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Wee 3

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Opening theme  Wee 3
Country of origin  Canada
No. of episodes  27
First episode date  30 January 2001
Genre  Music
Networks  Treehouse TV, YTV
Ending theme  Wee 3 (Instrumental)
Original language(s)  English
Location(s)  Toronto Ontario
Final episode date  27 February 2011
Language  English
Wee 3 Wee 3 Birthday Cake Baycation on the Moon REUPLOADED YouTube

Similar  Crazy Quilt, This is Emily Yeung, This is Daniel Cook, The Berenstain Bears, Incredible Story Studios

Wee 3 theme song 2001

Wee 3 is a TV program on Treehouse TV. It first aired January 30, 2001 with a total of 27 24-minute episodes along with Treetown, Ants in Your Pants and Crazy Quilt. It also formerly aired on YTV.


Wee 3 Wee 3 Monster Blocks Tattletale REUPLOADED YouTube

Three four-year-old anthropomorphic toy monsters, Bunwin, Creakie and Pook, come out from hiding in a young child's bedroom and play different games. However, they come out only when the child is absent from the room and they work out their fears by playing a Fantasy adventure targeted towards children ages three to seven-years old.

Wee 3 Wee 3 Candy Competition Magic Farm REUPLOADED YouTube

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Wee 3 Pecola Watches An Episode of Wee 3 YouTube

The following list of characters appearing on Wee 3. Cheep Cheep, Magic Racer and Dolly were shown as toy characters.

Original Characters

Wee 3 Tom Angela and Pierres Stories Wee 3 Ending 2001 YouTube

  • Bunwin is the small orange monster
  • Pook is the tall purple monster
  • Creakie is the medium blue monster
  • Cheep Cheep is a tiny toy chick
  • Magic Racer is a green toy dinosaur
  • Dolly 1 is a tan skin doll with pigtails
  • Dolly 2 is a blue doll with long hair
  • Brenda Murphy is Cheep Cheep's Son.
  • Episodes

    The following list of episodes broadcast on Wee 3. Each was approximately 12 minutes long

    Wee 3 Wee 3 Creakies Birthday Pooks School REUPLOADED YouTube

  • Colour Me
  • Tea Party
  • Fuzzy Valentine
  • Surprise Party
  • Secret Spy
  • Fancy Ladies
  • All Knowing Fairy
  • Egg
  • Double Twins
  • King Creakie
  • Candy Competition
  • Magic Farm
  • Birthday Cake
  • Bay-Cation over the Moon
  • Pookerassic Park
  • Better
  • Talking Toy
  • Deep Dark Woods
  • Circus
  • Sleepless Sleepover
  • Creakie's Birthday
  • Pook's school
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Pet Games
  • Cheep Come Home
  • Frog and the Storm
  • Close Call
  • Food Store
  • Hat Smasher
  • The Treasure That Wasn't
  • Pet Snake
  • Seedling
  • Camping with Bunwin
  • Pook's Racecar
  • Bunwin Flies
  • Monster Blocks
  • Tattletale
  • Wee rock!
  • Three Captains
  • Pookasaurus
  • Courageous Creakie
  • Broken Cheep
  • Roller Coaster
  • Bunny Ballet
  • Little Rodeo
  • Tiger Tiger
  • Cafe Pook
  • Peacemaker Pook
  • Always a Bridesmaid
  • Messy Tea
  • Buzzin' Bee
  • Fastest Bestest

  • References

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