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Treasure Buddies

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Director  Robert Vince
Film series  Air Buddies
Language  English
4.6/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Family
Music director  Brahm Wenger
Country  United States
Treasure Buddies movie poster
Release date  January 31, 2012 (2012-01-31)
Based on  Characters  by Paul Tamasy Aaron Mendelsohn Kevin DiCicco Robert Vince Anna McRoberts
Writer  Robert Vince, Anna McRoberts, Kevin DiCicco (character created by: "Air Bud"), Paul Tamasy (characters created by), Aaron Mendelsohn (characters created by)
Cast  Richard Riehle (Thomas Howard), Edward Herrmann (Philip Wellington), Mason Cook (Pete Howard), Adam Alexi-Malle (Amir Sabbagh), Mo Gallini
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Treasure buddies trailer

Treasure Buddies is a 2012 Disney direct-to-DVD family film, directed by Robert Vince and produced by Anna McRoberts. It is the 6th installment in the Air Buddies franchise. The Buddies head to the ruins of Ancient Egypt, where, with the help of a monkey named Babi and a camel named Cammy, explore tombs, escape booby traps, and race against a Sphynx cat named Ubasti in search of treasure. The movie was released by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on DVD, Blu-ray, and as a movie download on January 31, 2012.


Treasure Buddies movie scenes

Treasure buddies finding cammy s tribe film clip


Treasure Buddies movie scenes

The film opens with a pickpocketing monkey named Babi who tells his nephew how he met the Buddies. The Buddies' great-grandfather, Digger was the partner of an archaeologist, Thomas Howard, who retrieved one half of a dial which would lead to Queen Cleocatra's tomb. He never found the other half and retired. The scene then switches to present Fernfield where Thomas is giving his grandson, Pete a tour of the Egyptian exhibit. The Buddies, Budderball, B-dawg, Buddha, Mudbud and Rosebud are also at the exhibit. Pete stays behind with his grandfather who gives Pete's dog, Mudbud, Digger's bandanna. A British archaeologist, Phillip Wellington along with his cat Ubasti meets Thomas in his office and reveals to have the other half of the dial, and insists on bringing him and Pete along for the ride, but refuses to bring along Mudbud due to certain allergies. Fortunately, Mudbud and the other Buddies stowaway in Phillip's DC-3 Douglas airliner via a box of TNT.

Treasure Buddies movie scenes

In the climax, Phillip is revealed to be a kleptomaniacal grave robber who challenges Thomas to a fierce duel after Ubasti is turned to stone after wearing Cleocatra's collar, he escapes with it but is captured by the Nomads, tied to a camel and (per request) is placed under the custody of the British embassy. Thomas and Pete are declared national heroes along with the Buddies and the collar is put on permanent display in the museum in Fernfield. Babi's grandson believes him to have exaggerated the story but Babi smiles and takes out Cleocatra's collar from a mummy coffin behind him, revealing he stole it from the Fernfield museum.


Treasure Buddies movie scenes
  • Richard Riehle as Thomas Howard
  • Edward Herrmann as Phillip Wellington
  • Mason Cook as Pete Howard - Grandson- Age 10
  • Adam Alexi-Malle as Amir Sabbagh
  • Mo Gallini as Tarik
  • Christopher Maleki as Seti
  • Ranya Jaber as Farah
  • Anna Primiani as Cleopatra
  • Voice cast

    Treasure Buddies movie scenes
  • Skyler Gisondo as B-Dawg
  • Charles Henry Wyson as Buddha
  • Ty Panitz as Mudbud
  • Tucker Albrizzi as Budderball
  • Genevieve Hannelius as Rosebud
  • Maulik Pancholy as Babi, a mischievous pick-pocketing capuchin monkey. He helps the Buddies look for Cammy's parents.
  • Kaitlyn Maher as Cammy, a baby dromedary camel. She goes with the Buddies in order to look for her parents.
  • Elaine Hendrix as Ubasti, the primary antagonist. She is a Sphynx cat.
  • Bonnie Somerville as Mala, a dromedary and Cammy's mother.
  • Ryan Stiles as Slither, a mystical cobra.
  • Tim Conway as Deputy Sniffer
  • Home media

    Treasure Buddies was released on DVD, Blu-ray, and as a movie download on January 31, 2012. The physical release was produced in 2 different packages: A 2-disc Blu-ray / DVD combo pack and a 1-disc DVD. The movie download was produced in both standard and high definition. Bonus features for the release included "DIGS: B-Dawg Edition" and a music video for "Roam."


    A sequel, the seventh installment in the Buddies franchise, titled Super Buddies, was released on August 27, 2013.


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