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The One with George Stephanopoulos

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Episode no.  Season 1 Episode 4
Written by  Alexa Junge
Directed by  James Burrows
Original air date  October 13, 1994

"The One with George Stephanopoulos" is the fourth episode of the NBC television series Friends. It is the fourth episode of the show's first season and was broadcast on October 13, 1994. The episode was directed by James Burrows and written by Alexa Junge.


Phoebe is offered by Monica to sleep over at her apartment after she got almost no sleep the night before.

Chandler and Joey go to the coffee house to invite Ross to a hockey game as a "late birthday present" (although Ross' birthday was 7 months earlier). In reality, they invited him to the game because the two couldn't find a date. Ross rejects the ticket after becoming depressed about the day being the anniversary of him and ex-wife Carol sleeping together for the first time. He eventually accepts after Joey is able to convince him after promising him a foam finger.

Meanwhile, Rachel receives her first paycheck. She is very excited at first only to discover she won't have much after taxes. She also gets reunited with her old friends, Leslie (Leesa Bryte), Kiki (Michele Maika), and Joanne (Marianne Hagan).

At the hockey game, Ross continues to reminisce on Carol, which makes him depressed once again, and annoys Chandler and Joey. He becomes happy again when the game starts but is soon hit in the face with the hockey puck and are forced to head to the emergency room.

At the hospital, Ross is fit in a nose cast and deal with a snippy receptionist, Nurse Sizemore (Mary Pat Gleason). They also encounter a bratty boy (Benjamin Caya) who "found" the hockey puck that hit Ross and claims it as his own. Ross asks for it back and the kid refuses. After a short brawl over the puck, it flies out of the boy's grasp and it hits the receptionist in the face.

Back at the apartment, the girls are getting ready for their slumber party. Rachel gets a call from her credit card company and realizes she has low income, which makes her depressed. Monica and Phoebe try to cheer her up with no effect. It actually makes them depressed too. The pizza guy (Sean Whalen) arrives, although he brought them the wrong pizza; the one he brought was meant for "G. Stephanopoulos". The girls pay for the pizza and head to the balcony with binoculars to spy on George. As they spy on him, they get drunk and start telling each other secrets. This ends up in a brawl between Monica and Rachel, with Phoebe stopping them once she spots George. They beg him to take towel off, which he does.

During the credits, Joey and the girls are playing twister. Rachel gets another call from her credit card company; Chandler takes her place in the game. When asked why she hasn't been using her card, she says she's doing fine and makes her confident in her independence.


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