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Cape Lopez

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Port gentil dirt road on cape lopez 2

Cape Lopez (French: Cap Lopez) is a 55 km-long peninsula on the coast of west central Africa, in the country of Gabon. It separates the Gulf of Guinea from the South Atlantic Ocean, and is located at latitude -0.63° (0° 38' S) and longitude 8.7° (8° 42' E). Lying in the delta of the Ogooué River, it shelters the seaport of Port-Gentil. A lighthouse has existed on the Cape since 1897; the current tower was built in 1911, but has been inactive for many years and is in danger of collapsing from erosion.


Map of Cape Lopez, Gabon

It is named after the Portuguese explorer Lopes Gonçalves, who reached it about 1474.

Port gentil dirt road on cape lopez 3


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