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Country  India
Languages spoken  Gujarati, Hindi
State  Gujarat
District  Mehsana

Kherva is a village in the Mehsana District, Gujarat, India, situated on State Highway 73 between Gandhinagar and Mehsana. It borders the following villages: Devarasan, Kadavasan, Mulsan, Jagudan, Sanganpur (????????), Punasan, Hebuva, Udalpur, Gunjala, Dharusan, and Damnava.


Map of Kherva

The nearest railway stations are in Jagudan, located 4 km from Kherva, and in Mehsana 8 km away. The Tropic of Cancer passes nearby Kherva.

Kherva Village is prosperous because of its location 7 km away from the Ahmedabad-to-Meshana toll highway and railways in Jagudan Village and Meshana City. Kherva has an advanced irrigation facility which draws water from the Sujlam Suflam canal, the Kherva water reservation tank, and the Khet Talavdi . Kherva has its own farm-product selling market as well as a large second one at Meshana.

There are two modern hospitals in Kherva, with many small clinics in the area. In Kherva, there are many educational institutions such as a Primary school, Higher Secondary school, PTC College, as well as the Ganpat University.


Kherva, a Hindu majority village, is home to various other castes and religions. The total population of Kherva is approximately 19,000 with Muslims constituting second-largest religious group. Jainism is also practiced.

The village is dominated by Patel and Thakor which constitutes 35% of the total population, followed by the Raval (Yogi), Satawara, Parmar, Rabari, and Prajapati.

Patels are mainly farmers, while other castes in the village is involved in various occupation. Lemon is the main agricultural crop of Kherva farmers with approximately 70% of the cultivable land used for cash crop while the remainder is used to grow vegetables. The Thakors cooperate with the Patels. Kheravians, as villagers, place great emphasis on education, and have spread all over world, including the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada etc. The Khervan people have also migrated to many cities of India, such as Meshana, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Surat.

The last Mukhi (Head of the village) was Shree Maganlal Amtharam Patel (Mukhi up to 6th Fab 1952) The first Sarpanch after getting freedom by India was Late Shri Shah Chandulal Nagindas (From 7th Feb 1952 to 12 March 1961) The currant Sarpanch is a woman Jayshreeben Patel


The Primary Boys School and Primary Girls School are the main schools around Kherva. Shree Jaykorbai Vidyamandir The JVMK is a Secondary and Higher Secondary school. Students from surrounding villages come to study at JVMK. JVMK holds various functions and Sport-festivals at the district and state levels, and has arranged the state-Level Kho-Kho championship.

Ganpat University is situated in Kherva and is quickly becoming a major education hub in the state. The University provides an array of courses in medicine, finance, defense, and engineering. The first womens Sainik School is also located in Kherva. Kherva gives wide support to all schools. Swaminarayan Hostel provides living arrangements for students entering from different states.


The Sadhimataji Temple, is a well known local holy site 2 km from Kherva, on Sundays and Tuesdays people go barefoot to worship Sadhimataji, the goddess of Raval Yogi of Kherva. On Dharo Atham, there is a Fair of Sadhimata by Raval Yogi of Kherva. Local legend says that the fair began after the Flagging of Raval Yogi Community. The Ramji Mandir is one of the largest temples in Kherva, located in the middle of the village. The gods Laxman, Ram, and Sita are venerated here. In this temple there is also a silver-coated idol of the god Krishna.

Other temples of Kherva are the Siddhnath Mahadev, Joganimataji, Ambaji Mata, and Bahuchar Mata among Siddhnath Mahadev is a very ancient temple, and the nearby temple, Ambaji Mandir, is approximately 1,300 years old.

There are two proverbs about Kherva: "Kherva Ni Kher Ane Bahar Ni Laher", which means "Outsider-vendors earn more in Kherva than local ones". The other proverb "Badhe Gaya Hasho Pan Kherva Nahi", means "You may have gone everywhere but Kherva, as Kherva is a mighty one".


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