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Roni Dalumi

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Origin  Omer, Israel
Role  Singer
Occupation(s)  Singer, Actress
Genres  Pop music
TV shows  Kokhav Nolad
Name  Roni Dalumi

Roni Dalumi Roni Dalumi Human Tissue in Yad Vashem
Born  September 15, 1991 (age 24) (1991-09-15)
Nominations  MTV Europe Music Award for Best Israeli Act
Similar People  Ninet Tayeb, Sarit Hadad, Roni Duani, Keren Peles, Eliana Tidhar

Years active  2009-present (music)

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Roni Dalumi (Hebrew: רוני דלומי‎‎, born September 15, 1991) is an Israeli singer. She won the final of Kochav Nolad 7 contest in August 2009.


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Roni Dalumi was born and raised in Omer, Israel. Her family is Mizrahi Jewish, from Libya and Iraq. Till the age of 12 she studied dance at Bat-Dor Beer Sheva Municipal Dance Centre. in Beersheba. She participated in "Shir Nolad", a children's song festival, in 2006. In April 2010, Dalumi was drafted into the Israeli Defense Forces as a singer in a military entertainment troupe.

Kochav Nolad 7

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Dalumi was the judges' least favorite contestant after being ranked last by most of them throughout the season, especially by Gal Uchovsky. Despite this, Daloomi was saved by the audience every time and made it to the final in Eilat where she won the competition with 61% of the votes (after being ranked last by the judges once again). Daloomi is the youngest winner of the show to date, being only 17 years old at the time, and the first female to win since first season's winner Ninet Tayeb.

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Performances during the competition:

Music career

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Daloomi released her first single, "Ten" (Give) in April 2010. "Ten" was an Hebrew version to Gloria Estefan's "Hoy", with Hebrew lyrics written by Gilad Segev. The song was nominated for "Song Of The Year." Three months later she released her second single (also a Latin cover): "Ktzat Acheret" (A Little Different), bringing Daloomi nominations for "Singer Of The Year." She won the title on Channel 24 and the children's Channel. "Ten" was voted "Song Of The Year" on th Children's Channel. In November 2010 her third single, critically acclaimed "Kach O' Kach" (Either way), also a cover of Robi Draco Rosa's "Crash Push" (English version of the song "Más y Más"), was released.

Daloomi released her debut album titled "Ktzat Acheret" (A Little Different) on December 20, 2010. The album includes ten songs in the spirit of Latin Music, including two songs which Daloomi co-wrote, and a duet with Colombian singer Marta Gomez to her song "Paula Ausente"(Absent Paula), which came out as a single on February, 2011. The album received generally positive reviews, but was also criticized for consisting mostly covered versions of Latin Pop music from South America. The idea for the cover-concept album of Latin Music came after Daloomi's much praised performance of "Cada Dia" (Everyday), a song originally performed by Marta Gomez in Idan Raichel's Project's third album.

Daloomi released the song "Shilchi Oto" (Send Him Away) in April 2011. The song, written by Binyamin Frank and composed by Ronit Shachar, is from a memorial day project by Galei Tzahal radio station called "Od Me'at Nahafoch Leshir" (Soon We'll Become A Song) that gathers lyrics and poetry by deceased IDF soldiers and have them composed and performed by Israeli artists.

Daloomi took part in the annual children's songs' competition Festigal as Scheherazade with the song "Nigmeru Li Hamilim" (I'm Out Of Words) and won second place.

On July 8,2013,Daloomi released her second album called "Tahaziku",the album includes ten songs too,including the first single that released from the album And his theme song "Tahaziku" (hold),in addition the album includes another three singles,that called "Panai laruach" (my face to the wind),"Stam shnei anashim" (just two people) and "Ktze haiom" (end of the day).the first two singles released on 2012, and the last two,at 2013.another songs from the album "Karka'it nemucha" (a low ground) and "Yom shishi" (Friday) (like "Saturday night" in Israel) released as singles after the album released,on 2013 and 2014 (respectively).


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