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Country  India
Languages spoken  Gujarati, Hindi
State  Gujarat
District  Valsad

Nargol (also: Nargole) is a village located in the southern region of the Indian state of Gujarat near the Maharashtra border. It lies about 150 kilometres (93 mi) north from Mumbai and around 400 kilometres (249 mi) from Ahmedabad on the Arabian Sea coast. Nargol beach is dotted with Casuarina trees and the waters have a population of sea turtles. The nearest town is Vapi, located about 25 kilometres (16 mi), and the nearest airports are Daman and Surat. The nearest railway station is Sanjan, (about 11 kilometres from the village) with frequent train connections to both Mumbai in south and Gujarat in the north.


Map of Nargol

The countryside surrounding Nargol is typical Indian countryside dotted with small farmhouses. Around Nargol you can see water buffalos swimming in the rivers or quiet landscapes of dry savannah where only a few people have their homes. The beaches are wide and lonely sandbeaches with big tidal water level differences. Out at the coast line you can spot traditional small fishing boats that patrol the coast in search of fish. The village has palm trees too and the temperature is tropical.

Sahaj yoga christmas puja 2013 at nargol gujrat part i

Nargol is a small town with houses mostly not visited by owners. The beach is rarely visited by locals and is not very crowded. It is an interesting holiday destination and sees a few tourists, who come there to enjoy the isolation and peace of mind. The seaside is part of the Gulf of Cambay (Gulf of Khambhat), which has very clouded waters with almost no visibility. This is possibly because of the large rivers that bring their humus to the sea around the bay.

Not 108 but autorickshaw ambulances for medical emergencies in nargol village valsad tv9

One of the most exciting new archaeological discoveries of the 21st century – an ancient city which is said to be over 9000 years old – has been found 30–40 meters under the sea. This is one of the main findings of the marine archaeology in the Gulf of Cambay. The scientists made this discovery in the year 2000.

The Village has some good surroundings on all four sides. Arabian Sea to the West, Umbergaon to the south which is separated by a river and you still need a ferry to cross. To the East is the Village of Sanjan which is known as the place where Parsis first landed in India and to the North is Saronda. Saronda is a beautiful small village with a population of around 1200 and has a beautiful hill with forest covered all over it. It also has two beautiful Lakes and sea on the other side. Saronda is also home to Shashikant J Patel who is a well known personality in the state of Gujarat for his efforts towards rural upliftment and is also well known as a brave journalist. Saronda is also very well known for the initiative of Neera industry set up for the upliftment of backward in the region.

Nargol has experienced problems with the water scarcity as well as salinity problems. UNICEF has made efforts to teach village leaders about issues concerning child survival and development.

Yatinbhai Bhandari is the 2007 elected Sarpanch (Village Head) of Nargol. Jayesh G Baria is the 2012 newly elected sarpanch.(Village Head) of Nargol Gujarat government okays the 4000 crore nargol port. Nargol sarpanch Jayesh Baria and The People of Nargol raised their voice against the nargol port project as it will be a harm to the fishermen in nargol. Sarpanch Jayesh Baria wrote the letter to Gujarat meritime board to know the plan of nargol port.

For emergency situatuons the local telephone number is 108. The Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI) takes care of road and fire accident victims on a 24-hour basis through the year.

The postal pin code of Nargol is 396 135 & Tel. Code is 0260

There is also a market every Friday and most necessary items are available there.


Nargol Beautiful Landscapes of Nargol

Nargol is located at 20.2333°N 72.7500°E? / 20.2333; 72.7500. It has an average elevation of 5 metres (16 feet). About Nargol Sports- Nargol is too much developed in the field of sports. Cricket and Hockey are most of the games played over here. There are big grounds to play cricket, hockey and many other games. On 4 5 6 of 2013 there was an Open Hockey Tournament, which was first time in Gujarat, organised by Sarpanch Jayesh Baria and Nargol Hockey Club. There are many State Tournaments held every year.


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