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Patricia Acevedo

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Name  Patricia Acevedo

Patricia Acevedo Patricia Acevedo la voz en Sofa2013 Kinirokay

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Entrevista a patricia acevedo voz de lisa simpson

María del Socorro Patricia Acevedo Limón (born April 29, 1959 in Mexico), better known as Patricia Acevedo, is a Mexican actress, voice actress and director. She was the voice of Sailor Moon in the Mexican/Latin American version, and is arguably among the most popular Usagi actresses. Her voice is easy to distinguish due to its gentle soprano tone, which remains even if she voices a colder or evil character (i.e. Cobalt in Fight! Iczer-One).


Patricia Acevedo CJMC 42 Patricia Acevedo voz de Lisa Simpson YouTube

Doblaje de voz con patricia acevedo y laura torres


  • Serena Tsukino/Sailor Moon in Sailor Moon
  • Lisa Simpson, from the Latin American version of The Simpsons 1990-2005.
  • Additional voices in Cowboy Bebop: La Película
  • Akane Tendo in the Ranma 1/2 films ('Nihao My Concubine and Big Trouble in Nekonron, China)
  • Asuka Tenjouin/Alexis Rhodes in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (Episodes 15-52)
  • Ayame (InuYasha)
  • Misa Hayase/Lisa Hayes, Sammie Porter, Nova Satori, Annie LaBelle from the three Robotech Generations
  • Angelica Pickles, Rugrats and All Grown Up!, as well as The Rugrats Movie and Rugrats in Paris: The Movie.
  • Aiko Date in Hajime no Ippo
  • Chi-Chi (although the character's name was changed to "Milk") and Chaozu in Dragon Ball Z
  • Iron Maiden Jeanne in Shaman King
  • Cobalt in Fight! Iczer-One
  • Etsumi Kido in Mirumo
  • Casper, from the Latin American version (her debut role)
  • Oakley in Pokémon Heroes
  • Rosa and Princess Deena in the 2001 version of Cyborg 009
  • Tiger Lily in The Adventures of Peter Pan
  • Reina Emeralda in Capitán Raymar and Arcadia de Mis Jovenes Años
  • La Princesa Adora/She-Ra in She-Ra: Princesa De Poder
  • Charlene Sinclair in Dinosaurs
  • Vicky in Jimmy Timmy Power Hour
  • Swamee Princess in Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid
  • Nodoka Miyazaki in Negima! Magister Negi Magi (Spanish Version)
  • Reina Merla - Queen Merla in Voltron (Spanish Version)
  • Patti Mayonnaise in Doug (Nickelodeon episodes)
  • Kuki Sanban and Maggie (the future Madame Margaret) in Codename: Kids Next Door
  • Live action

