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Languages spoken  Hindi, Santali
State  Jharkhand
District  Gumla

Gumla (Hindi: ?????) is a town that serves as the headquarters of the Gumla district in Jharkhand state, India.


Map of Gumla

Shri narendra modi addressing a public meeting in gumla jharkhand

Jharkhand police crpf motivate youth in maoisthit gumla district to join mainstream


Gumla in the past, History of Gumla

Gumla began as a small hamlet. A week-long "Cow Fair" (Gau-Mela) took place every year in the town where items of daily use, utensils, ornaments, grain, and cattle were sold and exchanged. These items could only be obtained at the fair, so people would make a long list of items required during the year and buy them during the fair. People from distant places were drawn to the town to buy and sell these agricultural staples. People gradually began to inhabit the hamlet on a full-time basis, and it eventually grew into a village. The village was given the name "Gumla," a derivative of "Gau–Mela."

During the British rule in India, Gumla was in the Lohardaga district. In 1800, there was a revolt against the British. In 1807, the Oraons in Barway, west of Gumla, murdered their landlord from Srinagar. Soon the uprising spread throughout Gumla. In 1843, Gumla became part of Bishunpur province. This province, which came into existence in 1899, was later named Ranchi and in 1902, Gumla became a subdivision of the Ranchi district.

During the medieval era, the Chhotanagpur region was ruled by kings of the Naga dynasty. Baraik Devenandan Singh was given the right to rule over the Gumla region. It is said that during the Kolh Reble in 1931–32, Vaktar Say played a prominent role. Ganga Maharaj, who built the Kali Temple at Sri Ramnagar, played an active role in the Quit India Movement in 1942. For this great contribution to Indian independence, he was honored with a life pension by the Indian government.

On May 18, 1984, Gumla District came into existence. Sri Jagannath Mishra, then ruling Chief Minister of Bihar, inaugurated it, and Sri Dwarika Nath Sinha was appointed the first deputy commissioner of the newly formed district.


Gumla Beautiful Landscapes of Gumla

Gumla is located at 23°N 84.50°E? / 23; 84.50. Geographically, Gumla is in the southern part of the Chota Nagpur plateau, which forms the eastern edge of the Deccan plateau system. Three major rivers flow through the Gumla area: the South Koyel, North Koyel and Shankh.

Tourist attractions

  • Anjan – A small village about 18 km away from Gumla. The name of the village is derived from the name of the goddess Anjani, mother of Hanuman. Many objects of archaeological importance obtained from this place have been placed in the Patna Museum. Anjan is the birthplace of Hanuman.
  • Baghmunda – Famous for its religious stone idols (Ajanta caves stone idols).
  • Nagar - It is situated in Sisai Block. It is 9 km from Sisai Headquarters. A fort of the Nagbansi kings is the main tourist attraction. It is said that the Chhotanagpur name of this region was given by them. (The words son-Choota, NAG-Vansh.)
  • Rajendra – A place of great scenic value, Rajendra is surrounded by beautiful hills on all sides.
  • Dewaki – A place of religious importance, Dewaki is famous for a Shiv-Parvati temple. During the month of Sawan, devotees visit here to offer water to the Shiva Linga, and the place is transformed into a fair ground.
  • Basudeokona – It is famous for religious stone idols (Ajanta caves stone idols). It is located 3 km east of Raidih Block headquarters.
  • Taraloya is a charming waterfall. The local people call it "Perwahatt". It is located 30 km south from Raidih Block Headquarters.
  • Hapamuni – Famous for an ancient Mahamaya temple that is the focal point of the village.
  • Palkot
  • Nagfeni – Famous for the Jagannath temple, and a large stone in the shape of the snake Nag.
  • Tanginath
  • Birsa Munda Agro Park
  • Raidih – Raidih block is one of the eleven administrative blocks of Gumla District. It is famous for its scenic beauty.
  • Festivals and dances

    Gumla Festival of Gumla

    Gumla is home to people of many different castes, creeds and sects. All festivals are celebrated with pomp, glory and in harmony.


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