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Telugu and Tamil

A. Kodandarami Reddy


Ramudochadu movie scenes Ramudochadu movie songs vah re vah song nagarjuna soundarya

Release date
25 April 1996 (1996-04-25)

Hello Brother (1994 film), Sisindri, Aavida Maa Aavide

Ramudochadu telugu full movie nagarjuna soundarya ravali srihari

Ramudochadu (Rama has come) is a 1996 Telugu drama film produced by Yarlagadda Surendra on S. S. Creations banner directed by A. Kodandarami Reddy Starring Akkineni Nagarjuna, Krishna, Soundarya, Ravali in lead roles and music is composed by Raj. The film recorded Average at box-office. This film was dubbed into Hindi as Naya Atish


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The rivalry between two families splits a village 'Seetaramapuram' into Seetapuram and Ramapuram. Seetapuram head Bhusayya (Nambiar) and Ramapuram head Bhadrayya (Kaikala Satyanarayana). Bhusayya is in the trap of his son-in-law Gavaraju (Anand Raj) who always insists on taking revenge against Bhadrayya's family. Bhadrayya wants his granddaughter Sundaralakshmi (Soundarya) to study in college but her father Chandrayah (Chandramohan) fixes her marriage with their Village President Nagaraju (Sri Hari), but with his father's pressure Chandrayah sends Sundaralakshmi to college.

Ramudochadu movie scenes ramudochadu movie songs guvva kuse song nagarjuna soundarya Video Dailymotion

Ram (Akkineni Nagarjuna) is a college student from America who one day meets Sundaralakshmi in college, as she isn't used to city life Ram teaches her how to live like one. Afterwards, he goes with Sundaralakshmi to Seetapuram to spend his holidays and meets her family. But Chandrayah doesn't appreciate Ram's foreign behavior. Ram beats up one of the goons from Ramapuram as they start another fight. But Ram stops them luckily and admits that he's the one who beat the guy up, so they stopped the fight. Ram meets a village girl named Seshagiri (Ravali) and she falls in love with him, with the help of her Ram tries Sundaralakshmi to fall in his love. Chandrayah makes Sundaralakshmi engagement arrangements with Nagaraju where she admits that her love with Ram. But Chandrayah doesn't agree, he keeps a challenge to Ram that he should cultivate the agriculture land of 100 acres. Ram accepts the challenge and wins it.

Meanwhile, Ram comes to know that Nagaraju secretly works for Gavaraju, they plan their next attack at their rival village. Ram then comes in and starts a fight against both villages in which Bhusayya's wife Annapurnamma (Jayanthi) is injured, Ram saves her and tells her that he is her grandson, Gavaraju listens to that and kills Annapurnamma and proclaims that if any heir is their in village to give funeral to her, then Ram open up secret.

Krishna Prasad (Krishna) son of Bhusayya treated as the god by the entire village because he doesn't have any disparity of rich and poor. He is loving and marries Bhadrayya's daughter Arundathi (Suhasini) without their permission for that reason his father sends him out. After some time Arundhati gets pregnant, Krishna Prasad is willing to send his wife to America for higher education. Gavaraju plans to kill Krishna Prasad and Arundathi in the attack Krishna Prasad dies saving Arundathi but people think both of them die which splits the village into two and temple between the village is closed.

Ram is the son of Krishna Prasad and Arundathi that's why he played this entire game to join both villages as his mother's last wish. Meanwhile, Bhusayya also owns the truth and he changes. Finally, Ram sees the end of Gavaraju, joins both villages into 'Seetaramapuram' and temple is re-opened with Ram & Sundaralakshmi's marriage.


The music was composed by Raj. All songs are hit tracks. Music released on SUPREME Music Company.


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