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The In Crowd (1988 film)

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Director  Mark Rosenthal
Music director  Mark Snow
Language  English
6.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama, Music
Producer  Jeff Franklin
Country  United States
The In Crowd (1988 film) movie poster
Release date  February 13, 1988
Writer  Lawrence Konner, Mark Rosenthal
Cast  Donovan Leitch, Jr. (Del), Joe Pantoliano (Perry Parker), Jennifer Runyon (Vicky), Bruce Kirby (Morris), Scott Plank (Dugan), Wendy Gazelle (Gail)
Similar movies  Joe Pantoliano appears in The In Crowd and Eddie and the Cruisers
Tagline  They had all the moves!

Richard schave s scenes from the in crowd 1988

The In Crowd is a 1988 film directed by Mark Rosenthal and written by Rosenthal and his long-time writing partner Lawrence Konner. The period piece set in the 1960s features music of the era, including "Land of a Thousand Dances" and the instrumental "Cast Your Fate To The Wind" by Vince Guaraldi.


The In Crowd (1988 film) movie scenes


The In Crowd (1988 film) movie scenes

In 1960s Philadelphia, Perry Parker (Joe Pantoliano) is a local dance-show host who aspires to rival Dick Clark. Del Green (Donovan Leitch) is an honors student who dreams about dancing with Vicky (Jennifer Runyon), the show's most popular dancer who attends a parochial school. However Vicky is in love with her dancing partner Dugan (Scott Plank).

The In Crowd (1988 film) movie scenes

Del sneaks to the sound stage right at the day when Dugan misses the show. Someone from the ‘In Crowd’, a group of show's featured dancers, needs to step up as Vicky’s partner, but the other boys are hesitating, knowing Dugan's bad temper. Del takes the chance and his first appearance with Vicky is a big hit. His school friends can’t believe that Del is so hip and ‘alive’ while dancing, but Del's next door neighbor and childhood friend Gail (Wendy Gazelle), who has a crush on Del, is not happy with his new acquaintances and considers them the 'wrong crowd' for him.

The In Crowd (1988 film) movie scenes

Del is accepted to the ‘In Crowd’ and Perry requires Del to attend their evening outing with Vicky. Del picks up Vicky at her home and her father Tiny, a policeman, is happy to see her with a smart college bound young man, a sharp contrast with Dugan who can barely read. However at the outing Vicky sneaks away with Dugan, and Del is waiting until she returns and takes her home to alleviate Tiny's suspicions. There are several more outings, but each time Vicky runs off with Dugan. Del feels used by Vicky and refuses to be a party to her secret romance. Eventually they make up, and Del learns that Vicky and Dugan plan to run off to Hollywood and become movie stars, and vows to help them.

The In Crowd (1988 film) movie scenes

Perry's show is cancelled and the ‘In Crowd’ give their last wild dance. Del then borrows a Cadillac from Geil so he can get Vicky out to meet up with Dugan. Tiny tries to stop the couple and Del crashes into Tiny's police car, helping Vicky escape on Dugan’s motorcycle.

As a consequence, Del is grounded in his room. Gail comes by to play a new kind of music - rock music. She wears a leather headband, mini-skirt and high top suede boots, and Del is stunned by her new appearance as they listen to Bob Dylan.


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