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Tokushima Prefecture

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Country  Japan
Area  4,144.95 km2
Region  Shikoku
Capital  Tokushima
Governor  Kamon Iizumi
Population  264,548 (2010)
Colleges and Universities  University of Tokushima, Tokushima Bunri University, Shikoku University

Tokushima Prefecture (, Tokushima-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located on Shikoku island. The capital is the city of Tokushima.


Map of Tokushima Prefecture

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Tokushima Prefecture in the past, History of Tokushima Prefecture

Until the Meiji Restoration, Tokushima Prefecture was known as Awa Province.


Tokushima Prefecture Beautiful Landscapes of Tokushima Prefecture

The Sanuki Mountains run along the northern border of the prefecture.

As of April 1, 2012, 9% of the total land area of the prefecture was designated as Natural Parks, namely the Setonaikai National Park; Muroto-Anan Kaigan and Tsurugisan Quasi-National Parks; and Ch?bu Sankei, Doch?-K?tsu, Hashikura, Higashi Sankei, Okumiyagawa-Uchidani, and ?asayama Prefectural Natural Parks.

Economy and Industry

Tokushima depends on agriculture, forestry and fisheries. The percentage of agricultural workers and productivity is the second largest in Shikoku next to Kochi. Rice fields occupy the lower region of the Yoshino River and the small, narrow plains along the shore. Much of the remaining land is used for vegetables and flowers. The prefecture is the nations largest supplier of cauliflower and lotus roots, and the fourth largest producer of carrots. Japanese indigo is only produced here.


Tokushima abounds in agricultural resources and is the site of large-scale production of many different types of vegetables. The plains north of the Yoshino River are particularly fertile and the produce here is often shipped to mainland Japan in the areas around Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto. Produce from Tokushima always claims top shares in markets in the Kansai region and particularly prominent are Naruto sweet potatoes, the citrus fruit "sudachi", lotus roots and strawberries.

The lack of goods heading to Tokyo has led to a relatively low national profile for local Tokushima brands. To combat this, the local Tokushima government now sends the "Fresh! Tokushima" moving display about the country with its mobile kitchen set to increase general awareness of the local food available in Tokushima Prefecture.

  • Rice - Anan City
  • Naruto Sweet Potatoes - Naruto City
  • Corn - Ishii-cho, Yoshinogawa City East
  • Sudachi - All across the prefecture, but mainly in Kamiyama-cho
  • Bamboo Shoots - Anan City
  • Spring Onions - Tokushima City
  • Lettuce - Awa City and the north shore of the Yoshino River
  • Lotus roots - Naruto City
  • Carrots - All across the prefecture, but mainly in Aizumi-cho
  • Cranshaw - All across the north shore of the Yoshino River, but mainly in Itano-cho
  • Rakkyo - Naruto City
  • Taranome - All across the West of the prefecture, but mainly in Yamashiro-cho, Miyoshi City
  • Sencha - Yamashiro-cho, Naka-cho, and the former Aioi-cho
  • Strawberries - All through the mountainous regions, but mainly in Sanagouchi-son
  • Grapes - Awa City
  • Egg plant - Naruto City
  • Satsuma mandarins - All across the prefecture, but mainly in Katsuura-cho
  • Yuzu - Naka-cho
  • Yamamomo - Komatushima City
  • Tsumamono - Kamikatsu-cho, Yamashiro-cho, Kamiyama-cho
  • Daikon raddish - Naruto City
  • Japanese apricot - Awa-shi, but mainly in Misato-son
  • Culture

  • Naruto whirlpools
  • Awa Odori Kaikan Hall
  • Mt. Bizan
  • Jurobei Yashiki
  • Tokushima Handicraft Village
  • Iya Valley
  • Oboke Koboke Gorge
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