    Patricia Acevedo Patricia Acevedo Me Manda saludos D Expo anime Qro 2012 1 de sep
  • Nora (voiceover for Helen Reddy) in Pedro y el Dragón Elliot (1977) (her full-length feature film debut)
  • Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan (voiceover for Sally Kellerman) in M*A*S*H (1978)
  • Lady Oscar (voiceover for Catriona MacColl) in Lady Oscar (1979)
  • Dra. Kate McCrae (voiceover for Yvette Mimieux) in El Agujero Negro (1979)
  • Lt. Commandante (Dra.) Christine Chapel (voiceover for Majel Barrett) in Viaje a las Estrellas: La Película (1979)
  • Dale Arden (voiceover for Melody Anderson) in Flash Gordon (1980)
  • Stella Summers (voiceover for Julie Budd) in El Diablo y Max Devlin (1981)
  • Marion Ravenwood (voiceover for Karen Allen) in Los Cazadores del Arca Perdida (1981)
  • Natalia (voiceover for Barbara Carrera) in Condorman (1981)
  • Lora/Yori (voiceover for Cindy Morgan) in Tron (1982)
  • Chalmers (voiceover for Andrea Marcovicci) in Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (1983)
  • J.C. Walenski (voiceover for Ally Sheedy) in Bad Boys (1983)
  • Jennifer Katherine Mack (voiceover for Ally Sheedy) in Juegos de Guerra (1983)
  • Cherry Valance (voiceover for Diane Lane) in The Outsiders (1983)
  • Kara Zor-El/Linda Lee/Supergirl (voiceover for Helen Slater) in Superchica (1984)
  • Sarah Connor (voiceover for Linda Hamilton) in The Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2: El Juicio Final (1991)
  • Wann Li/Shorty (voiceover for Ke Huy Quan) in Indiana Jones y el Templo de la Perdición (1984)
  • Julia (voiceover for Suzanna Hamilton) in 1984 (1984)
  • Allison Reynolds (voiceover for Ally Sheedy) in El Club de los Cinco (1985)
  • Ellen Ripley (voiceover for Sigourney Weaver) in Aliens (1986) (director's cut version)
  • Dra. Christine Chapel (voiceover for Majel Barrett) in Viaje a las Estrellas IV: Misión: Salvar la Tierra (1986)
  • Epiphany Proudfoot (voiceover for Lisa Bonet) in Corazón Satánico (1987)
  • Katya Yarno (voiceover for Diane Lane) in Lady Beware (1987)
  • Jessie Montgomery (voiceover for Ally Sheedy) in Maid to Order (1987)
  • Cécile de Volanges (voiceover for Uma Thurman) in Dangerous Liaisons (1988)
  • Teri (voiceover for Victoria Jackson) in Los Telelocos (1989)
  • Buckwheat and Miss Roberts (voiceover for Ross Bagley and Lea Thompson) in The Little Rascals (1994)
  • Casper (voice dubbing for Malachi Pearson and voiceover for Devon Sawa) in the live adaptation of Casper (1995)
  • Gloria Capulet (voiceover for Diane Venona) in William Shakespeare's Romeo & Julieta (1996)
  • Velma Dinkley (voiceover for Linda Cardellini) in Scooby-Doo (2002)
  • Grace Connelly (voiceover for Jennifer Aniston) in Bruce Almighty (2003) (DVD universal version)
  • Alex (voiceover for Rose Byrne) in Wicker Park (2004)
  • Jack Starbright (voiceover for Alicia Silverstone) in Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (2004)
  • Velma Dinkley (voiceover for Linda Cardellini) in Scooby-Doo 2: Monstruos Sueltos (2004)
  • Veronica Bell (voiceover for Brooke D'Orsay) in The Skulls III (2004)
  • Joanne (voiceover for Mena Suvari) in Beauty Shop (2005)
  • Bryony (voiceover for Michelle Duncan) in Driving Lessons (2006)
  • Janey (voiceover for Ginnifer Goodwin) in In the Land of Women (2007)
  • Chispita (voiceover for Paulie Kitt) in Meteoro (2008)
  • Marion Ravenwood (voiceover for Karen Allen) in Indiana Jones y el Reino de la Calavera de Cristal (2008).
  • Sarah Connor (voiceover for Linda Hamilton) in Terminator: La Salvación (2009)
  • Alice Cullen (voiceover for Ashley Greene) in The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) (re-dubbed version)
  • Beth Murphy (voiceover for Jennifer Aniston) in He's Just Not That Into You (2009) (Videomax version)
  • LN (voiceover for Maggie Gyllenhaal) in Away We Go (2009)
  • Nicole (voiceover for Emily Mortimer) in The Pink Panther 2 (2009)
  • Live-action TV

    Patricia Acevedo lolo Patricia Acevedo la actriz detrs de la voz de Lisa Simpson
  • Rachel Green in Friends (1994–2004)
  • Tabitha in Bewitched (1966–1972)
  • Laura Ingalls (voiceover for Melissa Gilbert) in La Familia Ingalls (1974–1980)
  • Dra. Marlena Evans (voiceover for Deidre Hall) in Dias de Nuestras Vidas (1976–1987; 1991-)
  • Hester Prynne (voiceover for Meg Foster) in La Letra Escarlata (1979)
  • Julie Preston (voiceover for Susan Dey) in Sunset Limousine (1983)
  • Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan (voiceover for Loretta Swit) in M*A*S*H (1984–1995)
  • Computer voice in Viaje a las Estrellas: La Nueva Generación (1987–1994)
  • Kate Monday (voiceover for Beverly Leech) in Mathnet (1987–1989)
  • Computer voice in Viaje a las Estrellas: Estación Espacial 9 (1993–1999)
  • Computer voice in Viaje a las Estrellas: Voyager (1995–2001)
  • Keiko in ZOOM (1999–2000)
  • Brian Tanner in ALF (1986–1990)
  • Kimberly McIntyre (Jessica Lucas) in 90210 (2008) 4 episodes
  • Director credits

    Patricia Acevedo Saludo Patricia Acevedo Sailor Moon YouTube
  • Lady Oscar (1979)
  • Sailor Moon (1996–1999)
  • References

    Patricia Acevedo Wikipedia

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