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Roni Duani

Birth name  Liron Duani
Spouse  Chen Moncaz (m. 2010)
Instruments  Vocals
Record label  Helicon Records

Origin  Rishon LeZion, Israel
Name  Roni Duani
Siblings  Yael Duani
Genres  Pop, Hebrew, dance
Role  Singer
Albums  עולם שלם בחוץ, לא עוצרת
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Born  March 10, 1986 (age 29) (1986-03-10)
Similar People  Roni Dalumi, Ran Danker, Shiri Maimon, Ninet Tayeb, Harel Skaat

Occupation(s)  Singer, model, actress
Also known as  Roni Superstar Roni

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Roni Duani (Hebrew: רוני דואני‎‎; born Liron Duani on March 10, 1986 in Rishon LeZion, Israel) is a pop singer. Although she is best known for her music career, she has also been a television actress, children's television show host, and fashion model. She is often compared to the American recording artist Britney Spears.


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Music career

In 2003, Duani was recognized for her debut album: The World Outside My Door. She earned the nickname Roni Superstar as the album included the hit single "Superstar", based on Jamelia's song "Superstar". About two months later, Roni did her mandatory army service. Around the same time, she released her second album "Lo Otzeret," which was released in two separate parts. This album contained the hit song Adoni, composed and produced by the respected musician Ivri Lider.

In 2007, she released a dance lesson DVD called "Al Ktzot HaEtzba'ot" (On The Tip Of The Toes), along with a new hit single, "Tzafuf" (Crowded). After the release of her DVD, Roni spent the next two years working on her third album, and did not do much in the public eye, except when she participated in the 2008 Festigal. However, she came back to public attention in January 2010, when she released the single "Lo Sham," the first song off her third album. In order to obtain publicity for this new single, she organized an ARG-type game with the help of a friend of hers, and the Israeli entertainment news website "Walla!" The game ended with the release of the single and the accompanying music video.

In May 2010, she released another single, "El Toch HaLayla", which was written by another Israeli singer Emily Karpel. She also recorded a version of this song in Chinese. In August 2010, Roni released her third single, "Ohevet, Ozevet." In an interview with the magazine "Maariv LaNo'ar," Roni stated that her third album will not be released as an actual physical album, but that she will continue to release singles on the Internet.

Children's entertainment

In addition to music, Roni has also done a lot of work in children's entertainment. For example, she is a frequent participant in the Festigal, a musical children's show that is performed by various Israeli celebrities every year around Hanukkah. She first participated in 2004, where she performed the song "Nesichat Pop." This song was later released as a bonus song on her second album. Roni also participated in Festigal 2005, whose theme was "Giborei Al" (Hebrew for "superheroes"), and was about a boy who saves the world and becomes "Extreme Boy". She played a superhero named Beat Woman.

She performed in the 2008 Festigal, and participated in the 2010 show, playing Marie Antoinette. In addition to the Festigal, Roni has done many other stage shows for children. In 2006, she played Dorothy in a musical based on the The Wizard of Oz. In 2009, she performed in another musical based on the movie Hercules. She has also done many children's television programs. In 2004, Roni joined the Israeli Nickelodeon network as a co-host one the shows "Mastik," "Achi Achoti," and "Jungle." In 2007, she joined the cast of the children's show Rosh Gadol. In the summer of 2010, she became a co-host on the program "HaMakom HaAmiti," which broadcasts on the Israeli television network "Arutz HaYeladim" (a children's channel).


From 2004-07, she was a model for the Israeli swimsuit company "Banana." She has also done modeling for the shoe company Converse, and the popular Israeli clothing store Castro. She also released a makeup/beauty care line for girls called U-Girl.

Personal life

Roni grew up in Rishon LeZion. From a young age she enjoyed performing, especially dancing and singing. Her sister, Yael Duani, is also a performer who has acted in soap operas, children's television programs, and the Festigal. On August 19, 2010, just a few days after the release of her song "Ohevet, Ozevet", Roni got married. She studied Communication at the IDC, and received her degree in 2010.

Duets with other Israeli artists

  • I Believe in You ("מאמינה בך") — HaTzel ("The Shadow") feat. Roni Superstar
  • Elohim Sheli- with Harel Skaat
  • Atid Varod Kmo Mastik- from the show "Mastik" (with Alon Litbek)
  • Yesh Li Otcha
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