode 1.13 "Parenthood", 1993)
  • References

    Street Justice Wikipedia