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1905 College Football All Southern Team

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1905 College Football All-Southern Team

The 1905 College Football All-Southern Team consists of American football players selected to the College Football All-Southern Teams selected by various organizations for the 1905 Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association football season. Vanderbilt won the SIAA championship. Virginia Tech, an independent school, lost only to Navy and claims a southern championship for 1905.


Consensus eleven

The All-Southern eleven representing the consensus of newspapers as published in Fuzzy Woodruff's A History of Southern Football 1890-1928 included:

  • Bob Blake, end for Vanderbilt, unanimous selection, was a lawyer and Rhodes Scholar selected for the Associated Press Southeast Area All-Time football team 1869-1919 era.
  • Dan Blake, halfback for Vanderbilt, brother of Bob. He later coached.
  • Honus Craig, halfback for Vanderbilt, Dan McGugin once called him the South's greatest athlete and Vanderbilt's greatest halfback. One report says "When Craig was confronted with the above formidable title yesterday by a reporter whose business it is to know such things, he blushed like a girl and tried to show why Dan McGugin's judgment is not always to be trusted." In Craig's opinion, Bob Blake was the South's greatest player.
  • Puss Derrick, guard and captain for Clemson. John de Saulles sums up Derrick's play in 1905; he "is a veteran player who, by steady improvement has put himself in the first rank of linesmen. He was the mainstay of the Clemson season and no other Southern player could so satisfactorily fill this important position; hence, to balance the team and utilize the best of the material available, he is shifted from center to guard."
  • Ed Hamilton, end for Vanderbilt, coached Vanderbilt basketball in 1903–1904 and 1908–1909
  • Frank Jones, tackle for Auburn, captain-elect for both football and basketball.
  • Frank Kyle, quarterback for Vanderbilt, once head coach at Ole Miss.
  • Owsley Manier, fullback for Vanderbilt, a "great plunging back."
  • Robert C. Patterson, center for Vanderbilt, known as "Emma," he later coached at Georgia Military Academy and as an assistant for his alma mater in 1908.
  • Stein Stone, guard for Vanderbilt, as a center selected for the Associated Press Southeast Area All-Time football team 1869-1919 era.
  • Hillsman Taylor, tackle for Vanderbilt, later a prominent attorney who was Speaker of the House of Representatives of Tennessee in 1909. He was the father of Pulitzer Prize winning author Peter Matthew Hillsman Taylor.
  • Ends

  • Bob Blake†, Vanderbilt (C, WRT-1, H-1, BW-1, HY, AL, NE, AJ, JLD, WMR, NB)
  • Ed Hamilton, Vanderbilt (C, WRT-1, H-2, BW-1, HY, AL, NE, AJ, JLD, NB)
  • Sam Roberts, Georgia Tech (WRT-2, AJ)
  • Lewis Clark, Georgia Tech (H-1, BW-2 [as fb])
  • Wilson, North Carolina (RR)
  • Thomas Walker Lewis, VPI (RR)
  • Craig Day, Georgia Tech (H-2, BW-2)
  • Powell Lykes, Clemson (BW-2)
  • Jones Beene, Tennessee (H-3)
  • Sweat, Georgia Tech (H-3)
  • Tackles

  • Hillsman Taylor, Vanderbilt (C, WRT-1, H-1, BW-1, HY, NE, AJ, JLD, WMR, NB)
  • Frank Jones, Auburn (C, WRT-1, H-1 [as g], BW-1, HY, AL [as g], AJ, JLD)
  • Lex Stone, Sewanee (WRT-2, H-2, AJ)
  • Joe Pritchard, Vanderbilt (H-2, BW-2, NE, NB)
  • Lob Brown, Georgia Tech (WRT-2 [as fb], H-1, BW-2)
  • Pete Willson, VPI (RR)
  • Bernard Hynes, VPI (RR)
  • Harvey Sartain, Alabama (H-3)
  • Wimberly, Cumberland (H-3)
  • Guards

  • Puss Derrick, Clemson (C, WRT-2, H-3, BW-1, AL [as t], AJ, JLD, WMR [as t])
  • Stein Stone, Vanderbilt (C, WRT-1, H-2, BW-2, NE, JLD, WMR, NB)
  • T. S. Sims, Alabama (WRT-1, H-1, BW-1, HY, AL, AJ)
  • Innis Brown, Vanderbilt (WRT-2, H-3, BW-2, NE, WMR, NB)
  • Lucian Parrish, Texas (HY)
  • Oliver Gardner, North Carolina (RR)
  • Frank Stickling, VPI (RR)
  • Roscoe Word, Tennessee (H-2)
  • Centers

  • Robert C. Patterson, Vanderbilt (C, WRT-2, H-2, BW-1, NE, AJ, JLD, NB)
  • George Watkins, Sewanee (H-1, BW-2, HY, AL [as t], AJ)
  • Red Smith, Cumberland (WRT-1)
  • Washington Moody, Alabama (AL)
  • A. L. "Gus" Keasler, Clemson (WMR)
  • Joseph Stiles, VPI (RR)
  • Sims, Georgia Tech (H-3)
  • Quarterbacks

  • Frank Kyle, Vanderbilt (C, H-1, BW-1, AL, NE, AJ, JLD, NB)
  • John Scarbrough, Sewanee (WRT-1, H-3, BW-2, HY, AJ, WMR, RR)
  • Stewart, Cumberland (WRT-2, H-2)
  • Halfbacks

  • Honus Craig†, Vanderbilt (C, WRT-1, H-1, BW-1, HY, AL, NE, AJ, JLD, WMR, NB, RR)
  • Dan Blake, Vanderbilt (C, WRT-1, H-3 BW-2, NE, AJ, NB)
  • Fritz Furtick, Clemson (WRT-2, H-1, BW-1, AL [as fb], AJ, WMR [as e])
  • Auxford Burks, Alabama (WRT-2, H-2, BW-2, HY, AL, AJ, WMR)
  • Hammond Johnson, Virginia (JLD, RR)
  • W. Wilson, Georgia Tech (WRT-2 [as e], H-2)
  • Humphrey Foy, Auburn (H-3)
  • Fullbacks

  • Owsley Manier†, Vanderbilt (C, WRT-1, H-1, BW-1, HY, NE, AJ, JLD, WMR, NB)
  • LeRoy Abernethy, North Carolina (RR)
  • Sam Y. Parker, Tennessee (H-2)
  • E. L. Minton, Cumberland (H-3)
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