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Kingdom  Animalia
Scientific name  Acanthopterygii
Rank  Superorder
Phylum  Chordata
Higher classification  Acanthomorpha
Acanthopterygii FISH Acanthopterygii Scomber Xiphias Amphacanthus Swordfish Mackerel

Lower classifications  Perciformes, Japanese sea bass, Flatfish, Cichlid, Goby

Acanthopterygii (meaning "spiny finned one") is a superorder of bony fishes in the class Actinopterygii. Members of this superorder are sometimes called ray-finned fishes for the characteristic sharp, bony rays in their fins; however this name is often given to the class Actinopterygii as a whole.


Acanthopterygii bioegog template


The cladogram is based on Near et al., 2012.


Acanthopterygii Natural History Collections SUPERORDER ACANTHOPTERYGII

  • Order Mugiliformes, the mullets
  • Order Atheriniformes, including silversides and rainbowfishes
  • Order Beloniformes, including the flyingfishes
  • Order Cetomimiformes, the whalefishes
  • Order Cyprinodontiformes, including livebearers, killifishes
  • Order Stephanoberyciformes, including the ridgeheads
  • Order Beryciformes, including the fangtooths and pineconefishes
  • Order Zeiformes, including the dories
  • Order Gobiesociformes, the clingfishes
  • Order Gasterosteiformes including the sticklebacks
  • Order Syngnathiformes, including the seahorses and pipefishes
  • Order Synbranchiformes, including the swamp eels
  • Order Tetraodontiformes, including the filefishes and pufferfishes
  • Order Pleuronectiformes, the flatfishes
  • Order Scorpaeniformes, including the scorpionfishes
  • Order Perciformes 40% of all fishes including anabantids, basses, cichlids, gobies, gouramis, mackerels, perches, scats, whitings, wrasses

  • Acanthopterygii ACANTHOPTERYGII MugilBlennius Anarrhichas GobiusCephalus Mullet

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    Acanthopterygii Acanthopterygii

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