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Yoko Minamino

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Birth name  南野陽子 Minamino Yoko
Name  Yoko Minamino
Also known as  Nanno
Role  Singer

Genres  Japanese pop
Parents  Kumiko Minamino
Years active  1984–present
Education  Horikoshi High School
Yoko Minamino Yoko Minamino singeractress jpop

Born  June 23, 1967 (age 55) Itami, Hyogo, Japan (1967-06-23)
Occupation(s)  Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Spokesperson
Labels  Sony Japan (1995)Sony Japan (1989–present)
Movies and TV shows  Sukeban Deka The Movie
Awards  Japan Academy Award for Newcomer of the Year, Japan Record Award for Planning
Similar People  Yui Asaka, Yuki Saito, Miho Nakayama, Tomomi Nishimura, Yuma Nakamura

南野陽子 - ヒロインの伝説

Yoko Minamino (南野 陽子, Minamino Yōko, born 23 June 1967) is a Japanese actress, idol and singer. She graduated from Horikoshi High School in the Chūō district of Nakano, Tokyo. She played Saki Asamiya in the second season of the live action Sukeban Deka TV series replacing fellow idol star Yuki Saitō. She is currently employed by the K Dash Group talent agency. She has previously worked for the S1 Company, Southern Field, and Sweet Basil talent agencies.


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While attending the private Shoin High School in Kobe, Minamino successfully passed an audition in 1982. During the summer of her second year of high school, she moved to Tokyo where she attended Horikoshi High School along with fellow entertainers Miharu Morina and Minako Honda. Minamino and Honda met when they both took the entrance examination.

Minamino made her debut television role in 1984 in Meimon Shiritsu Jōshi Kōkō. She began working for the talent agency S1 Company at this time. Despite being a mostly unknown face in Japanese entertainment, Minamino was given an unusually large number of photos in a seinen manga magazine.

This led to her being cast in 1985 in the role of Saki Asamiya in the second season of Fuji TV's Sukeban Deka, a popular live action TV series about a juvenile delinquent being forced to go undercover for the police in a high school known for its rough gangs. This role made Minamino an instant star, and many phrases from this season became fashionable. She was also nominated at the 11th Annual Japan Academy Prize event as "Rookie of the Year" for her performance in the movie version released in 1987. Her "Saki Asamiya" character was used in a wide range of adverts.

She made her singing debut on 1985-06-23 with her song Hazukashi Sugite. Along with Shizuka Kudo, Miho Nakayama, and Yui Asaka, Minamino was considered one of the Four Divas (四天王, Shitennō) of the time until she temporarily suspended her career in 1992. In 1988 she played two roles, including the starring role, in the Taiga drama Takeda Shingen. That same year, she reached the number one spot for sales of publicity photo shots sold, setting a new record. Minamino was also honored by the country of Grenada when they issued postage stamps featuring two different head shots.

In 1989, Minamino switched talent agencies, moving from S1 Company to the private Southern Field agency. In the 1992 film Kantsubaki, she made her first nude appearance, closely followed by her second in Watashi o Daite, Soshite Kiss-shite that same year. Minamino was nominated for the 16th Annual Japan Academy Prize for "Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role" (basically "Best Actress") for her performances in both of these films.

Minamino has appeared in interviews and photo shoots in Shueisha's Weekly Playboy magazine since 1984. In the 1989-08-01 issue, she appeared on the cover.


Singles marked with "" reached #1 on Oricon chart.



The majority of albums released after 1991 are "Best of" albums.


Commercial tie-ins

Minamino has performed the theme songs for multiple television series and movies, and her music has been used in many commercials. Following is a list of some of them.


  • Tokimeki, Kudasai (1986-06-21)
  • First Concert (1986-11-01)
  • Nanno Club (1987-07-22)
  • Summer Concert (1987-11-21)
  • From Summer Concert (1987-11-21)
  • Colorful Ave. (1988-08-01)
  • Etu du Cinema Yoko Minamino Summer Concert '88 (1988-12-21)
  • Omoi no Mama ni: Yoko Minamino Summer Concert '89 (1989-11-22)
  • Just Sweet Love (1989-11-24, promo item never offered for sale)
  • Abend (1990-11-21)
  • Toki no Nagare ni: The Last Day of Tour 1991 in Sunplaza Hall by Yoko Minamino (1991-11-21)
  • Dear My Best (1992-11-21)
  • Nanno DVD Box (2005-09-28, complete compilation of her performances in movies)
  • Photo

  • Yōko o Hitorijime... (陽子をひとりじめ…) (April 1986, Kodansha, Photographer: Seiichi Nomura)
  • Sukeban Deka II Shashinshū (スケバン刑事II写真集) (September 1986, Hakusensha, Photographer: Ryū Ōmatsu)
  • Eiga Sukeban Deka Shashinshū: Ai no Sailor-fuku Senshi (映画スケバン刑事写真集 愛のセーラー服戦士) (1987, Bandai Visual)
  • Ki no Mama Tenshi Fūrai (生のまま天使風来) (November 1988, Wani Books, Photographer: Seiichi Nomura)
  • My Dear (January 1991, CBS-Sony Shuppan, Photographers: Seiichi Nomura, et al.)
  • Great (April 1991, Kodansha, Photographers: Hajime Sawatari, et al.)
  • Flowers (October 2004, Shueisha, Photographer: Yorihito Yamauchi)
  • Other

  • Tsukiyo no Kushami (月夜のくしゃみ) (September 1989, Kadokawa Shoten)
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