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Drona 2010

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Release date
January 27, 2010 (India)

Music director
Deepak Dev, C. Rajamani

A.K. Sajan (story)



Action, Drama, Horror

35 million INR



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Release date
January 27, 2010 (2010-01-27)

(Pattazhi Madhavan),
(Thulasi), (Mithra),
Manoj K Jayan

Narasimham (film), Manthrikan, Simhasanam (2012 film)

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Drona 2010 is a 2010 Malayalam film directed by Shaji Kailas. Mammotty appears in double role supported by Kanika, Navya Nair, Manoj K. Jayan, Thilakan, Jayan, Biju Pappan, Suraj Venjaramood, Bala and K. P. A. C. Lalitha. Scripted by A. K. Sajan, the film revolves around a mysterious old mansion believed to be haunted by a ghost. The film was released on 27 January 2010. It is dubbed in Hindi as Return Of Chandramukhi.


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Kunjunni (Mammootty), in an inebriated condition arrives on a rainy night to purchase Nellur Mana, which is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Savithri (Dhanya mary varghese). Being crazy about old houses and palaces, Kunjunni, who is in to realty business was lured into this deal by Gireeshan (Manoj K. Jayan), the son of Guptan Namboothiri (Thilakan), a feudal landlord. In a fight with Kunjunni, his younger son had fallen from the terrace and had got paralyzed below the hips. Now Guptan Namboothiri wants to avenge for it. Upon reaching the old house, Kunjunni is attacked by the goons of Gireeshan, but he escapes miraculously. An atheist, Kunjunni leads a carefree life away from the traditions of his family and is in love with Thulasimani (Kaniha), the adopted daughter of Pisharody, the old friend of his late father, who was also a famous tantrik. In spite of all the blocks that comes his way, Kunjunni reaches back to own the house. Gireeshan leads him inside and he feels the presence of some supernatural powers inside. While stepping into the pond, he feels trapped inside and as if someone was pulling him down. The dead body of Kunjunni was found at the nearby river on next day. Pattazhi Madhavan Nambooothiri (Mammootty), his brother, who is also a strong tantrik and Sanskrit professor decides to probe the reasons that caused his brother's death. Madhavan Namboothiri suspects Gireeshan's role in it. Madhavan is married to Mithra (Navya Nair), the daughter of Guptan Namboothiri who married Madhavan against his wishes. It was Kunjunni who helped Madhavan and Mithra get married despite the enmity between the two families. Upon learning about his brother's death, Madhavan goes to Nellur mana and along with his three disciples starts residing there. It is also revealed that Madhavan's father also had died by drowning in the pond long back while he was there to perform a vasthu puja. Madhavan and his disciples come across several supernatural experiences inside the house. Madhavan finds several vastu doshas existing in the house that had caused a series of accidents including fire tragedies that had killed several members long back. Madhavan brings in the youngest member of Uliyanoor thachan (Suraj Venjaramood)to rectify the errors. Along with that, he also does several pujas to clear up the mess. However, things get more complicated with the arrival of Tulasimani. She is haunted by an unseen force from time to time. It is revealed that Tulasi is none other, but the daughter of Harinarayanan Namboothiri, who was killed in a fire accident years back. Automatically, the ownership of the house comes into the hands of Tulasi. One night, one of the disciples of Madhavan is killed. The same night, Madhavan is attacked by Jayan, the son of Gupthan Namboothiri. The next day, Jayan's corpse is found in the river. Beeran (Devan), the SP of police arrives at the spot for investigation and is shocked to find another corpse, that is of Vishahari, a trusted left hand of Jayan in the house. Madhavan explains Beeran the secrets of the supernatural things happening inside. A secret passage exists from the pond to the river that carries anyone who steps into the pond to the river. He also explains, that it was not any supernatural element that had killed his disciple, but was Jayan and Vishahari, who were in the house to hunt down Madhavan. The next night, Madhavan is getting prepared for the final puja to clear up the whole mess, when Gireeshan arrives in the garbs of Savitri. It is revealed that Gireeshan is suffering from multiple personality disorder and it is him, whom many people mistook to the ghost of Savitri. Madhavan physically overcomes Gireeshan and defeats him, thereby putting an end to the mystery of the ghost. He thus moves back from Nellur Mana, handing the key to Thulasimani.


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  • Mammootty .... Pattazhi Madhavan & Kunjunni (Double Role)
  • Navya Nair .... Mithra
  • Kaniha .... Thulasi
  • Bala as Anandapadmanabhan
  • Irshad
  • Vijaykumar .... Aadikeshavan
  • Manoj K. Jayan .... Gireeshan
  • Suraj Venjaramood .... Raghu Uthaman
  • Thilakan ...Gupthan Namboothiri
  • Devan ... Beeran Sahib as Superintendent of Police
  • Jayan Cherthala .... Jayan
  • Kollam Thulasi .... Vaidyan
  • T. P. Madhavan .... Pisharody
  • Narayanankutty .... Kizhakkedam
  • Kunchan
  • Balachandran Chullikkadu .... Nelloor Karanavar
  • Saddiq as Police Officer Augustine
  • Abu Salim
  • Kiran .... Rajeevan
  • Lakshmi Sharma ... Gauri
  • Dhanya Mary Varghese.... Savithri
  • Ranjini Jose ... Jyolsna
  • K. P. A. C. Lalitha
  • Subair ... Driver Kutty
  • V. K. Sreeraman ... Pattazhi Sankaran Namboothiri
  • Nandulal .... Nelloor Harinarayanan Namboothiri
  • Kulappulli Leela ... Jameela
  • Biju Pappan ... Choonda Vasu
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