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Vyacheslav Baburin

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Nationality  Soviet Russian
Name  Vyacheslav Baburin

Vyacheslav Baburin httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Born  31 May 1951 Moscow, Soviet Union (1951-05-31)
Institutions  Department of Economic And Social Geography of Russia MSU Faculty of Geography
Known for  founder of a new direction of economic geography in Russia - innovation geography
Influences  Nikolay Baranskiy, Nikolay Kolosovskiy, Anatoliy Khrushchev
Fields  Economic geography, Regional science

Alma mater  Moscow State University

Vyacheslav Leonidovich Baburin (Russian: Вячеслав Леонидович Бабурин) (born 31 May 1951) — Soviet and Russian economic geographer and regional scientist, educator, made a significant contribution to understanding of dynamic aspects in economic geography, particularly examining innovation cycles in Russian social and economic system. One of the leading Russian researchers of interaction between society and environment (effects of climate change on socio-economic development of countries and regions, assessment of damage from natural disasters, impact on society of time zones reduction, influence of mountain environment on economy, the cycles of forestry development, etc.)


Vyacheslav Baburin httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu


Vyacheslav Baburin was born in Moscow in 1951. In 1968 he joined the economic faculty of Moscow State University, but he has left faculty because of ideological conflicts. During 1969-1971 he served in the Soviet Army in the Strategic Missile Forces.

He graduated from Department of Economic And Social Geography of Russia Moscow State University in 1976. (Specialty - "Economic geography"). Supervisor - S. Khanin, an expert in mathematical methods of economic geography.

Ph.D. in Geography (Moscow State University, Department of Geography, Department of Economic And Social Geography of Russia) (1985). His thesis "Territorial organization and management of industry during scientific and technological revolution (on example of the Moscow region)" is devoted to location of the military-industrial complex in Moscow region (it had been marked as "For Official Use Only"). Supervisor - Professor A. Khrushchev, an expert in geography of industry.

Doctor of Geographical Sciences (Moscow State University, Department of Geography, Department of Economic And Social Geography of Russia) (2002). Thesis: "Innovation geography of Russian space."

Baburin led research in areas of regional economic geography and geography of cities. He is the author of several textbooks on economic geography of the USSR for high schools, works on social and economic geography and economic cartography.


From 1996 to 2002 V. Baburin was an Assistant Professor of economic and social geography of Russia, Faculty of Geography Moscow State University. Since 2002 Baburin is Professor of Department of Economic And Social Geography of Russia. From 2012 - Head of the department of Economic and Social Geography of Russia.

Laureate of the Academic Council of the Geographical Faculty, Moscow State University.

Full member of the Russian Geographical Society, Department of economic and political geography. Member of the Advisory Board of the Association of Russian social geographers. OECD expert.

A member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Regional Development (Russia) (since 2009).

He participated in the preparation of Russian federal programs:

  • "The decision of the social, economic and environmental problems associated with the rise of the Caspian Sea"
  • "Integrated Development of the Russian Federation, adjacent to the Caspian Sea" (1994–1998)
  • "Kemerovo Region: a regional diagnostics for evaluation of investment attractiveness" (1998).
  • Baburin is the head of expert group in preparation of a strategy for social and economic development of the Far Eastern Russia to 2025 (from 2009).

    During last 30 years Baburin actively engaged in regional analysis and strategic regional planning in Russia. He worked in 87 Russian regions and republics of the former Soviet Union.


    Teaching conducted in Moscow, Ufa, Khabarovsk, Sevastopol and other cities. Today Baburin is a professor of Moscow State University at the Faculty of Geography, as well as in his office in Sevastopol, and the Faculty of Public Administration (Course "Economic and Political Geography"). At Moscow University gives courses of lectures:

  • "Economic and social geography of Russia and the CIS"
  • "Economic and Political Geography"
  • "The geography of investment"
  • "Economic-geographical zoning"
  • "Economic-geographical expertise"
  • "The geographical basis for sustainable development"
  • "Management geography"
  • Over the past 20 years, Baburin was a permanent head of educational practices and student expeditions. V. Baburin has trained more than 150 student course, graduation projects and dissertations during last 10 years.


    Research interests: the evolution of territorial systems, innovation geography, territorial organization and management of industry, investment complex, electoral geography.

    The participation and leadership of research projects:

  • "Pskov highway: an innovative approach to regional development" (Pskov Region Administration, 1997)
  • "The main provisions of the strategy and the concept of social and economic development of Krasnodar Region" (Krasnodar Territory Administration, 2000)
  • "Assessment of investment attraction and development of proposals for the formation of the promising directions of social and economic policies of the Pskov region" (Pskov Region Administration, 2000)
  • "Characteristics of social and economic conditions. / Assessment / Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Project" Sakhalin - 1 "(2001-2002).
  • "Assessment of the population living in mountain areas of Russia, for the purpose of budget alignment" (Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy, 2001-2002.)
  • "Macroeconomic analysis of the uneven economic and social development of regions" (state contract to perform research and development activities, 2002)
  • "Economic-geographical problems of restructuring of the Russian economy: the experience of the 1990s and trends in the beginning of the 21st century.» (
  • "The development of concepts and conceptual apparatus of the national regional (rayon) school of economic and social geography» (,
  • "Geographical problems of economic and social development of Central Russia in market conditions."
  • "Zoning of Russia as a basis for territorial control and regulation of social and economic processes and methodological approaches (06-06-80277)."
  • "Forecasting of impacts of major innovation projects on socio-economic development of regions" (12-06-00400).
  • Author has articles in Russian scientific journals "Bulletin of Moscow University", "Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences. Geographical Series", "Proceedings of the Russian Geographical Society", "Journal of Economics and Geography, Southern Federal University", "Regional Studies", etc.

    Contributions to science

    V. Baburin is the founder of new direction in economic geography in Russia - innovation geography, the researcher of innovation cycles in Russian economy. He has made a significant contribution to the introduction of dynamic (cyclic) component to the study of territorial systems (evolution of the space).

    Prominent specialist in the field of regional analysis and regional administration, geography of investment, geography of military-industrial complex, geography of forestry in Russia, the economic geography of the CIS and Baltic countries, assessment of natural risks and damage. Popularizer of mathematical methods and models in economic geography.


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