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Master of Destiny

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Also known as  縱橫天地
Written by  Wong Jing
Program creator  Wong Jing
Executive producer  Wong Jing
Created by  Wong Jing
Network  Anhui Television
Genre  Drama
Master of Destiny httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaendd4Mas
Directed by  Wong Jing David Lau Steve Cheng
Starring  Liza Wang Angie Chiu Hawick Lau Tiffany Tang Monica Mok Wayne Lai Selena Li Kenny Wong Edwin Siu Kimmy Tong
Opening theme  China: There Is No Such Thing As Perfect Love 原来爱情没有刚刚好 by Li Daimo Hong Kong: Unbeatable 轟天動地 by Edwin Siu
Languages  Standard Mandarin, Standard Cantonese
Cast  Hawick Lau, Tiffany Tang, Liza Wang, Angie Chiu, Edwin Siu
Similar  Noblesse Oblige, The Wicked League, Raising the Bar, Doom+5, Sexpedia

Master of Destiny (Chinese: 風雲天地; Jyutping: Fung1 Wan4 Tin1 Dei6; literally "Across Heaven and Earth") is an 2015 Hong Kong joint China epic television drama created by Hong Kong director Wong Jing and produced by his production company Jing's Entertainment Limited, Master of Destiny chronicles the rise and the eventual hardships of the affluent Cho family from Hong Kong, which eventually, they fight the corruption that reeks inside their family, and stars Liza Wang, Angie Chiu, Hawick Lau, Kenny Wong, Edwin Siu, Kimmy Tong, and Monica Mok as the main cast. Filming commenced on 1 August 2013 in Tianjin, China. The mainland China version will have 40 episodes and began airing on Anhui Television on 28 May 2015 with Mandarin voice dubbing. Hong Kong broadcast will begin on airing on Jade and HD Jade channels 22 June 2015 every Monday through Friday during its 8:30-9:30 pm timeslot with 32 episodes total. It will be distributed by TVBC and TVB International.


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The serial is produced under several titles. In Hong Kong, it is known by the title "Chung Wang Tin Dei" (traditional Chinese: 縱橫天地; literally "across the world unhindered"). In mainland China, it is known as "Fengyun Tiandi" (simplified Chinese: 风云天地; literally "Across Heaven and Earth"). Release of TVB's promotional poster for the drama confirmed that it will follow the Chinese title used in the mainland version, which is 風雲天地.

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Master of Destiny UPCOMINGCCTVTVB Master of Destiny Master of Destiny

Kwan Yeuk-nam (Liza Wang) is a legendary woman. After her husband committed suicide due to a business failure, she single-handedly raised her three sons to adulthood, also establishing her own business empire, Sun Hon Lik, in the process. Now ready to retire, she is prepared to pass down her empire to her three sons.

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Eldest son Cho Chi-wang (Kenny Wong) is quietly pursuing Nam's adoptive daughter, Hau Yee (Tong Fei), but Yee is truly in love with Wang's younger brother, Cho Chi-yuen (Hawick Lau). When Yuen's girlfriend passes away, Yuen devotes his life and energy to his career, and Wang's position as heir to the empire is threatened. Song Chi-wah (Monica Mok), a new employee at Sun Hon Lik, seduces Wang and nearly tears his family apart. With her family and business at the brink of breaking down, Nam has no choice but to step up and formally pass down the business to Yuen.

Master of Destiny of Destiny

Wah tells Wang that he is not the birth son of Nam. Disheartened at his family, the two team up to incarcerate Yuen. Just when Wang and Wah are about to overthrown Nam's reign, Yee returns just in time to save Yuen.

