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Squanto: A Warriors Tale

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Director  Xavier Koller
Initial DVD release  September 7, 2004
Country  USA
6/10 IMDb

Genre  Adventure, Biography, Drama
Music director  Joel McNeely
Writer  Darlene Craviotto
Language  English
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Release date  October 28, 1994 (theatrical release)
Cast  Adam Beach (Squanto), Sheldon Peters Wolfchild (Mooshawset), Irene Bedard (Nakooma), Eric Schweig (Epenow), Leroy Peltier (Pequod), Michael Gambon (Sir George)
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Squanto: A Warrior's Tale is a 1994 American/Canadian adventure drama film. It was written by Darlene Craviato and directed by Xavier Koller and Christopher Stoia. It is very loosely based on the actual historical Native American figure Squanto, and his life prior to and including the arrival of the Mayflower in 1620. It stars Adam Beach as the lead role of Squanto. It was originally released theatrically on October 28, 1994 and was shot in Louisbourg and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Walt Disney Video released Squanto on VHS June 20, 1995. This movie was released on DVD September 7, 2004.


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Set in the early 17th century, a Patuxet tribesman named Squanto (Adam Beach) is captured by English settlers. He is then taken to England but escapes with a group of men, along with Epenow (Eric Schweig), a Nauset from Martha's Vineyard who was also captured by the English.

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When the English ship arrives in Plymouth England, Squanto and Epenow are considered as slaves after meeting the employer of the crew, King George. As a welcome, Squanto gets thrown in a ring with a giant bear. Their battle becomes a spectacle for the English.

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Squanto is able to escape, and soon after escapes in a row boat. When he's discovered, he's lying unconscious on a rocky shore, and soon found by a trio of monks who had been fishing.

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Squanto is taken into their monastery, in spite of the reluctancy of head Brother Paul. The monk who offers the most open arms, Brother Daniel (Mandy Patinkin), becomes a mentor and friend to Squanto. From Brother Daniel, Squanto learns English, and at the same time, he imparts some knowledge about his world to his new housemates, introducing them to moccasins and popcorn. Brother Paul remains skeptical of 'the pagan' and in any possibility of a "New World".

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Meanwhile, Sir George firmly believes that Squanto belongs to the Plymouth printing company, and he has men on the hunt. In another cinematic sequence, Squanto pulls off an improbable escape to accompany Epenow and the crew setting sail back to America.

What Squanto returns to devastates him. His tribe (including his wife, Nakooma) has been entirely wiped out due to illnesses that the Europeans brought. Epenow wishes to turn violent against the English who mistreated them. The Englishmen and Nauset tribe are ready to do battle, but Squanto manages to settle things peacefully. The last scenes of the film portray the first Thanksgiving celebration.


  • Adam Beach as Squanto
  • Sheldon Peters Wolfchild as Mooshawset
  • Irene Bedard as Nakooma
  • Eric Schweig as Epenow
  • Leroy Peltier as Pequod
  • Michael Gambon as Sir George
  • Nathaniel Parker as Thomas Dermer
  • Alex Norton as Harding
  • Mark Margolis as Captain Thomas Hunt
  • Julian Richings as Sir George's Servant
  • Mandy Patinkin as Brother Daniel
  • Donal Donnelly as Brother Paul
  • Stuart Pankin as Brother Timothy
  • Paul Klementowicz as Brother James
  • Bray Poor as Doctor Fuller
  • Tim Hopper as William Bradford
  • John Saint Ryan as Myles Standish
  • John Dunn-Hill as Governor John Carver
  • Selim Running Bear Sandoval as Attaquin
  • David Morley as Monk
  • Shaun "Mavs" Gillis as Boy in Crowd
  • Brian Sullivan as Canoe Wrangler
  • Reception

    Roger Ebert from Chicago Sun-Times gave the film only one and a half stars and wrote: ""Squanto" is the kind of superficial, tidied-up, idealized history that might appeal to younger viewers. No thoughtful person will be able to take it seriously. For an incomparably more accurate and evocative portrayal of the earliest contacts between Native Americans and Europeans, see Bruce Beresford's "Black Robe" (1991), which is to "Squanto" as Geronimo is to Tonto." Lois Alter Mark from Entertainment Weekly gave it a C and stated: "Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale, the story of the first Thanksgiving as told by the Native American who brokered the event, has valuable lessons to teach, but it’s so self-conscious (not to mention misguided in parts) that it will probably be out of the theaters long before Turkey Day.". However, on Rotten Tomatoes, Squanto currently holds 60% of aprovation, based on 10 reviews.


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