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Region  Auvergne
Length  26 km
Country  France
River mouth  Monne
Mouth  Monne
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Progression  Monne→ Allier→ Loire→ Atlantic Ocean

The Veyre is a left-bank affluent of the river Monne in the French region of Auvergne.


Map of La Veyre, France


The Veyre is 26.1 kilometres (16.2 mi) long. It has no concrete source given that it originates at the plateau des Monts Dore, from the confluence of two streams : la Narse et le Labadeau which begins at the Puy de Vedrine. La Veyre has the particularity of having had its flow breached around 10,000 years ago by a lava flow of the Puys de la Vache and the Lassolas which formed a volcanic reservoir, the lac d'Aydat. Shortly after the lac d’Aydat, the Veyre then disappears underneath the volcanic heath of la cheire d’Aydat, then reappears downstream of Saint-Saturnin. At Veyre-Monton, between Tallende and Veyre, it joins the Monne.


Veyre Wikipedia

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