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Lady Sour

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First episode date  1 December 2014
Number of episodes  20
Genre  Comedy-drama
Final episode date  28 December 2014
Program creator  TVB
Cast  Him Law, Alice Chan
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Also known as  Vinegar Lady Vinegar Wife
Created by  Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited
Written by  Tong Gin Ping, Wong Ching Man, Choi Wai Ho, Ngai Hong Yee, Ng Chi Keung
Directed by  Koon Gwok Wai, Chin Wing Chi, Lam Chi Yan, Law Chun Wai
Starring  Myolie Wu Ron Ng Him Law Eliza Sam Jade Leung
Opening theme  When You Came Into My Life? 是你嗎? by Ron Ng & Myolie Wu
Similar  Noblesse Oblige, Officer Geomancer, Tiger Cubs II, Raising the Bar, Gilded Chopsticks

Lady Sour (Chinese: 醋娘子; Jyutping: cou3 noeng4 zi2; literally Vinegar Wife) is a 2014 Hong Kong costume drama, comedy, romance produced and developed by Hong Kong's Television Broadcasts Limited, starring Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Him Law, Eliza Sam and Jade Leung as the main cast. Filming took place from November 2013 till January 2014. The drama was broadcast on Hong Kong's TVB Jade and HD Jade channels December 1 till December 28, 2014 every Monday through Friday during its 8:30-9:30 pm timeslot with a total of 20 episodes.


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Cho Tsing and her mother Cho Cho Bi Yue are itinerant beauticians wandering the country in search of Cho Tsing's missing father. In the course of their wanderings, Cho Tsing falls in love with Tsin Tung and the two become husband and wife.

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San Cha has been Tsin Tung personal maid since childhood, and the two have an understanding that ignites Cho Tsing's jealousy. Cho Tsing's attempts get rid of San Cha, by marrying her off, backfire when Tsin Tung realises he loves her takes her as a concubine. Cho Tsing resents having to share a husband with another woman and when Tsin Tung divorces her she seeks solace with another man, her former enemy Kai Chun.


The following names uses Cantonese romanisations


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  • Lady Sour was originally intended to be the third installment of "Wars of In-laws", but due to Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong's real-life split in 2012 plans to reunite the two main leads were scraped. Also Liza Wang had to turn down the drama due to schedule conflicts.
  • The drama's plot was revealed at TVB's "2014 Sales Presentation". Additional cast was also revealed.
  • Him Law was confirmed as the male lead of the drama in July 2013. Lady Sour is Law's first ancient costume drama.
  • During the costume fitting ceremony Ron Ng was confirmed as the actual male lead of the drama. Him Law was pushed back as the second male lead.
  • The costume fitting ceremony was held on November 11, 2013 at 12:30 pm Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One Common Room.
  • Filming took place from November 2013 till January 2014.
  • Lady Sour is also co-star Eliza Sam's first ancient costume drama. Sam who was born and raised in Vancouver Canada had difficulty pronouncing her lines and understanding the script due to the text written in ancient Chinese grammar.
  • Complaints

  • Ron Ng received numerous audience complaints regarding his over exaggerated acting.
  • International Broadcast

  •  Malaysia - 8TV (Malaysia)

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