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The Ex List

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7.6/10 TV

Genre  Comedy-drama
Composer(s)  Mateo Messina
First episode date  3 October 2008
Program creator  Sigal Avin
6.2/10 IMDb

Developed by  Diane Ruggiero
Country of origin  United States
Network  CBS
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Based on  The Mythological X by Sigal Avin
Starring  Elizabeth Reaser Rachel Boston Adam Rothenberg Alexandra Breckenridge Amir Talai
Cast  Elizabeth Reaser, Alexandra Breckenridge, Rachel Boston, Adam Rothenberg, Amir Talai

The Ex List is an American comedy-drama television series based on the Israeli series The Mythological X created and written by Sigal Avin. The Americanized version, developed by Diane Ruggiero, premiered on CBS on October 3, 2008. Avin and Ruggiero acted as executive producers with Jonathan Levin, Avi Nir, and Mosh Danon. The series aired on Global in Canada and on Canal Fox on Latin America. The show was short lived due to grim ratings and reviews, and lasted less than a month, with less than half of the produced episodes airing.


The Ex List The Ex List TV Series 20082009 IMDb


The Ex List The Ex List Season 1 TV IGN

After a psychic tells her she's already dated her future husband, a woman explores all her past relationships to determine who it was. According to the prediction, she will remain single for the rest of her life unless she locates him within a year.


The Ex List The Ex List TV show

All 13 episodes of The Ex List were scheduled to air on Channel 10 in Australia over the summer non-ratings period of 2008-09 at 9:30pm on Mondays, however after two episodes the series was pulled due to low ratings. Army Wives, the series which preceded it, was bumped back to the 9:30pm slot and repeats of Law & Order: Criminal Intent began airing at 8:30pm. However, after these changes ratings did not improve. The series was also dubbed in French and was called "Bella et ses ex". The series started airing on Series Plus, June 1, 2009 in Canada, Mondays at 10 PM. The series is also still being aired on Canal Plus Fox in Spain with the title "Todos mis novios." All 13 episodes were available to buy on demand at and iTunes for USA residents, however they have since been pulled and now says the series is unavailable due to their license having expired.


The Ex List Hello Friday The Ex List Fierce and Nerdy

The series was shot on location in the Ocean Beach and Coronado communities of San Diego, California, as well as along Seacoast Drive in Imperial Beach, California.


On September 12, 2008, creator and executive producer/head writer Diane Ruggiero quit the series after being unable to reach an agreement with CBS over the direction of the show. Six episodes of the show had been filmed before Ruggiero departed. Executive producer Rick Eid had taken over show runner duties to finish the 13-episode order, but the series was cancelled after only four episodes aired. All 13 episodes were completed, despite cancellation of the series during production.


The Ex List The Ex List39 Review Too Desperate to be Enjoyable
  • Elizabeth Reaser ..... Bella Bloom
  • Rachel Boston ..... Daphne Bloom
  • Alexandra Breckenridge ..... Vivian
  • Mark Deklin ..... Elliott
  • Adam Rothenberg ..... David "Augie" Augustine
  • Amir Talai ..... Cyrus
  • Anne Bedian ..... Marina the Psychic
  • Josh Braaten..... Marty (Daphne's husband)
  • The Exes

    The Ex List The Ex List images The Ex List Season 1 Promo HD wallpaper and
  • Eric Balfour ..... Johnny Diamont (Episode 01: Pilot)
  • Eric Winter..... Jake Turner (Episode 02: Climb Every Mountain Biker)
  • Michael Weaver..... Ronny (Episode 3: Protect And Serve)
  • Brian Van Holt ..... Shane Gallagher (Episode 04: Do You Love Me, Do You Surfer...Boy)
  • Michael Landes....Josh Dubinsky (Episode 05: Momma's Boy)
  • Reid Scott....Steve Bolla (Episode 06: Daphne's Idealized Wedding)
  • Kevin Sorbo.....Professor Harris Bertram (Episode 07: Art Professor)
  • Josh Cooke....Luke Crane (Episode 08 : Trustafarian)
  • James Tupper.....DP (Episode 09 : Flower King)
  • Ben Weber....James Thorp (Episode 10 : The Spark)
  • Josh Stamberg....Wade Redden (Episode 11 : The Babysitter)
  • Kristoffer Polaha....Philip Emmerson (Episode 12 : Metro Guy and the Non Ex)
  • Michael McLafferty....Roy Avis (Episode 13 : The Other Foot)
  • Melanie Specht....Tessa(Episode 13 : The Other Foot)
  • Episodes

    1. Pilot (10-3-08)
    2. Climb Every Mountain Biker (10-10-08)
    3. Protect and Serve (10-17-08)
    4. Do You Love Me, Do You Surfer...Boy (10-24-08)
    5. UNAIRED

    Critical reception

    South Coast Today called the series "My Name Is Earl with a whole lot more sex, better-looking people and an emphasis on hedonism and narcissism as opposed to karma and redemption." Time Out called the show's premise "dorky." Entertainment Weekly was more positive, giving the show a B+ rating and saying the show "could be one of the more charming new shows of the fall." The Los Angeles Times was also positive about the show, saying "just because something's almost unforgivably cute doesn't mean it can't also be very good and very funny."

    CBS squeezed into the worst top 10 with its short-lived Friday soap “The Ex List.” “It had one of the least appealing main characters of any recent network show I can remember,” said John Crook of Tribune Media Services.


    The series premiere attracted 6.85 million viewers and posted a 2.0 in the 18-49 demographic, ranking first in both viewers and the demo for its timeslot. Ratings steadily declined, and on October 31, CBS replaced the series with a rerun of NCIS, which topped the highest-rated episode of The Ex List by 65%. The network subsequently cancelled the series.

    DVD release

    At the Twilight premiere, Elizabeth Reaser announced an international DVD release of the series will include 13 episodes. "I'm still shooting the show, which is odd. The scripts have been rewritten to give [fans] some closure. [Bella] will figure out which ex is the one. I do find the guy, and it's someone we met in an earlier episode."


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