Cho family

  • Wayne Lai as Cho Wan-hon (曹雲漢)

  • Master of Destiny Drama review Master of destiny Everything SweetThe deceased husband of Nam, Cho Chi-wan's adopted father, Cho Chi-yuen and Cho-Chi-Ko's father. In1987 Yiu Dai Ming bankruptcy, jumped to his death
  • Liza Wang as Kwan Yeuk-nam (關若男)
  • Selena Li as young Kwan Yeuk-nam (年輕關若男)

  • Master of Destiny UPCOMINGCCTVTVB Master of Destiny Master of DestinyHeadstrong middle-aged business woman Kwan Yeuk-nam, the CEO of Hong Kong conglomerate, Sun Hon Lik,Cho Wan-hon's wife, Cho-Chi-wan and Cho-Hau-yee's adopted mother, Cho Chi-yuen and Cho Chi-ko's mother
  • Hawick Lau as Cho Chi-yuen (曹志遠)
  • Second and middle son of Cho Wan-hon and Kwan Yeuk-nam. Became mentally ill at episode 24. Marries Cho Hau-yee in episode 32.
  • Edwin Siu as Cho Chi-ko (曹志高)
  • Third and youngest son of Cho Wan-hon and Kwan Yeuk-nam. Indirectly killed Tang Yiyi.
  • Kenny Wong as Cho Chi-wan (曹志宏)
  • Eldest son of Cho Wan-hon and Kwan Yeuk-nam.
  • Kimmy Tong as Cho Hau-yee (曹巧兒)
  • Kwan Yeuk-nam's adopted daughter. In love with her second adopted brother Cho Chi-yuen and finally in Episode 32 marries Cho Chi-yuen.
  • Zhao Xiaolu as Kwong Shuk-han (鄺淑嫻)
  • Kwong Kwan-ho's daughter,Cho Chi-wan's first wife. Divorced.
  • Natalie Meng as Yiu Lei-fa (姚麗花)
  • Yiu Dai ming's daughter,Cho Chi-ko's wife, Cho Wan-hon and Kwan Yeuk-nam's third daughter-in-law

    Extended cast

  • Angie Chiu as Mok Nga-man (莫雅文)
  • The British Queen's Counsel,Cho Hau-yee's master,Cho Chi-wan's mother.
  • Monica Mok as Song Chi-wah (宋子樺)
  • Cho Chi-wan's second wife. Caused the death of Yiu Dai-Ming and Poong Siu-Kei's father . Villain.
  • Tiffany Tang as Tang Yiyi (唐一一)
  • Cho Chi-yuen's girlfriend,Tang Qiqi's sister,Poon Siu-kei's Halfblooded Older Sister,died of the car accident in episode 7.
  • Sun Xing and *Li Ang as Yiu Dai-ming (姚大明)
  • Yiu Li-fa's father,Cho Chi-ko's father in-law,Cho Wan-hon and Kwan Yuek Nam's natural enemy,after a good and parents of daughter in-law,the cho family's enemy,after a good,and Song Chi-wah collusion,after the quareel,Indirectly Kill Cho Wan-hon in 1987,died of the heart attack (Be Indirectly Kill by Song Chi-wah)in episode 19.
  • Sze Yu as Kwong Kwan-ho (鄺君豪)
  • Kwong Shuk-han's father,Cho Chi-wan's former father in-law.
  • Michelle Hu as Poon Siu-kei (潘笑琪)
  • poon yau's daughter, Tang Yiyi's Halfblooded younger sister
  • Mou Fengbin as Hon Tung (韓東)
  • Song Chi-wah's ex-boyfriend. Main Villain of the series.
  • Ben Cheung as Ben Chow (小周)
  • Cho Chi-yuen's friend

  • Tony Ho as To Kit (屠傑)
  • Cho Chi Yuen's friend


    Principal photography began on 1 August 2013 in Tianjin, China and secondary filming started in Hong Kong. Principal production relocated to Beijing, China in early September, and finally to Hong Kong in mid-September. A press conference was held in Tianjin on 20 August.


    In August 2012, Wong announced that he was writing a 40-episode drama serial for TVB, and expressed his interest in casting Deanie Ip, Kenneth Ma, Hawick Lau, and his own managed artist, Kimmy Tong, in the lead roles. In March 2013, reports confirmed that Ma was cast, replacing a role that was originally intended for Bosco Wong.

    In July 2013, it was reported that Liza Wang was cast as 'Kwan Yeuk-nam', the leading role in this TV drama. Edwin Siu was then cast to replace Ma, who left the cast due to scheduling conflicts. Natalie Meng was also cast. Wayne Lai, Selena Li, and Kate Tsui were confirmed to guest star in a few episodes.

    In August 2013, it was announced that Angie Chiu had quietly joined the cast. Chiu and Wang's last television drama together was 1978's The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre.


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