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1949 Cannes Film Festival

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Opening film  L'Arroseur Arrosé
Founded  1946
Location  Cannes, France
Festival date  September 2 – 17, 1949
1949 Cannes Film Festival
Awards  Grand Prize of the Festival (The Third Man)
Number of films  30 (In Competition) 1 (Out of Competition) 32 (Short Film)

The 3rd Cannes Film Festival was held from September 2 to 17, film|. No festival was held in 1948.


The Grand Prize of the Festival went to The Third Man by Carol Reed. The festival opened with L'Arroseur Arrosé by Louis Lumière, a 1895 French comedy short-film, paying tribute to cinema's first comedy film.


The entire jury for this festival were French.

  • Georges Huisman (historian) (president)
  • Jules Romains (president)
  • Mme. Georges Bidault
  • Georges Charensol
  • Paul Colin
  • Roger Désormière
  • Jacques-Pierre Frogerais
  • Étienne Gilson (author)
  • Paul Gosset (author)
  • Georges Raguis (union official)
  • Rene-Jeanne (critic)
  • Carlo Rim
  • Jean Benoît-Lévy (substitute member)
  • Guy Desson (MP official) (substitute member)
  • Alexandre Kamenka (substitute member)
  • Paul Verneyras (MP official) (substitute member)
  • Paul Weill (lawyer) (substitute member)
  • Films in competition

    The following films were selected as In Competition:

    Feature films
  • Act of Violence directed by Fred Zinnemann
  • Almafuerte directed by Luis Cesar Amadori
  • An Act of Murder directed by Michael Gordon
  • Au grand balcon directed by Henri Decoin
  • Der Apfel ist ab directed by Helmut Käutner
  • Der Ruf directed by Josef Von Báky
  • Die Buntkarierten directed by Kurt Maetzig
  • Eine große Liebe directed by Hans Bertram
  • Eroica directed by H. Walter Kolm-Veltee
  • Främmande hamn directed by Hampe Faustman
  • House of Strangers directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz
  • Images d'Ethiopie directed by Paul Pichonnier
  • L'amorosa menzogna directed by Michelangelo Antonioni
  • Le Mura di Malapaga directed by René Clement
  • Lost Boundaries directed by Alfred L. Werker
  • Mughamarat Antar wa Abla directed by Salah Abu Sayf
  • Na svoji zemlji directed by France Stiglic
  • Obsession directed by Edward Dmytryk
  • Occupe-toi d'Amélie directed by Claude Autant-Lara
  • Pueblerina directed by Emilio Fernández
  • Rendez-vous de juillet directed by Jacques Becker
  • Retour à la vie directed by Jean Dréville, Henri-Georges Clouzot, Georges Lampin, André Cayatte
  • Riso amaro directed by Giuseppe De Santis
  • Sertao directed by Joao G. Martin
  • The Passionate Friends directed by David Lean
  • The Queen of Spades directed by Thorold Dickinson
  • The Set Up directed by Robert Wise
  • The Third Man directed by Carol Reed
  • Without Honor directed by Irving Pichel
  • Short films
  • A Capital Plan directed by Bernard Devlin
  • Adamah directed by Helmar Lerski
  • Au pays de Thil Uilenspiegel directed by Charles Dekeukeleire
  • Barrières directed by Christian-Jaque
  • Bialy Redyk directed by Stanislas Mozdenski
  • The Cane Cutters directed by John Heyer
  • Danses populaires yougoslaves directed by Rudolf Sremec
  • De nåede færgen directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer
  • Dépendance directed by Robert Anderson
  • Destins précaires directed by Grant McLean
  • Ecole de Rééducation directed by Jean Drimaropoulos
  • Flotteurs de bois directed by Brita Wrede
  • Gold Town directed by Maslyn Williams
  • Images Médiévales directed by William Novik
  • It's a Lovely Day directed by Bert Felstead
  • L'enfer des fards directed by Jean Perdrix
  • La terre de Cain directed by Pierre Petel
  • Le Pain de Barbarie directed by Roger Leenhardt
  • Les feux de la mer directed by Jean Epstein
  • Mlle Toutouche directed by Wilhelm Sorensen
  • Muscle Beach directed by Joseph Strick and Irving Lerner
  • Ocean Weather Ship directed by Frank Chilton
  • Pacific 231 directed by Jean Mitry
  • Palle alene i Verden directed by Astrid Henning-Jensen
  • Rhapsodie vénitienne directed by Max Haufler
  • Seal Island directed by James Algar
  • Struggle for oil directed by Sergei Nolbandov
  • The fatal signboard directed by John Kooy
  • The Valley is Ours directed by John Heyer
  • Une interview sous les tropiques directed by E. van Konijnenburg
  • Walcheren, ile noyee directed by Charles Huguenot van der Linden
  • Żelazowa Wola directed by E. Cekalski
  • Films out of competition

  • Passport to Pimlico directed by O. H. Cornelius
  • Awards

    Feature Films
  • Grand Prize of the Festival: The Third Man by Carol Reed
  • Best Actor: Edward G. Robinson for House of Strangers
  • Best Actress: Isa Miranda for The Walls of Malapaga
  • Best Director: René Clément for The Walls of Malapaga
  • Best Screenplay: Eugene Ling and Virginia Shaler for Lost Boundaries
  • Best Cinematography: Milton R. Krasner for The Set-Up
  • FIPRESCI Prize: The Set-Up by Robert Wise
  • Short Films
  • Short Film Palme d'Or:
  • Palle Alene i Verden by Astrid Henning-Jensen
  • Pacific 231 by Jean Mitry
  • Seal Island by James Algar
  • Bialy Redyk by Stanislas Mozdenski
  • Images Médiévales by William Novik
  • References

    1949 Cannes Film Festival Wikipedia

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