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Shire of Tungamah

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Population  3,030 (1992)
County  Moira
Area  1,143 kmĀ²
Council seat  Tungamah
Established  1878
Shire of Tungamah  Wangaratta
Founded  1878
Shire of Tungamah

The Shire of Tungamah was a local government area in the Goulburn Valley region about 240 kilometres (149 mi) northeast of Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, Australia. The shire covered an area of 1,143 square kilometres (441.3 sq mi), and existed from 1878 until 1994.



Tungamah was once part of the vast Echuca Road District, formed in 1864 and a shire from 1871, which extended along the south bank of the Murray River from Mount Hope Creek in the west to the Ovens River in the east.

Tungamah was first incorporated as the Shire of Yarrawonga on 15 May 1878. On 17 April 1891, the East Riding, which contained the town of Yarrawonga, was severed and incorporated as the Shire of North Yarrawonga. As such, the shire was renamed Tungamah after its main town on 17 February 1893, and North Yarrawonga was renamed Yarrawonga on 12 May 1893. On 1 April 1953, the North West Riding also severed, becoming the Shire of Cobram.

On 18 November 1994, the Shire was abolished, and merged with the Shires of Cobram, Nathalia, Numurkah and Yarrawonga into the Shire of Moira. The Katandra West district, meanwhile, was transferred to the City of Greater Shepparton.


Tungamah was divided into four ridings on 1 October 1964, each of which elected three councillors:

  • Central Riding
  • South Riding
  • South West (Katandra) Riding
  • North West (Invergordon) Riding
  • Towns and localities

  • Tungamah
  • Almonds
  • Boosey
  • Boweya North
  • Invergordon
  • Katandra
  • Lake Rowan
  • Marunga
  • Pelluebla
  • St James
  • Telford
  • Waggarandall
  • Youanmite
  • Youarang
  • Yundool
  • Population

    * Estimate in the 1958 Victorian Year Book.


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