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Thiruttu Payale

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Susi Ganesan

Thiruttu Payale movie poster

Release date
14 April 2006

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Thiruttu Payale (Tamil: திருட்டு பயலே; English: Yo, the Thief) is a 2006 Tamil erotic thriller film written and directed by Susi Ganesan. As like other Susi Ganesan films it is a real life experience based entertainer/thriller. The movie stars Kaakha Kaakha fame Jeevan, Sonia Agarwal, Abbas, Malavika, Vivek, Manoj K Jayan and Charlie. The film's music is composed by music director, Bharathwaj. The film was remade in Hindi by director himself as Shortcut Romeo. The film was also remade in Telugu and Kannada as Mr. Rascal and Aadu Aata Aadu respectively.


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Manickam (Jeevan), belongs to a poor family in a village. He does not respect any of his family members, except for his uncle (Vinod Raj) who lives in Chennai. The story gets rolling once he decides to come and stay with his uncle at Chennai.

Once while he is watching people playing golf, he notices Roopini (Malavika) and Ramesh (Abbas) having an illicit relationship. He manages to capture the same in his video camera. Roopini is the wife of a rich businessman (Manoj K Jayan), who is also Ramesh's best friend.

Manickam blackmails Roopini and extracts money from her whenever he needs. Once he makes a trip abroad to Australia with Roopini’s expenditure. There he happens to meet Rosy (Sonia Agarwal). He falls in love with her. Rosy tells him that she is a very rich girl from a respected family. While he decide to propose to her, he finds that she has left the city. He is upset and just at that time, Roopini makes a phone calls and tells him that Rosy was sent by her only to woo Manickam and demand that if he needs Rosy, he needs to hand over the cassette to her.

Manickam decides to find Rosy and comes to know that she also loves him. She asks him to leave this con work and gets him a job in a shop. All went well until when Rosy Stepmother comes to know about this relationship and asks Manickam for a sum if he wants to marry Rosy. To acquire the same he again uses the cassette for the final time but Roopini's husband comes to know about it. Manickam hands over the money to Rosy's Stepmother and asks Rosy to come to the Airport next day. The climax shows Roopini's husband killing Ramesh and Manickam fighting the goons sent by Roopini's husband and reaches the airport somehow only to be killed by him. The film ends with showing Rosy waiting for Manickam in the airport.

Box office

  • The film was a commercial success grossing 400 million at the box office and became the third highest grossing Tamil film of 2006 only behind Varalaru and Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu.
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