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Proper name  Patna Devi temple
Sanskrit transliteration  वरदहस्त
State/province  Maharashtra
Phone  02589 202 916
Locale  Chalisgaon
Primary deity  Devi
Devanagari  पाटणादेवी
Country  India
Date built  शके ११५०
District  Jalgaon
Number of temples  2

Address  Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary, Patna Devi Mata Temple, Chandikawadi, Maharashtra 424108
Similar  Padmalaya, Pitalkhora, Satpuda Manudevi Temple, Patan Devi, Gandhi Teerth

Patanadevi is a historic and tourist place situated 18 km to the southwest from Chalisgaon, Maharashtra. This place is inside Gautala Autram Ghat Abhayaranya (Forest) and surrounded of high mountains of Sahyadri.


Consists Chandrika Devi Temple, Hemadpanthi Mahadev Temple and Rest house.

Pavan lost his life in patnadevi waterfall


In earlier days, this was a capital of an important Province called Patna (Vijjalgad)consitance. It was ruled by the former monarch at the state of the Yadav kings and their tributary. This capital city were 4–5 miles in length and width of the city at the time. There were high mountains like walls surrounded the city and it was very beautiful because of nature with Vruksa-Vallee. There were different fruit trees around the city and besides a big highway.

Water supply gets in the city through pipelines dug from a Water tank which was made in the high mountain. City was famous due to Metal mines and various mountain trees. Government Era kalapasuna business, art, lore, was known for a lot of traffic and Shrine. When Yadav tributary kings by Wagle at sidhdes Temple (Shaka 99 1) bahala at saradadevi Temple (Shaka 1 9 44) and Patna in Chandika Devi Temple (Era of the establishment pre Kalina) Shake 1128 the temples yadavarava kheunacandra and govindaraja Maurya said Shaka 1150 Ashadhi 30 Solar Eclipse on parent Mr Sant mentioned in janardanacaritra memory is the memory of open lokadarsanastava. Task Management Department at the court of his original Krishna Deva men in the tribe upamanyu Deshpande. Desapandepana were given to them by the dominant bhumisaha small palaces and forty prityartha. They began to be known as the place where rahivasakarita Chalisgaon he stayed ahead.


Bhāskara II Bhaskaracharya went over with the same name for two Indian scholars of mathematical research. It was at vijjalabida tyapeki Bhaskaracharya else. The village argued that this should be a silalekhavaruna encyclopaedist doctor in Patna. Ketkar said. They sandilya tribe has their cult god Ganesh. To study astronomy had established a monastery on this place. He had done them in the Natuna Changdev. Mathasa Deogiri Yadav kings of the tributary Nikumbh rajasraya was their theory Shiromani karanakutuhala, vasanabhasya, Bhaskar vyavaharavivahapatala, sarvatobhadra device, is that books vasisthatulya. The auction is well-known texts. There are four sections in the book of the law of the Shiromani. The first volume of the auction (patiganita) These three parts of the book of the rest bijaganita, grahaganita. Goladhyaya are. This is just not goladhyaya vasanabhasya grahaganita and two bhagavarila Classical reviewer. Bhaskaracaryanci is very big books. He presented the concept of zero. So a new era of mathematics started. It is the birthplace of the great ganitice patanadevi today. About AD AD .1114 to .1185 is their era.

Importance and status

Patanadevi 18.00 km to the southwest from chalisgaon The temple is the oldest watch adishakti. The temple in the foothills of the Sahyadri mountain. On the Patna High cautharya ahejavalca borders the river is known as Dogri.Delightful crescent Sahyadri mountain uncakade such nisarga saundaryane baharalela ahe tinhi bajune, various trees. Full - falani success tree Serpentine khalkhala vahanare place, all this in mind while watching the scene forgetting all family life with nature. This is equally important etihasika ramaniya thikanaca East history.The idol in the temple today is certainly imposing. Titikica is prasannmukha. They were not satisfied with their appearance ghevuna if devotees once again appeared to think ghyavese. Fear mandiratuna nighavese. What if anything do not forget bhagavatica are pleasant and smiling face of your guest is different. Many Hindu caste community is kulasvamini. Many devotees still kuladharma kulacarata dhavalatirthatuna bhagavatice remember to demolish all the Spring Festival travel and take the rice annually bhagavatice autumnal Navratri festival are a large number of devotees celebrate joy pornimesa bhagavatici mahapuja rate is kranyata. To provide the basic needs of fear. Drstine has been a resident of Patna register or candikadevi Foundation Trust. Foundation is trying to shill for your uddesapurti. The distribution rate is pornimesa pratisthanammarphata maha madhyanya carpet after worship. Today, this house, which is the Department of Indian nigranita puratana. Some of the pilgrims and tourists coming to vanakhatyamarphata rooms have been provided for staying. This location is also a promise to each other Bhagwati worshiper pahanyasarakhe made available for the program is given a caravanserai.


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