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Rupandehi District

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Country  Nepal
Time zone  NPT (UTC+5:45)
Zone  Lumbini Zone
Headquarters  Siddharthanagar
Area  1,360 km²
Rupandehi District httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Main language(s)  Nepali, Bhojpuri, Awadhi
Region  Western Development Region, Nepal
Colleges and Universities  New Horizon Institute, Universal College of Medical S, Lumbini Buddhist University, Lumbini Engineering College
Points of interest  Maya Devi Temple - Lumbini, Lumbini Museum, Siddha Baba Temple, Banbatika Park, World Peace Pagoda

Rupandehi District(Nepali: रुपन्देही जिल्ला Listen , a part of Province No. 5, is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal and covers an area of 1,360 km². The district headquarter is Siddharthanagar. As per the national census 2011, the population of Rupandehi was 880,196.


Map of Rupandehi, Nepal


Rupandehi is named after Rupadevi, the queen of King Suddhodana.


Lumbini, birthplace of Lord Buddha, lies in Rupandehi district. Devdaha, the birthplace of Mayadevi (mother of Lord Buddha) also lies in Rupandehi district.

Population of Rupandehi district

At the time of 2011 A.D National population and Housing census 2011 was reported that total population of Rupandehi district was 880,196 . and Male=432,193 and Female=448,003 and total household was 163,916 . Data Sourece: Central bureau of statistics kathmandu, government of Nepal .

Administrative Divisions

The district is divided into seven election constituencies area, 17 Ilaka, 48 VDCs, 5 municipalities and one submetropolitan city.


The district lies on the southern and western part of Nepal. On the East it shares border with Nawalparasi District, on West with Kapilvastu District, on North with Palpa District and on South with India.The elevation of the district lies between 100m to 1229m from sea level. The total area of the district is 1,360 km² with 16.1% in Churia Range and rest in the Terai region.

Major Rivers

Rupandehi has many rivers all of which flow from Northern mountains towards south into India.

  • Tinu River
  • Kothi River
  • Sukhaira River
  • Bagela River
  • Rohini River
  • Kanchan River
  • Kacharar River
  • Koili River
  • Davav River
  • Danda River
  • Ghodaha
  • Major Lakes

  • Gaidahawa lake (Bishnupur)
  • Gajedi lake (Gajedi)
  • Nanda vauju lake (Chilhaiya)
  • Sukaiiya lake
  • Nawa Durga Bhawani Mandir

    It lies in Sainamaina-3, Murgiya. Many peoples visit there to worship Goddess Durga throughout the year. It is the most popular Temple after Parroha Temple in this area.Many poojas are conducte timely. It is regularly repaired by the members involved in its development.


    Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha on whose teachings Buddhism was founded. It is granted World Heritage status by UNESCO in 1997. Thousands of Buddhist monks, pilgrims and tourists visit Lumbini annually. The ongoing up-gradation of Gautam Buddha Airport into international airport is expected to increase the number of visitors. Mahinda Rajapakshe, President of Sri Lanka is one of the high-profile visitor of Lumbini.

    Siddha Baba Mandir

    This is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva situated in border between Palpa and Rupandehi. There is a belief that Lord Shiva grants the wishes of the devotees who visit the temple. Interestingly, there are two Siddha Baba Mandir adjacent to each other. One lies within Rupandehi and another in Palpa. Nonetheless, both Mandir are regarded as pilgrimage of equal importance.

    Satiya Mai Mandir

    This is a temple dedicated to Devi Satiya situated in Patkhauli VDC, near Rohini Khola In Rupandehi. There is a belief that Real Lady grants the wishes of the devotees who visit the temple. Interestingly, there are A real Maya Devi Mandir and other is modified Temple adjacent to each other. One lies within Rupandehi and another in Palpa. Nonetheless, both Mandir are regarded as pilgrimage of equal importance. Due to the Godes beloved to visitor's in Satiya Ban area. Actually this temple is situated in the middle of Rohini Khola but now River is flowing west of Satiya Devi Temple and Satiya Bagaicha.

    Manimukunda Sen Park

    Once a winter palace of King Manimukunda Sen, Manimukunda Sen Park is another major attraction in Rupandehi. The palace is not in shape but the ruins and antiquities of the majestic palace can still be found. It is situated in Butwal City and is popular for the picnic spots, zoo and the gardens inside the park. The greenery and the view of Rupandehi, Palpa and Kapilvastu districts is also another attraction in the park.

    Parroha Bol Bam Dham

    It is the oldest Bol Bam Dham (pilgrimage and festival) in Nepal. The pilgrimage is dedicated to Lord Shiva located in Sainamaina Municipality. Thousands of Lord Shiva's devotees from various parts of the country and from neighboring States of India visit to worship the Shivalinga inside the Bol Bam Dham. The major inflow of pilgrims occurs during the Bol Bam. Bol Bam is an annual pilgrimage glorifying the Lord made in Shraavana in which devotees travel barefooted wearing saffron robes in routes to the dham.

    Shankar Nagar Ban Bihar and Research Center

    Shankar Nagar Ban Bihar and Research Centre, simply referred as Ban Batika by locals is a popular attraction in Tilottama Municipality. The Centre is maintained inside Shankarnagar Community Forest. It is popular for its picnic spots, zoo and garden.

  • Chanchala Mai Mandir
  • Jitgadhi
  • Marchwari Devi Temple: Marchwari Devi Temple lies in Bogadi VDC of Rupandehi. It is a historical temple among the 24 previous VDC. The area surrounding this temple (now 18 VDCs) are named after this temple as Marchwar. The local people and peoples from INDIA, Uttar Pradesh visit there on specific occasions to celebrate child birth, engagement and marriage ceremonies. Temple is located in a peaceful area.

    Non-profit organisations

  • NAMUNA Integrated Development Council (NAMUNA)
  • FSC Rupandehi
  • Samriddhi Foundation
  • Ma Bhagawiti Anurag Jagarn Samooh
  • Astha Samuha (www.asthasamuha.org.np)
  • Brahmakumaris organization.
  • Biodiversity Conservancy Nepal Official Website
  • Education

    Rupandehi is renowned at national level on education sector for its infrastructure and achievements. Jilla Shikshya Karyalaya, Rupandehi (District Education Office, Rupandehi) under Ministry of Education manages and govern the education in the district. Currently, it manages 745 educational institutions in the district. As per National Census 2011, the literacy rate of the district is 72%, where male literacy rate is 89% and female literacy rate is 62%. The literacy rate is above the national average.


    Siddhartha Highway and Mahendra Highway connects Rupandehi with rest of the country. Gautam Buddha Airport connects Rupandehi with the rest of the country via Airways. It is the only airport in Lumbini. Currently it is under upgradtion to make it an international airport. Late Prime Minister Sushil Koirala laid a foundations stone of the airport on January 15. It is expected to be completed by 2018 with an estimated Budget of Rs 6.22 billion. North-West Civil Aviation Airport Construction Company of China has got responsibility for the construction of the Airport.

    West Nepal Bus Entrepreneurs' Association established in 2026 with the approval of District Administration Office is the major provider of transportation services for Rupandehi and the whole country.


    Cricket and Football are the most popular sports in Rupandehi. Players in Rupandehi compete in domestic cricket tournaments as Region No. 4 Bhairahawa. Shakti Gauchan and Basanta Regmi are leading cricketer from Rupandehi who regularly plays for the National team. Rupandehi XI represents Rupandehi in domestic football tournaments. Dipak Chhetri, Pukar Gahatraj, and Pradip Karki are notable footballer from Rupandehi.


    Rupandehi District Wikipedia

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