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Sarit Hadad

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Native name  שרית חדד
Name  Sarit Hadad

Years active  1994–present
Origin  Hadera, Israel
Role  Singer ·
Sarit Hadad Best of Sarit Hadad 2 CD Set

Born  September 20, 1978 (age 37) Afula, Israel (1978-09-20)
Labels  Avi Guetta Records/Play Records (1995-2000) Avi Guetta Records (2001-2004) Avi Guetta Records/Miss Music (2005-2008) Hed Arzi (2009-present)
Movies and TV shows  The Voice Israel, Ha-Chayim Al-Pi Y, Only in Israel, Sarit Haddad: Only Love Brings Love
Genres  Mizrahi music, Pop music, Dance music
Albums  Days of Joy ‑ Part One, Only Love Will Bring Love, Child of Love, The Smooth Collection, Sweet Illusions

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Sarit Hadad (Hebrew: שרית חדד‎‎, [saˈrit ħaˈdad]) (born on September 20, 1978) is an Israeli singer. In October 2009, the Israeli Music TV Channel (Channel 24) crowned Hadad "best female singer of the 2000s".


Sarit Hadad Sarit Hadad Light a Candle Nadlik Beyachad Ner lyrics

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Early life

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Hadad was born as Sarah Hudadatov (Hebrew: שרה חודדטוב) in the town of Afula, Israel in a large traditional Mountain Jewish family that later moved to the city of Hadera. When she was ten years old, she participated in a contest for young talent, where she performed on the piano. She also played the organ, guitar, accordion, and darbuka.

Musical career

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Hadad comes from a musical family and was recognized as a child prodigy. She began performing at the age of eight. Apart from classical piano, she taught herself to play the organ, guitar, accordion, and a Middle Eastern drum known as the darbuka. At the age of 15, she joined the Hadera Youth Band. When she was 16 she was discovered by Avi Gueta, who is still her manager.

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Hadad's career as a pop singer has been highly successful, with many of her songs topping the Israeli charts. Israeli Television selected her to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2002. The song, Nadlik Beyakhad Ner (Light A Candle) (in Hebrew: נדליק ביחד נר), came in 12th place, although Swedish and Belgian TV commentators both told their local audiences not to vote for Hadad due to her nationality (while Sweden did cast zero votes for Hadad, Belgium ended up giving her two votes anyway).

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In 2004, she collaborated with David D'Or to record the DVD Pets in Tunes.

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In December 2006, Hadad drew crowds in New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles with her "Sing with Sarit" tour. In July 2007, Madonna revealed that she is a fan of Hadad, and enjoys listening to her music when dining at a kosher restaurant near her home.

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Hadad typically performs Mizrahi music, often employing Arabic lyrics.

Hadad does not generally perform on Jewish holidays or on the Jewish Sabbath ("Shabbat")

Sarit Hadad sings in multiple languages including English, Arabic, Georgian, Turkish, Greek and Hebrew. She was the first Israeli to perform (professionally) in Jordan.

In popular culture

Sarit Hadad is a judge in the inaugural season of The Voice Israel on Israeli television.

Personal life

On 21 September, 2017, Hadad gave birth to a baby girl


  1. Spark of life – ניצוץ החיים – 1995
  2. Live in France – הופעה חיה בצרפת – 1996
  3. The Road I Chose – הדרך שבחרתי – 1997
  4. Singing in Arabic – שרה בערבית – 1997
  5. Law of Life – חוק החיים – 1998
  6. Like Cinderella – כמו סינדרלה – 1999
  7. Live at Heichal Hatarbut – ההופעה בהיכל התרבות – 1999
  8. Doing What I Want – לעשות מה שבא לי – 2000
  9. Sweet Illusions – אשליות מתוקות – 2001
  10. Girl of Love – ילדה של אהבה – 2002
  11. Only Love Will Bring Love – רק אהבה תביא אהבה – 2003
  12. Celebration – חגיגה – 2004
  13. Miss Music – 2005 – מיס מיוזיק
  14. Princess of Happiness (for children) – 2006 – נסיכה של שמחה
  15. The One Who Watches Over Me – 2007 – זה ששומר עליי
  16. The Beat Collection – 2008 – האוסף הקצבי
  17. The Smooth Collection – 2008 – האוסף השקט
  18. The Race of Life – 2009 – מרוץ החיים
  19. The Race of Life, Live at Caesarea 2009 – 2010 – שרית חדד בקיסריה, מרוץ החיים 2009
  20. 20 – 2011
  21. Days of joy – Part One – 2013 – 'ימים של שמחה – חלק א
  22. Sarit Hadad – 2015 – שרית חדד
  23. Sara Sings - 2017 -שרה שרה

Greatest hits album

  • The compilation – 2008 – האוסף
  • The Best – 2012 – המיטב
  • Other

    Mega Mix – 1999 – מגה מיקס


  • DVD – The Show (Like Cinderella)
  • DVD – In the Temple (Doing What I Want)
  • DVD – In Caesarea (Sweet Illusions)
  • DVD – Child of Love (in Caesarea)
  • DVD – Only Love Will Bring Love (in Caesarea)
  • DVD – Celebration (in Caesarea)
  • DVD – All the Happy People (in Caesarea)
  • DVD – Princess of Joy (For Kids)
  • DVD – The Race of Life, Live at Caesarea 2009 (in Caesarea)
  • DVD - Once in a Lifetime (in Bloomfield Stadium)
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