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Scientific name

Common carp: 2 – 14 kg



Common carp: 20 years

Higher classification

Common carp: 40 – 80 cm

Cyprinus Cyprinus carpio Common carp

CyprinusLinnaeus, 1758

Lower classifications
Common carp, Koi, Cyprinus yilongensis, Cyprinus micristius

Carp cyprinus carpio underwater uk

Cyprinus is the genus of typical carps in family Cyprinidae. Most species in the genus are of East Asia origin with only the common carp (C. carpio) in Western Asia and Europe; this invasive species has also been introduced to many other regions around the world. Cyprinus are closely related to some more barb-like genera, such as Cyclocheilichthys and Barbonymus (tinfoils). The crucian carps (Carassius) of western Eurasia, which include the goldfish (C. auratus), are apparently not as closely related.


Cyprinus Cyprinus rubrofuscus La Cepde 1803

This genus' most widespread and well-known member is the common carp (C. carpio) species complex. Although traditionally considered a single species, recent authorities have split the European and west Asian populations from the East Asian, with the latter named C. rubrofuscus (syn. C. carpio haematopterus). Members of the species complex are famed as a food fish and have been widely traded and introduced since antiquity, but in certain areas has multiplied inordinately and become a pest. In its long use it has been domesticated, and a number of breeds have been developed for food and other purposes. The koi (from Japanese nishikigoi, 錦鯉) are well-known carp breeds, selectively bred for being enjoyed by spectators from above. Strictly speaking, koi is simply the Japanese name of the East Asian carp.

The other species of typical carps are generally found in more restricted areas of eastern Asia, centered on the Yunnan region. In some cases, they are endemic to a single lake, most notably Lake Erhai, as well as Lake Dian, Fuxian Lake, Lake Jilu, Lake Qilihu, Lake Xingyun and Lake Yi-Lung, which are all in Yunnan proper. Several of these species are seriously threatened and five are possibly already extinct: C. yilongensis (Lake Yi-Lung), C. yunnanensis (Lake Qilihu), C. daliensis (Lake Erhai), C. megalophthalmus (Lake Erhai) and C. fuxianensis (Lake Fuxian).

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Cyprinus fish natural breeding


The following species are currently recognized in the genus.

Cyprinus Cyprinus carpio Common Carp 15

  • Cyprinus acutidorsalis Y. H. Wang, 1979
  • Cyprinus barbatus H. L. Chen & H. Q. Huang, 1977
  • Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus, 1758
  • Cyprinus chilia H. W. Wu, G. R. Yang & H. J. Huang, 1963
  • Cyprinus dai (V. H. Nguyễn & L. H. Doan, 1969)
  • Cyprinus daliensis H. L. Chen & M. Q. Huang, 1977
  • Cyprinus exophthalmus Đ. Y. Mai, 1978
  • Cyprinus fuxianensis Yang et al., 1977
  • Cyprinus hieni Nguyem & Ho, 2003
  • Cyprinus hyperdorsalis V. H. Nguyễn, 1991
  • Cyprinus ilishaestomus H. L. Chen & H. Q. Huang, 1977
  • Cyprinus intha Annandale, 1918
  • Cyprinus longipectoralis H. L. Chen & H. Q. Huang, 1977
  • Cyprinus longzhouensis Y. J. Yang & H. C. Hwang, 1977
  • Cyprinus megalophthalmus H. W. Wu, G. R. Yang, P. Q. Yue & H. J. Huang, 1963
  • Cyprinus melanes (Mai, 1978)
  • Cyprinus micristius Regan, 1906
  • Cyprinus multitaeniata Pellegrin & Chevey, 1936
  • Cyprinus pellegrini T. L. Tchang, 1933
  • Cyprinus qionghaiensis Chen-Han Liu, 1981
  • Cyprinus quidatensis T. T. Nguyen, V. T. Le, T. B. Le & X. K. Nguyễn, 1999
  • Cyprinus rubrofuscus Lacépède, 1803
  • Cyprinus yilongensis Yang et al., 1977
  • Cyprinus yunnanensis T. L. Tchang, 1933
  • Fossil species

  • Cyprinus priscus von Meyer (Fossil species from Miocene Germany)

  • Cyprinus Cyprinus carpio Common carp

    Cyprinus FAO Fisheries amp Aquaculture Species Fact Sheets Cyprinus carpio

    Cyprinus FAO Fisheries amp Aquaculture Species Fact Sheets Cyprinus carpio


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