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Country  India
Director  K. Murali Mohan Rao
Language  Telugu
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Release date  29 May 1987 (1987-05-29)
Based on  Naseeb

Trimurtulu (Telugu: త్రిమూర్తులు) is a 1987 Tollywood film directed by K. Murali Mohan Rao Rao and produced by T. Subbarami Reddy on Maheswari Parameswari Productions. Starring Venkatesh, Arjun, Rajendra Prasad, Shobana, Kushboo and Aswini played the lead roles and music composed by Bappi Lahiri. It is remake of Hindi film Naseeb (1981). The film recorded as Average at the box-office.


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The story begins with four friends Ram Murthy (Satyanarayana) hotel Server, Damodaram (Rao Gopal Rao) Photographer, Kotaiah (Nutan Prasad) Chariot Rider, Bhadraiah (Bheemiswara Rao) bandmaster. Ram Murthy happy with his wife and two sons Raja and Sandeep, Damodaram has a son Siva, even Raja & Siva are also close friends, BBhadraiah has two daughters Lata and Rani. Once a drinker (Allu Ramalingaiah) who cannot pay his bill decides to sell his ticket to the server Ram Murthy and he purchases the ticket with his three friends. When the ticket turns out to be a winner, Damodaram and Kotaiah turn on the other two, murdering Bhadraiah and framing Ram Murthy goes on the run but Kotaiah and Damodaram intervene and throw him over a bridge into a river and soon after Ram Murthy wife also dies in an accident and his two children are taken care by Mary (Sumitra) whom Ram Murthy looks as her own sister, along With her daughter Julie.

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After 15 years, Damodaram and Kotaiah have used their stolen lottery money to build a fabulous hotel and make millions becoming very successful businessmen. Damodaram sends his son Siva (Arjun) for schooling in Hong Kong. They have even employed Raja (Venkatesh) as a waiter in the hotel. By coincidence, Raja and Siva fall in love with the same beautiful singer Lata (Shobana). Julie (Kushboo) is a childhood friend of Siva who is in love with him, but he only sees her as a friend. When Raja discovers this, he and Julie sacrifice their own love to ensure that Siva and Lata get together. At the same time Sandeep (Rajendra Prasad) and Rani (Aswini) are college meets and they are fallen in love but Rani's mother doesn't agree because She knows that Sandeep father is Ram Murthy, Sandeep Challenges to her that he will prove that his father is innocent.

Meanwhile, Ram Murthy is alive in Hong Kong he is rescued by a Don (Anupam Kher), and no one is aware he is alive. Damodaram and Kotaiah are business partners to Don, but they never saw him, once they play mischief with him, Don sends Ram Murthy in his place to take revenge. Kotaiah finds out he is Ram Murthy, not Don, he wants to eliminate both Ram Murthy and Damodaram because he is the only proof for the Bhadraiah's murder. Simultaneously Siva knows regarding the sacrifice of Raja and Julie's, he gives back his love to Raja and decides to marry Julie.

At the same time Kotaiah plans an attack by his son Ashok (Sudhakar) on Damodaram but he escapes, Simultaneously Ram Murthy kidnaps Siva and Ashok, Raja follows him and finds out Ram Murthy is his father through Mary and even Siva also, and he joins hands with them. Meanwhile, Damodaram decides to take revenge against Kotaiah, he has proof of photograph while Kotaiah killing Bhadraiah, Kotaiah kills Damodaram, Sandeep reaches there Damodaram handovers the proof to him before his death. Kotaiah keeps Sandeep in his grip and asks his son Ashok in exchange. Suddenly, Don arrives from Hong Kong, takes everyone into his control, keeps the murder proof with him and blackmails Ram Murthy to go back to Hong Kong and surrender to Police in his place. Finally, Raja, Siva, Sandeep, joins together saves Ram Murthy from baddies, takes their revenge against them and movie ends with the marriage of 3 heroes with their fiance and again the same drunker comes to their new hotel to sell a lottery ticket.


Music composed by Bappi Lahiri. Music released Lahari Music Company.


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