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Open Source Enterprise

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The Open Source Enterprise (OSE) is a United States Government organization dedicated to open-source intelligence that was established by Assistant Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Open Source (ADDNI/OS), Eliot A. Jardines.



According to the Director of National Intelligence's publication entitled, "National Open Source Enterprise" which was released in April, 2006:


The mission of ADDNI/OS is "To enable all intelligence disciplines to provide timely, relevant and value-added insight to consumers via the National Open Source Enterprise.


The vision of ADDNI/OS is "Open sources are routinely exploited in all intelligence disciplines, facilitated by innovative experts - but with every officer open source capable. Supporting technology is interoperable, and the availability of information resources is maximized by strong public-private relationships, information sharing best practices, and an agile requirements process."


The values of ADDNI/OS are:

  • Agility - the ability to respond quickly and effectively to any challenge or opportunity.
  • Gestalt - the enterprise we build is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Excellence - in all our actions and activities - providing unparalleled support.
  • Goals

    The ADDNI/OS established five goals for the National Open Source Enterprise:

    1. Source of First Resort. Open source is the source of first resort for all disciplines and the precursor for clandestine and technical collection.
    2. Guild. Our people are empowered by a guild of experts who champion the use of open sources, by universal training in open source exploitation, and by embedding open sources in the work of all disciplines.
    3. Global Input. Global input ensures the broadest range of information with relevant sourcing background is accessible to all consumers.
    4. Single Architecture. A single open source architecture provides optimum access to information - acquired once and shared with all.
    5. Open Source Works. A robust Skunk Works-like capability anticipates and capitalizes on emerging opportunities driving innovation in tradecraft, analysis and technology.


    As of December 2016, Open Source Enterprise operates a facility at Caversham Park alongside the UK's equivalent open-source intelligence service, BBC Monitoring. In an information-sharing collaboration at Caversham, BBC Monitoring handles media from 25% of the world while Open Source handles the remaining 75%. There are plans to move Monitoring's headquarters elsewhere, possibly impacting this cooperation. The House of Commons Foreign Affairs and Defence Committees have strongly condemned the gradual scaling down of BBC Monitoring's capabilities in two separate reports.


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