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Central Plains Mandarin

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Region  Yellow River Plain
Linguist list  cmn-zho
ISO 639-6  zgyu
Central Plains Mandarin
Native speakers  (170 million cited 1982)
Language family  Sino-Tibetan Sinitic Chinese Mandarin Central Plains Mandarin
Glottolog  None huab1238  (Huabei Guanhua)

Central Plains or Zhongyuan Mandarin (simplified Chinese: 中原官话; traditional Chinese: 中原官話; pinyin: zhōngyuán guānhuà) is a variety of Mandarin Chinese spoken in the central and southern parts of Shaanxi, Henan, southwestern part of Shanxi, southern part of Gansu, far southern part of Hebei, northern Anhui, northern parts of Jiangsu, southern Xinjiang and southern Shandong.

The archaic dialect of Peking opera is a form of Zhongyuan Mandarin.

Among Chinese Muslims, it is sometimes written in the Arabic alphabet.


  • Guanzhong dialect (关中话)
  • Henan dialect (河南话), Henan province
  • Luoyang dialect
  • Gangou dialect, Qinghai – influenced by Monguor
  • Dungan language, former USSR, Chu Valley, Fergana Valley, XUAR
  • Xuzhou dialect, (徐州话)Xuzhou, north Jiangsu province
  • Wanbei dialect, (皖北话)North Anhui province
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