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Country  Peoples Republic of China
Area  4,938 km2
Population  220,000

Hunchun is a county-level city in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, far eastern Jilin province, Northeast China. It borders North Korea (North Hamgyong province) and Russia (Primorsky Krai), has over 250,000 inhabitants, and covers 5,145 square kilometers. It was capital of Balhae/Bohai Kingdom between 785-793 as "Dongyang".


Map of Hunchun

Administrative divisions

Hunchun has four subdistricts, four towns, and five townships.


  • Xinan Subdistrict (???? / ????), Jinghe Subdistrict (???? / ????), Henan Subdistrict (???? / ????), Jinhai Subdistrict (???? / ????)


  • Chunhua (??? / ???), Jingxin (??? / ???), Banshi (??? / ???), Yingan (??? / ???)


  • Hadamen Township (???? / ????), Machuanzi Township (???? / ????), Mihong Township (??? / ???), Sanjiazi Manchu Ethnic Township (?????? / ??? ??? ?), Yangbaozi Manchu Ethnic Township (?????? / ??? ??? ?)


In the early 1990s, Jilin province government constructed a railway and improved the highway to Hunchun. The Tumen River Bridge connects between Hunchun and the North Korean town of Wonjeong (Korean: ??). The bridge was built during the Japanese occupation in 1938. In 2010 the bridge was renovated as part of an agreement between North Korea and China to modernize the Rason port in North Korea. In addition, a new railway line was constructed which links Hunchun and Makhalino (a station on the Ussuriysk-Khasan line, 41 km before Khasan) in Russia and began operating in February 2000. Hunchun port is 42 km from Posyet and 63 km from Zarubino port towns of Russia.

A 250-km/h high-speed passenger rail line from Jilin to Hunchun via Tumen (?????????) is under construction. Construction work started in January 2011, and service is expected to start at the end of September 2015.


Since the early 1990s, the Chinese government invested a lot in transforming Hunchun into a regional economic center. On 9 March 1992 the Chinese parliament approved to set up Hunchun Border Economic Cooperation Zone. The national government and Jilin provincial government have invested in succession over four billion yuan in Hunchun through the 1990s.


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