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Country  India
District  Nayagarh
PIN  752084
Elevation  122 m
Area code  06757
State  Odisha
Time zone  IST (UTC+5:30)
Telephone code  06757
Local time  Saturday 6:42 AM
Dashapalla httpslankapodiyatrafileswordpresscom201304
Weather  21°C, Wind E at 0 km/h, 62% Humidity
Neighborhoods  Durga Bazar, Ganesh Bazar, Samanta Sahi

Dashapalla, also known as Daspalla, is a block in Nayagarh district, Odisha, India.


Map of Daspalla, Odisha


Available records, writings, books reveal that at first there was no such place known as Daspalla. Rather it was a part of Baudh State ruled by Bhanj Kings. During the rule of Bira Bhanj there was a rift in between Bira Bhanj and his cousin, Sal Bhanj. The dissident Sal Banj left Boudh and proceeded to meet the Gajapati of Puri through the ages old Jagannath Sadak. While resting with his followers at Padmlatola Ghat, the king of Nayagarh got the news and made alliance with Sal Bhanj and declared him the king of that area. Getting the news, Bir Bhanj of Boudh got angry and sent a troop to capture Sal Bhanj. But the troop of Boudh got defeated at the hands of Sal Bhanj and Nayagarh soldiers. As Sal Bhanj got Yasha (Fame) he named his kingdom as Yashpalla or Daspalla. Other historians tell that king Sal Bhanj had only das (oriya for 10) Pallies (villages) so Daspalli got renamed as Daspalla. This incident took place in 1495. King Sal Bhanj ruled for 3 years only and then his son Naran Bhanj ascended the throne.

But records found at Baudh state reveal that Daspalla was formed by Naran Bhanj in 1498 during the reign of Siddya Bhanj. However it is a fact that Daspalla was formed during the last part of 15th century being separated from Baudh.

The headquarters of Daspalla changed from Badmul to Gania, Gania to Madhyakhand, Madhyakhand to Puruna Daspalla. The ninth king of Daspalla Padmanav Bhanj, during hunting, saw a wonderful thing that a wild dove was hunting and defeating a Chhanchan (Bird of prey) so he thought the place a heroic one and decided to change his capital to that place. At that time there was a Kandha chieftain named Kunj Malik. King Padmanav Bhanj defeated Kunj Malik and started his capital here but after the name of Kunja Malik the capital got named as Kunjabanagarh.

Guri Charan Deo Bhanj was crowned ruler in 1803. He was succeeded by a line of titular Rajas.

  • 18.. - Jan 1873 Narsimha Bhanj
  • 28 Jan 1873 - 190. Chaitan Deo Bhanj
  • *1908 – 11 Dec 1913 Narayan Deo Bhanj
  • Dec 1913 – 15 Aug 1947 Kishor Chandra Deo Bhanj (b. 1908)
  • Geography

    Geaographically, it is located at 20°21′0″N 84°51′0″E at an elevation of 122 m (400 ft) above mean sea level (MSL).

    During pre-independence era it was a small garhjat (princely state) named as Daspalla State with headquarters at Kunjabanagarh. Its boundary touches the district border of Cuttack, Angul, Boudh, Kandhamal and Ganjam. The then Daspalla state has been divided into two Blocks namely Daspalla and Gania.

    Previously Daspalla State was divided into 14 praganas with a Sardar as its chief. Daspalla is a place of hills and mountains, forests, streams, rivers, falls, gorge, wild growth and wild animals predominantly occupied by Tribals of Kandha and Khaira Tribe. Presently Daspalla Block has 19 Gram Panchayats and Gania Block has 8 Gram Panchayats.


    Daspalla is situated in the middle of Odisha. It is 127 km from Bhubaneswar, the state capital via Khurda and Nayagarh; 144 km from Puri by New Jagannath Sadak , via RAJA-RANPUR , Nirakarpur and Chandanpur. 200 km from Sambalpur via Rairakhol and Boudh; 140 km from Berhampur via Aska and Bhanjanagar ; 107 km from Anugul via Hindol and Narasinghpur ; 295 km from Bhawanipatna via Kandhamal, Phulbani; 200 km from Bolangir via Subarnapur and Boudh.

    National Highway 224 passes through Dashapalla. Nearest airport is Biju Patnaik Airport at Bhubaneswar. The nearest Railway station is Bolagarh.


    Dashapalla falls under the Kandhamal (Lok Sabha constituency) and Daspalla (Odisha State Legislative Assembly).


