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Kingdom  Plantae
Tribe  Eupatorieae
Higher classification  Daisy family
Order  Asterales
Subfamily  Asteroideae
Scientific name  Liatris
Rank  Genus
Liatris Liatris spicata Liatris spicata Blazing Star Perennials from
Lower classifications  Liatris spicata, Liatris pycnostachya, Liatris aspera, Rocky Mountain gayfeather, Liatris cylindracea

Liatris spicata gayfeather or blazing star how to grow liatris

Liatris (/lˈætrs/; is a genus of flowering plants in the boneset tribe within the sunflower family native to North America (Canada, United States, Mexico and the Bahamas). Common names include blazing star and gayfeather. Some species are used as ornamental plants, sometimes in flower bouquets.


Liatris Liatris spicata Violet Blazing Star Gayfeather American Meadows

They are perennials, surviving the winter in the form of corms.

Liatris species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including the flower moths Schinia gloriosa and Schinia sanguinea, both of which feed exclusively on the genus, and Schinia tertia and Schinia trifascia.

Liatris plant of the month october


Liatris is in the tribe Eupatorieae of the aster family. Like other members of this tribe, the flower heads have disc florets and no ray florets. Liatris is in the subtribe Liatrinae along with Trilisa, Carphephorus, and other genera. Liatris is closely related to Garberia, a genus with only one species endemic to Florida. The two genera can be distinguished by the shrub form of the latter and by karyotype.

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  1. Liatris acidota – sharp blazing star, Gulf Coast gayfeather - TX LA
  2. Liatris aestivalis – summer gayfeather - TX OK
  3. Liatris aspera – rough gayfeather, tall blazing star - ONT, United States (Mississippi Valley, Great Lakes, scattered locales in East)
  4. Liatris borealis - Allegheny Mountains of PA
  5. Liatris × boykinii - GA AL
  6. Liatris bracteata – bracted blazing star - TX
  7. Liatris chapmanii – Chapman's blazing star - FL GA AL
  8. Liatris cokeri – Coker's gayfeather - NC SC
  9. Liatris compacta – scaly blazing star - AR OK
  10. Liatris creditonensis - ONT
  11. Liatris cylindracea – Ontario blazing star, fewhead blazing star - ONT, central + southeastern United States
  12. Liatris cymosa – branched blazing star - TX
  13. Liatris × deamii
  14. Liatris densispicata - MN
  15. Liatris elegans – pinkscale blazing star, elegant gayfeather - TX OK AR LA MS AL FL GA SC
  16. Liatris elegantula – shaggy blazing star - TN MS AL GA FL
  17. Liatris fallacior - ND
  18. Liatris × frostii - MN MO
  19. Liatris garberi – Garber's blazing star - FL Bahamas
  20. Liatris gholsonii – Gholson's blazing star - FL
  21. Liatris × gladewitzii - ONT, MI WI IL
  22. Liatris glandulosa – glandular blazing star - TX
  23. Liatris gracilis – slender blazing star - MS AL GA FL SC
  24. Liatris helleri – Heller's blazing star, turgid blazing star - MD WV VA NC
  25. Liatris hirsuta – hairy gayfeather - central + southeastern United States
  26. Liatris laevigata – shortleaf blazingstar - FL GA
  27. Liatris lancifolia – lanceleaf blazingstar - NM TX CO WY KS NE SD IA
  28. Liatris ligulistylis – Rocky Mountain blazing star, Northern Plains gayfeather, strap-style gayfeather - MAN SAS ALB ND SD MN WI IL IA MO NE WY MT CO NM
  29. Liatris microcephala – small-head gayfeather - NC SC GA AL TN KY
  30. Liatris ohlingerae – Florida blazing star, scrub blazing star - FL
  31. Liatris oligocephala – Cahaba torch - AL
  32. Liatris patens – spreading blazing star, Georgia gayfeather - FL GA SC
  33. Liatris pauciflora – fewflower blazing star - AL GA FL SC NC
  34. Liatris pilosa – grass-leaf gayfeather, shaggy blazing star - SC NC VA MD DE PA NJ
  35. Liatris × platylepis - LA
  36. Liatris provincialis – Godfrey's blazing star - FL
  37. Liatris punctata – dotted blazing star, plains gayfeather - MAN SAS ALB eastern + central United States Coahuila, Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosí
  38. Liatris pycnostachya – prairie blazing star, button snakeroot, cattail gayfeather, thickspike gayfeather, Kansas gayfeather - QUE eastern United States
  39. Liatris × ridgwayi - IL KS
  40. Liatris savannensis – savanna blazing star - FL
  41. Liatris scariosa – northern gayfeather, devil's bite - eastern + central United States
  42. Liatris × serotina - LA
  43. Liatris × spheroidea - ONT
  44. Liatris spicata – dense blazing star, button snakewort, florist gayfeather, marsh blazingstar, prairie-pine - ONT QUE eastern United States
  45. Liatris squarrosa – loosescale gayfeather, colicroot, scaly blazing star - central + southeastern United States
  46. Liatris squarrulosa – southern gayfeather, Appalachian blazing star - south-central + southeastern United States
  47. Liatris × steelei - IL IN KY
  48. Liatris tenuifolia – pine-needle gayfeather, shortleaf gayfeather - MS AL GA TN SC
  49. Liatris tenuis – gulf blazing star, Shinners' gayfeather - TX LA
  50. Liatris virgata – wand blazing star, King's Mountain gayfeather, piedmont gayfeather - VA WV NC SC GA
  51. Liatris × weaveri - NE
Liatris Liatris spicata Wikipedia
Liatris Liatris spicata Wikipedia


Liatris Wikipedia

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