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Augusta Mountains

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Peak  Cain Mountain
Width  9 km (5.6 mi) E-W
Elevation  2,563 m
Country  United States of America
Length  25 km (16 mi) N-S
Topo map  USGS Cain Mountain
Area  140 kmĀ²
Augusta Mountains
District  Pershing, Churchill and Lander counties
Similar  Black Rock Range, Eldorado Mountains, Jackson Mountains, Seven Troughs Range, Hickison Petroglyph Recreatio

The Augusta Mountains are a small mountain range in Pershing, Churchill and Lander counties of Nevada.

Map of Augusta Mountains, Nevada 89820, USA

To the northeast the range merges with the Fish Creek Range. To the north across Jersey Valley lies the Tobin Range and to the west across the Dixie Valley is the Stillwater Range. The Clan Alpine Mountains and the New Pass Range lie to the south and to the east across Antelope Valley are Ravenswood Mountain and the Shoshone Range.

The Range is included within the 89,372 acres (361.68 km2) Augusta Mountains Wilderness Study Area.

The fossil aquatic reptile Augustasaurus was discovered in the Triassic Favret Formation in the Augusta Mountains and named after the range.


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