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Year 903 (CMIII) was a common year starting on Saturday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • King Berengar I of Italy proceeds to issue concessions and privileges to the Lombard nobility and monasteries. He grants concessions to Bobbio Abbey in Emilia-Romagna (Northeast Italy).
  • King Louis IV (the Child) promulgates the Raffelstetten customs regulations, a legal document for a toll-bridge on the Danube River in Asten (modern Austria).
  • Britain

  • The Danish Vikings invade Anglesey after being driven out of Dublin (see 902). They fail to gain a foodhold in Wales, and sail on to Chester.
  • A party of Danes under the Viking warlord Ingimundr attack the Welsh in a pitched battle at Maes Ros Meilon, perhaps near Llanfaes.
  • Arabian Empire

  • November 29 – Battle of Hama: Abbasid forces under Muhammad ibn Sulayman al-Katib defeat the Qarmatians near Hama, on the banks of the Orontes River (modern Syria). The Qarmatian army is scattered and pursued by Abbasid troops; Al-Husayn ibn Zikrawayh and other Qarmatian leaders are captured.
  • Religion

  • July – Pope Benedict IV dies after a 3-year reign. He is succeeded by Leo V as the 118th pope of the Catholic Church. Leo is imprisoned and tortured by Antipope Christopher after a reign of just 1 month. Christopher makes himself the new pope of Rome.
  • Births

  • December 7 – Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi, Persian astronomer (d. 986)
  • Feng Yanji, chancellor of Southern Tang (d. 960)
  • Kūya, Japanese priest of Pure Land Buddhism (d. 972)
  • Li Gu, chancellor of Later Zhou (d. 960)
  • Wang Jun, chancellor of Later Zhou (or 902)
  • Deaths

  • March 6 – Lu Guangqi, Chinese official and chancellor
  • March 6 – Su Jian, Chinese official and chancellor
  • March 26 – Sugawara no Michizane, Japanese politician and poet (b. 845)
  • June 10 – Cheng Rui, Chinese warlord
  • July 27– Abdallah II of Ifriqiya, Aghlabid emir
  • December 24 – Hedwiga, duchess of Saxony
  • December 30 – Tian Jun, Chinese warlord (b. 858)
  • Adalhard of Babenberg, Frankish nobleman
  • Benedict IV, pope of the Catholic Church
  • Moses Bar-Kepha, Syriac bishop and writer
  • Théodrate of Troyes, Frankish queen (b. 868)
  • Zhu Yanshou, Chinese governor (b. 870)
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