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Arkansas Highway 15

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Existed:  1926 – present
North end:  AR 89 / AR 294, Furlow
Length  34 km
South end:  US 79B near Altheimer
North end:  US 82, El Dorado
Constructed  1926
Arkansas Highway 15
South end:  LA 161, Louisiana state line

Arkansas Highway 15 is a designation for two state highways in Arkansas. The northern segment of 34.45 miles (55.44 km) runs from Altheimer north across Interstate 40 to Furlow. The southern segment of 21.10 miles (33.96 km) is entirely in Union County, and runs from Louisiana Highway 161 north to U.S. Route 82 in El Dorado.


Map of AR-15, Arkansas, USA

Union County

AR 15 begins at Louisiana Highway 161 and runs northeast, cutting through South Arkansas country. The highway serves as a southern terminus for Arkansas Highway 355 outside El Dorado, AR 15 lone junction with another state road. AR 15 next meets the four-lane U.S. Route 82 outside El Dorado, where it terminates.

Altheimer to Furlow

The route begins at US 79 Business and runs north, intersecting Arkansas Highway 31 in Sherrill near the Sherrill Methodist Episcopal Church and the Tucker School in Tucker before entering Lonoke County. Upon entering England, AR 15 forms a concurrency with U.S. Route 165 north to Keo for 5.70 miles (9.17 km). AR 15 continues due north across U.S. Route 70 (near the historic US Route 70 Union Valley segment) and Interstate 40 (AR 15 being exit 169, Remington Rd.) before ending at AR 89/AR 294 west.


Arkansas Highway 15 was one of the original 1926 routes designated by the Arkansas Highway Commission. The modern day routes were connected. AR 15 continued east from El Dorado into Bradley County through Hermitage and Warren. The route continued north into Cleveland County through Pansy and into Jefferson County, where it ran through Pine Bluff and along present-day AR 31 north to Sherrill, where it meets with today's routing.

The original 1926 routing ended at AR 36 in England, and no state highway ran to Furlow.


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