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Red Line (1996 film)

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Director  John Sjogren
Language  English
4.8/10 IMDb

Country  United States
Red Line (1996 film) movie poster
Writer  John Sjogren, Rolfe Kanefsky, Scott Ziehl
Release date  1996
Tagline  Power Control Speed

Red Line is a 1996 American action film directed by John Sjogren and written by him, Rolfe Kanefsky, and Scott Ziehl. It stars Chad McQueen, Dom DeLuise, Michael Madsen, Roxana Zal, Jan-Michael Vincent, and Corey Feldman. The film also includes small roles and cameos by Julie Strain, Robert Z'Dar, Chuck Zito, Joe Estevez, and Ron Jeremy.


Immediately prior to filming, Jan-Michael Vincent was in a severe car accident that left his face badly scarred. He can be seen still wearing his hospital ID wrist bracelet in the movie.

Red line bullitt tribute car chase 1995


Jim (Chad McQueen) works as a car mechanic with Jerry (Dom DeLuise) on a car for Keller (Jan-Michael Vincent) which turns out to be bulletproof. One night while Keller and his gang buy champagne from a convenience store Jim arrives using Keller's car robs the convenience store. However, as Jim was about to flee on Keller's car a police car arrives and the officer aims his gun at Jim demanding him to get out the car and opens fire on him but the bullets are not effective on the windshield and Jim taunts the officer and drives away another police car attempts to corner him but he easily overtakes it and escapes. The next day Jim is then confronted by Keller and his gang about the incident last night and orders him to bring the bulletproof car to his house. After Keller and his gang left Jerry lectures him as he was about to deliver Keller's car. While on the way Jim stops on a car wash station where he meets Gem (Roxana Zal) and she is been lead away her boyfriend. Jim finally arrives at Keller's house and hands Keller the keys of his car and orders him to get the Ferrari 328 GTS from a group of couples in the mountains.

The next day Jim arrives at the couple's house to see the place is guarded and sneaks through the fence and finds the Ferrari which Keller needs to bring. The couple enters the garage having a romance as Jim was about to start the car but Jim scares them away by opening the garage gate and drives the car. One of the guards spots him and gives chase on their Porsche but they crashed into the sea while trying to overtake a car. Jim returns to the car-wash station where Gem again meets him and she was amazed to see the car and immediately leaves when her boyfriend arrives. Jim then returns to Keller's house and hands him the keys for the Ferrari where they have a talk and orders him to get the Corvette (C4). Jim arrives on a Police impound lot where he repairs his car which he used to robbed a bank earlier. He sneaks through the lot while the mechanic repairs the car and a group of couple orders him to get their black Porsche. Jim finds a blue Corvette (C4) and examines the color and spots another one behind the couples' black Porsche which is covered in dust and examines its engine and the engine is still working. But is cut short and returns at the counter when the mechanic returns with his car now repaired. Jim leaves his car behind in a parking lot slot and hops on another car and drives into the impound slot and destroys the black Porsche and hops on the dust covered Corvette and returns to the Car wash station to clean it. Jim asked the car wash employee where is Gem and he tells him she is in the convenience store.

He finds her being abused by her boyfriend and stops him from hurting her and demands him to let her go. Jim beats him and jumps unto the Corvette with Gem on board and escapes the police. They stop in an alley and have a romance at the hotel. Meanwhile, Keller contacts his men to find Jim and the Corvette and contacts Jim about the Corvette. Jim and Gem hide the Corvette in the Marina where Gem's friend Crystal(Julie Strain) lives and Jim contacts Keller who then tells him one of his men are on the way for him. He then arrives in a parking lot and finds the dark green Mustang and hops on it. One of Keller's men (Stewart Goddard) who was sent by Keller to find Jim and he finds him and gives chase which he is killed when his car crashed on a car rupturing the fuel tank and erupts into flames. Jim picks Gem and arrives at Mr. Lawrence's (Michael Madsen)house where Jim confronts him and escapes his men with Gem through the cemetery. They spent a night in a motel and Jim contact's Mr. Lawrence. Gem then goes to a bar where she is then confronted by her former boyfriend attempting to take her with him but she beats him with a bottle and apologize to the bartender. Meanwhile, Jim is then contacted by Keller and flees with Tony (Corey Feldman) followed from behind. Jim returns to the marina to find the Corvette and leaves the Camaro behind. Tony waits behind.

Jim finds the Corvette in a boat and pulls the boat to shore and drives the corvette to find Gem. But he is then ambushed by Tony but he knocks him out and find Gem who was carrying a bag full of money picking her up. Tony recovers and give chase and injures Gem in the arm and Jim forces to let Gem out of the Corvette. Tony chases Jim through the streets avoiding cars and trucks on their path until Tony crashes his car on a car killing him. However Jim crashes the Corvette into the wall of the parking lot when a girl riding in a bike who manages to get on his path wrecking the Corvette in the process. Gem sees this shocked who was waiting for him beside a container truck wondering what happened to him. Jim was not harmed on the crash due the Corvette's airbag. He hear chimes noise coming from the steering wheel and picks it and climbs out of the burning Corvette just as it's about to explode. Jim finds Gem and shows her what he found at the Corvette before it exploded it was diamonds and she was happy to find the diamonds. Jim then calls for help and put the burning Corvette out and brings it to Keller who just captured Crystal who tried to tell her where Jim is However she flees after Keller is forced to set her free when Mr. Lawrence and his men confronted him and as they are about to kill him and his guards a car mechanic arrives who responded Jim's call and shows Keller the burned Corvette but Keller orders him to leave and he did and brings the burned Corvette to fix it then Keller, his guards and Mr. Lawrence and his men fire their gun at each other unknown if Keller is killed or have been survived. Meanwhile, Jim and Gem board a bus and leave the town.


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