  • Brundabana Subudhi College is the degree college present in Dashapalla. It also contains the junior college and provides vocational courses to the deserving students.
  • K.P.D Womens' College is separately there for girls.
  • Daspalla High School, Daspalla
  • Radha Mohan Jew High school, Satapatna
  • Daspalla girls High School
  • Lingaraj M.E. School, Satapatna established by Shri Balunki Sahoo
  • Satapatna High School, Satapatna
  • S.N M.E.School, Satapatna
  • Barapurikia Primary School, Barapurikia
  • Festivals

    Daspalla is famous for Lankapodi Yatra and Kuanria Mahotsav. The Lankapodi Yatra commences on the day of Ram Navami and continues for a fortnight. The Kuanria Dam is a water reservoir for irrigation and fishery purpose with a deer park alongside which makes it a visiting and picnic place as well.

    Places of interest

    Some fine and fantastic places are here which attract hundreds of people every year. Among them the following are important.

  • Satkosia Gorge – It is the deepest river Gorge of Odisha in the river Mahanadi. Its length is about 16 km in between Angul and Daspalla boundary. Gharial crocodile and many aquatic birds and animals are found here.
  • Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary - The Satakosia wildlife sanctuary is a tiger reserve. It attracts the nature lovers to experience the Flora and Fauna of Daspalla amidst deep dense forest with numerous trees, herbs and creepers. Tiger, elephant, deer, spotted deer, bison, hare, jackal, wolf, leopard, peacock, parrot, maina, etc. are common.
  • Kuanaria Dam - A medium Irrigation Project has been built on the river Kuanaria just 7 km from Daspalla town. It is the largest river dam of Nayagarh district and a very good picnic spot with a deer park. Irrigation I.B., Wildlife I.B. and RWSS I.B. are here for short stay of the visitors.
  • Mahaveer Khola- Mahaveer Khol, a small hill at the north of Daspalla is believed to be the original place of God Mahaveer. Swapna Mahaveer is being worshipped here since 1983. It is a fine religious place as well as a very good spot for picnic and for visit. A 3-day-long Jajna is held here every year during Bisub Sankranti where thousands of people gather.
  • Bhimara - It is a fine place for rock trekking. Generally people gather here in the month of Kartik for a visit. It is believed that Bhim the 2nd Pandav was here for some days. So the grand rock bears the foot prints of Bhim and named as Bhimara.
  • Jaleswar Temple, Dihagaon -This Shiva temple is situated at Dihagaon a small village 5 km distance from Daspalla Town towards Gania Block. This is the only shiv temple in the Daspalla Area whose "Shiva Linga is a patali shiv ling (came from deep earth by itself)" have not established by any person. This Shiva Linga have discovered by a tribal couple while they were searching for their habitats.Kartik Poornima is the main festival of Dihagaon Jaleswar Temple followed by Maha Shivaratri, Dola Purnima and Sitala Sasthi.
  • Satapatna- Gopinath Jew Temple, Mahadev Temple, Dakshin Kali temple, Kamana Temple, Ram Mandir, Ganesh temple and one of the oldest Sri Chaitanya Jew Temple at Satapatna. (Note :- No past histry for construction of above temples are available for reference. Ram Mandir at Arghatia patna and Ganesh Temple of Gantaghar Patna are only available)
  • Madhyakhand - Sapaneswara Temple,Jagannath Temple These temple's are situated at Madhyakhand. This town is 7 km distance from Daspalla, Also NH-224 connecting to Bhubaneswar the capital of Odisha routed through Madhayakhand.
  • Notable people

    Daspalla bears the foot prints of a number of famous personalities. Some of them are the following.

  • Bhakta Charan Das – lived here at village Madhyakhanda for some time where he had started his famous book "Mathura Mangal".
  • Jadumani Mahapatra had spent his childhood here at Daspalla, had his love and married here too. He has composed so many verses here.
  • Fakir Mohan Senapati – served here as dewan of Raja Chaitanya Bhanj Deo. Here he had written his famous "Dhulia Baba" story and many more.
  • Gobinda Chandra Mishra – the first Oriya to reach Sabarmati Ashram was born and brought up here.
  • Rama Chnadra Mishra - Noted Dramatist of Oriya Literature
  • Hadibandhu Mahakhuda - He is a writer of many books in Odia literature, like Ekanta Katha, Niraba Katha, Saana Pilanka Bada Katha, The Saga of Centuries, Andhara ra Moha etc.
  • References

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