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Pomacea paludosa

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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Ampullariidae
Subgenus  Pomacea
Phylum  Mollusca
Rank  Species
Superfamily  Ampullarioidea
Genus  Pomacea
Scientific name  Pomacea paludosa
Higher classification  Pomacea
Pomacea paludosa Species Account Pomacea paludosa Freshwater Gastropods of North
Similar  Pomacea, Pomacea maculata, Ampullariidae, Gastropods, Molluscs

Pomacea paludosa say 1829 florida apple snail

Pomacea paludosa, common name the Florida applesnail, is a species of freshwater snail with an operculum, an aquatic gastropod mollusk in the family Ampullariidae, the apple snails.


Pomacea paludosa Applesnailnet View topic Pomacea Paludosa

Pomacea paludosa say 1829 florida apple snail

Shell description

This species is the largest freshwater gastropod native to North America.

Pomacea paludosa paludosa Shell Variation

The shell is globose in shape. The whorls are wide, the spire is depressed, and the aperature is narrowly oval. The shells are brown in color, and have a pattern of stripes.

The shell is 60 mm in both length and width.


The indigenous distribution of this snail is central and southern Florida, Cuba and Hispaniola.

Pomacea paludosa Pomacea paludosa Say 1829 Florida Applesnail

The nonindigenous distribution includes northern Florida. The species has also been found in Georgia, Oahu, Hawaii (Devick 1991), Louisiana, and Oklahoma.


Pomacea paludosa Applesnailnet View topic Pomacea Paludosa

This is a tropical species. It is amphibious, and can survive in water bodies that dry out during the dry season.

Applesnails have both gills and lungs.

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Pomacea paludosa Florida applesnail Pomacea paludosa FactSheet


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