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1938 in British music

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1938 in British music

This is a summary of 1938 in music in the United Kingdom.



  • June – at the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) Festival in London Benjamin Britten meets Aaron Copland.
  • 18 August – Benjamin Britten is the soloist at the first performance of his Piano Concerto, staged during the London Proms.
  • date unknown – the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams begins an affair with Ursula Wood.
  • "The Biggest Aspidistra In The World" by Tommie Connor, W. G. Haines & James S. Hancock
  • "Boomps-A-Daisy", with words and music by Annette Mills
  • "Cinderella, Stay In My Arms" w. Jimmy Kennedy m. Michael Carr
  • "Dearest Love" w.m. Noël Coward
  • "I Went to a Marvelous Party" w.m. Noël Coward
  • "The Stately Homes Of England", with words and music by Noël Coward
  • "Where Are The Songs We Sung?" w.m. Noël Coward
  • "You're What's The Matter With Me" w.m. Jimmy Kennedy and Michael Carr. Introduced by Harry Richman and Evelyn Dall in the film Kicking the Moon Around.
  • Classical music: new works

  • Benjamin Britten – Piano Concerto, Op. 13 (original version)
  • Alan Bush – Piano Concerto, Op. 18, with baritone and male choir in last movement
  • Hamilton Harty – The Children of Lir
  • Herbert Howells – Hymnus Paradisi
  • Michael Tippett – Piano Sonata No. 1
  • Film and Incidental music

  • Louis Levy - Crackerjack, directed by Albert de Courville.
  • Ernest Irving –
  • The High Command, starring Lionel Atwill, Lucie Mannheim and James Mason.
  • I See Ice, starring George Formby, Kay Walsh and Betty Stockfeld.
  • It's in the Air, starring George Formby, Polly Ward and Jack Hobbs. Directed by Anthony Kimmins.
  • Musical theatre

  • 26 January - The London production of Nine Sharp opens at The Little Theatre, to run for 405 performances.
  • 16 March - The London production of Operette opens at His Majesty's Theatre.
  • 6 July - Maritza aka Countess Maritza, London production opened at the Palace Theatre
  • 29 September - These Foolish Things London revue opened at the Palladium
  • Musical films

  • Around the Town, directed by Herbert Smith, starring Vic Oliver and Irene Ware.
  • Break the News, directed by René Clair, starring Jack Buchanan and Maurice Chevalier.
  • Kicking the Moon Around, directed by Walter Forde, starring Bert Ambrose and Evelyn Dall
  • Mountains O'Mourne, directed by Harry Hughes, starring René Ray and Niall MacGinnis.
  • My Irish Molly, directed by Alex Bryce, starring Binkie Stuart
  • Over She Goes, directed by Graham Cutts, starring Stanley Lupino and Claire Luce
  • Sailing Along, directed by Sonnie Hale, starring Jessie Matthews and Barry MacKay
  • Stepping Toes, directed by John Baxter, starring Hazel Ascot and Enid Stamp-Taylor
  • Thistledown, directed by Arthur B. Woods, starring Aino Bergö and Athole Stewart
  • We're Going to Be Rich starring Gracie Fields, Victor McLaglen and Brian Donlevy
  • Births

  • 18 March - Kenny Lynch, singer, songwriter and actor
  • 31 March - Laurie Holloway, pianist and composer
  • 27 May - Elizabeth Harwood, operatic soprano (died 1990)
  • 1 July - Susan Maughan, singer
  • 26 August - Jet Black (The Stranglers)
  • 20 September - Jane Manning, operatic soprano
  • 5 October - Peter Aston, conductor and composer (died 2013)
  • 28 October - Howard Blake, composer
  • 31 December - Christopher Steel, composer (died 1991)
  • Deaths

  • 9 March - Sydney Baynes, conductor, composer and bandleader, 59
  • 18 March - Cyril Rootham, organist and composer, 62
  • 18 April – Richard Runciman Terry, musicologist, 72
  • 24 July - Marmaduke Barton, pianist and composer, 72
  • 14 August - Sir Landon Ronald, conductor and composer, 65
  • 3 September - James Kendrick Pyne, organist and composer, 86
  • 4 November - John Thomas Job, minister, hymn-writer and poet, 71
  • 15 November - Viola Tree, actress, singer and playwright, 54 (pleurisy)
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