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Tobias Moretti

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Tobias Moretti


Julia Moretti (m. 1997)

Tobias Moretti with blue eyes and wearing a black shirt underneath a black coat

Gregor Bloeb, Tomas Bloeb, Cristoph Bloeb

Lenz Valentino Moretti, Antonia Moretti, Rosa Cacilia Moretti

Harry Bloeb, Waltraud Moretti

Movies and TV shows
Inspector Rex, The Dark Valley, Life Eternal, Jew Suss: Rise and Fall, Der Vampir auf der Couch

Similar People
Gedeon Burkhard, Gregor Bloeb, Julia Moretti, Wolf Bachofner, Karl Markovics

Tobias moretti the best

Tobias Moretti (born Tobias Bloéb on July 11, 1959) is an Austrian actor.


Tobias Moretti with a tight-lipped smile while wearing a gray coat and gray long sleeves

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Tobias Moretti wearing a gray shirt underneath a black shirt

Born in Gries am Brenner, Tyrol, Moretti is the eldest of four brothers. His brothers are named Thomas, Christoph and Gregor. Since 1997 he has been married to Julia Moretti (née Wilhem), an oboist. They have three children, Antonia (born August 1998), Lenz Valentino (born February 2000) and Rosa Cäcilia (born February 2011). His professional surname comes from his mother, who is of Italian descent.

Tobias Moretti with a serious face while wearing a black coat and gray long sleeves

Moretti studied composition at the Vienna University of Music and Applied Arts, then went to Munich to train for the stage at the renowned Otto-Falckenberg Schule. After graduation he was a permanent member of the Bayrische Staatsschauspiel ensemble (Frank Baumbauer) and played at the Munich Kammerspiele (Dieter Dorn) from 1985 to 1995 where he earned critical praise in a sweeping variety of productions, appearing in Bertolt Brecht's Man is Man, Achternbusch's Der Frosch (The Frog) and playing the lead in Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida.

Moretti appeared in the TV series Inspector Rex from 1994 to 1998 as Richard Moser, the main policeman in the murder unit.


Tobias Moretti smiling while wearing a black polo

  • Die Hölle (2017) as Steiner
  • Life Eternal
  • Brothers of the Wind (2015) as Keller
  • Luis Trenker - Der schmale Grat der Wahrheit (2015) as Luis Trenker
  • The Decent One (2014) as Heinrich Himmler
  • The Dark Valley (2014) as Hans Brenner
  • Jew Suss: Rise and Fall (2010) as Ferdinand Marian
  • Zeiten ändern Dich (2010)
  • Vargis: Seeking Whom He May Devour (2009) (TV France) as Lawrence
  • Das jüngste Gericht (2008) (TV) as Thomas Dorn
  • Io, Don Giovanni (2007) as Casanova
  • Der Kronzeuge (TV) (2007) as Achim Weber
  • Die Schatzinsel (TV) (2007) as Long John Silver
  • Du gehörst mir (TV) (2007) as Wolf
  • 42plus (2007) as Martin
  • Midsummer Madness (2007) as Peteris
  • König Ottokars Glück und Ende (2006) (TV) as King Ottokar II of Bohemia
  • Der Liebeswunsch (2006) as Leonhard
  • Mord auf Rezept (TV) (2006) as Luis Kramer
  • Speer und Er (mini) (Speer and Hitler: The Devil's Architect) (2005) (mini) as Adolf Hitler
  • Käthchens Traum (2004) (TV) as Friedrich Wetter Count von Strahl
  • Jedermann (2004) (TV) as Jedermanns guter Gesell/Teufel
  • The Return of the Dancing Master (2004) (TV) as Stefan Lindman
  • Schwabenkinder (2003) (TV) as Kooperator
  • Julius Caesar (2002) (mini) as Gaius Cassius
  • Ein Hund kam in die Küche (2002) (TV) as Stefan Schuster
  • Gefährliche Nähe und du ahnst nichts (2002) (TV) as Harry Möllemann
  • Andreas Hofer 1809 - Die Freiheit des Adlers (2002) (TV) as Andreas Hofer
  • All Around the Town (2002) (TV) as Billy Hawkins aka Bic
  • Der Narr und seine Frau heute Abend in Pancomedia (2002) (TV) as Zacharias Werner
  • Der Tanz mit dem Teufel - Die Entführung des Richard Oetker (2001) (TV) as Georg Kufbach
  • Das Tattoo - Tödliche Zeichen (2000) (TV) as Karl
  • Trivial Pursuit (2000) (TV) as Paul
  • Deine besten Jahre (1999) (TV) as Manfred Minke
  • Shadows (1999) (TV) as Davide Berger
  • Alphamann: Amok (1999) (TV) as Martin Buchmüller
  • Joseph of Nazareth (1999) (TV) as Joseph
  • Cristallo di rocca (1999) (TV) as Joseph
  • Die Nichte und der Tod (1999) (TV) as Jeff Meltzer
  • Mortal Friends (1998) (TV) as Nico Möller
  • Clarissa (1998) (TV) as Gottfried
  • Krambambuli (1998) (TV) as Wolf Pachler
  • Mia, Liebe meines Lebens (1998) (mini) as Johnny Ryan
  • Silent Night (1997) (TV) as Pastor Joseph Mohr
  • Die Bernauerin (1997) (TV) as Herzog Albrecht
  • Ein Herz wird wieder jung (1997) as Paul
  • Mein Opa und die 13 Stühle (1997) (TV) as Wolfgang Ohr
  • Workaholic (1996) as Max
  • Night of Nights(1995) (TV)
  • Unser Opa ist der Beste (1995) (TV) as Wolfgang Ohr
  • Inspector Rex (1994) (TV) as Richard Moser (1994–1998)
  • Die Piefke-Saga (1990) (mini) as Josef 'Joe' Rotter
  • Der Rausschmeißer (1990) as Harry
  • Der Fluch (1988) as Mountain rescue service
  • Wilhelm Busch (1986) (TV) as Young Wilhelm Busch
  • Awards

  • Bavarian TV Awards - for Kommissar Rex (1995), Schwabenkinder (2004)
  • German Television Awards - for Kommissar Rex (1996), The Return of the Dancing Master (2004)
  • Adolf Grimme Awards, Germany - for Tanz mit dem Teufel - Die Entführung des Richard Oetker, (2002), Krambambuli (1999)
  • Golden Cable, Germany - for Kommissar Rex (1996)
  • Golden Lion Awards - for Kommissar Rex (1996)
  • Romy Gala, Austria - for Favorite Actor (Beliebtester Schauspieler)(2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005)
  • Italian Telegatto - for Kommissar Rex (1998)
  • Gertrud-Eysoldt-Ring - for König Ottokars Glück und Ende (festival in Salzburg)

  • Tobias Moretti smiling while his face is leaning on his hand and he is wearing a gray shirt

    Tobias Moretti looking at the man beside him while lying on a blue yoga mat

    Tobias Moretti smiling while wearing a black vest and white striped long sleeves

    Tobias Moretti looking at something while wearing a black shirt underneath a dark blue long sleeve and a black coat


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