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E (film)

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Director  S. P. Jananathan
Release date  October 21, 2006 (India)
Writer  S.P. Jhananathan
6.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Action, Drama, Thriller
Language  Tamil
E (film) movie poster
Release date  20 October 2006
Songs  Thee Pori Parakkum
Cast  Jiiva (Easwaran), Nayanthara (Jothy), Pasupathy (Nellai Mani), Ashish Vidhyarthi (Dr Ramakrishnan), Karunas (Tony), Sana Khan ((Special appearance))

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E is the fifth letter of the Latin alphabet.


E (film) movie scenes

E or e may also refer to:

E (film) movie scenes

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  • €, the symbol for the euro, the European Union's standard currency unit
  • ℮, the estimated sign, an EU symbol indicating that the weight or volume of the goods is within specific allowable tolerances
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  • E, a Polish electric locomotive in PKP classification system
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  • E (2006 film), a 2006 Tamil film
  • E (2017 film)
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  • E, a nickname of Mark Oliver Everett, musician and front man of the rock band Eels
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  • Mr. E (disambiguation)
  • Letters and other characters

  • Ⓔ or ⓔ or (e) or (E) - circled-E or circled-E, see Enclosed Alphanumerics
  • É or é - e-acute, an accented letter of many Latin alphabets.
  • È or è - e-grave, another accented letter of many Latin alphabets.
  • Other usage

  • e (novel), a 2000 comic novel by Matt Beaumont
  • E band (disambiguation)
  • E#, a team's elimination number
  • E, slang name for the recreational drug Ecstasy, also called MDMA
  • E, or the Elohist, one of the four sources of the Torah
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  • Dominical letter E for a common year starting on Wednesday
  • E-Z notation, to indicate double bonds that two groups of higher priority are on opposite sides.
  • References

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