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Industry  Energy
Founded  2006
Headquarters  Brazil
Alupar httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Key people  Paulo Godoy - President
Website  http://www.alupar.com.br/
Stock price  ALUP4 (BVMF) R$ 6.80 0.00 (0.00%)24 Feb, 5:56 PM GMT-3 - Disclaimer

Alupar is a Brazilian holding company dedicated to the segments of power generation and transmission. Among all companies in this segment, Alupar is one of the largest in terms of Annual Permitted Revenue and the largest privately held company.



In 2000 - Alupar started operating in transmission segment. In 2005, the company began operations in hydroelectric generation segment.

In 2005 - Began operations in hydroelectric generation segment.

In 2006 - Merger of all transmission and hydroelectric generation companies in the energy sector into the same holding company.

In 2009 - Private Placement by FI-FGTS

In 2013 - The company had an initial public offering estimated at BRL 740 million.

In 2015 - Alupar reported net income of BRL 209.2 million. Alupar has infrastructure projects related to the energy sector in Brazil and other countries in Latin America such as Colombia and Peru.

Shareholder structure

Alupar’s shareholder structure consists of a 61% stake held by Guarupart, 14% held by FI- FGTS and 25% held in the public market.

Transmission Assets

Alupar currently has 26 transmission systems, totalling 6,788 km of transmission lines.

  • ETEM
  • ECTE
  • ETSE
  • ETEP
  • ESDE
  • EATE
  • ERTE
  • ENTE
  • EBTE
  • STN
  • Transleste
  • Transirapé
  • Transudeste
  • STC
  • Lumitrans
  • ETES
  • TME
  • ETVG
  • TNE
  • ELTE
  • ETAP
  • ETC
  • TPE
  • TCC
  • EST
  • TCE (Colombia)
  • Generation Assets

    Alupar has diversified its electric power matrix by investing in activities of generation plants, such as Hydroelectric Power Plants (HPPs), Small Hydroelectric Power Plants (SHPPs) and Wind Farms.

  • HPP São José
  • HPP Foz do Rio Claro
  • HPP Ferreira Gomes
  • HPP La Virgen
  • SHPP Queluz
  • SHPP Lavrinhas
  • SHPP Morro Azul
  • SHPP Verde 08
  • SHPP Antônio Dias
  • Energia dos Ventos’ Wind Farm (Aracati Complex)
  • References

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