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The Adventures of Sinbad

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7.6/10 TV

Developed by  James L. Novack
Country of origin  Canada
Genre  Fantasy
7.3/10 IMDb

Created by  Ed Naha
Theme music composer  Matthew McCauley
First episode date  28 September 1996
Network  Global Television Network
The Adventures of Sinbad The Adventures of Sinbad TV fanart fanarttv
Based on  Sinbad the Sailor from One Thousand and One Nights
Starring  Zen Gesner George Buza Tim Progosh Oris Erhuero Jacqueline Collen Mariah Shirley Julianne Morris
Cast  Zen Gesner, George Buza, Jacqueline Collen, Tim Progosh

The Adventures of Sinbad is a Canadian Action/Adventure Fantasy television series which aired from 1996 to 1998. It follows on the story from the pilot of the same name. It revolves around the series' protagonist, Sinbad. The series is a re-telling of the adventures of Sinbad from The Arabian Nights. Created by Ed Naha, it was filmed in southern Ontario, Canada and in Cape Town, South Africa. The tone of the series resembled its contemporaries Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess.


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The Adventures of Sinbad The Adventures of Sinbad 19961998

A sword and sorcery adventure set in a land of myth and magic in the Middle East, around the Persian Gulf. The series tells of the adventures of Sinbad and his brother as they gather a crew, and set sail in the ship, Nomad, from Baghdad in search of wealth and adventure. Along the way they face witches, wizards, strange tribes and fantastic creatures.


The Adventures of Sinbad The Adventures of Sinbad a Titles amp Air Dates Guide

In the first few episodes: After two years at sea, Sinbad returns to his home, Baghdad. The city is very different from the Baghdad he remembers. It is now in the control of a prince and the grand vizier. He lands himself in prison, where he is reacquainted with his elder brother, Doubar, and discovers he is to be beheaded. When the princess is kidnapped, the Caliph of Baghdad says Sinbad is the only man he knows who is capable of facing Turok, the man who captured the princess. Before Sinbad is beheaded, Doubar comes to the rescue and sets him free. The brothers meet up with the rest of Sinbad's crew and proceed to Turok's lair, in search for Princess Adena. Sinbad tells his crew they need the help of his and Doubar's old mentor, Master Dim-Dim, so the crew head off for the Isle of Dawn, where he resides. They arrive at the island where they meet Dim-Dim and his new apprentice, Maeve, along with her avian companion, Dermott, a hawk. After the crew leaves the island, Dim-Dim is taken into magical limbo by an enemy. Many episodes in the two seasons mention Dim-Dim, however with the show being cancelled without making the third season, there is never any resolution for finding him. After Dim-Dim goes missing, Maeve decides to join Sinbad and his crew in their search for the lost Master. They find many adventures along the way. Sinbad and his crews goodness of heart always shines through in each episode.

Nomad crew

  • Sinbad

  • Sinbad the Sailor is the series' main protagonist, and captain of the ship, "Nomad". In the first episode he returns from a two-year absence, after being swept off his ship and presumed dead. He wears a rainbow bracelet after his return. Portrayed by Zen Gesner.

  • Doubar
  • Doubar is Sinbad's older brother. Despite being large, he is exceptionally strong. Portrayed by George Buza.

  • Firouz

  • The Adventures of Sinbad The Adventures of Sinbad 19961998

    Firouz is an inventor/scientist. Throughout the series he invents many modern gadgets, including a bicycle, an umbrella, dynamite sticks, and lasers. He frequently doubts in supernatural phenomena showed in the series. Portrayed by Tim Progosh.

  • Rongar

  • The Adventures of Sinbad TV SHOW 19961998 The Adventures of Sinbad COMPLETE SERIES FULL

    Rongar is a mute warrior. He is an expert at knife throwing. Season two features an episode that visits his home and gives the viewer his backstory. Portrayed by Oris Erhuero.

  • Maeve
  • Maeve is a Celtic sorceress, who is skilled in the arts of magic. She has a fiery personality and initially does not get along well with Sinbad, but later they become soulmates. She was only featured in the first season. The first episode for season two has her swept off the Nomad in the midst of a tempest, and it is later discovered the long-lost wizard Dim-Dim took her away to protect her from Rumina, a sorceress and a long-time foe of both Sinbad and Maeve. Portrayed by Jacqueline Collen. Collen did not return for the second season due to familial and contractual issues.

  • Dermott
  • Dermott is a very intelligent hawk that joins the crew with Maeve. It is later discovered Dermott is Maeve's brother, under a spell cast by Rumina. Dermott is portrayed by Dermott the Hawk.

  • Bryn
  • Bryn, a mysterious woman with a talent for magic, was introduced in season two. She meets Sinbad when he is washed ashore on the island she stays on. She had previously been washed ashore on the same island, and retained no memory of who she was or why she was there, apart from that her name was Bryn. She wore a rainbow bracelet matching Sinbad's, and when the two of them eventually managed to find the rest of the crew and escape the island, a message from Dim-Dim indicated she was the key to victory, presumably over the vengeful sorceress, Rumina. According to Ed Naha, had season three been made, it would have been revealed that Bryn was actually Rumina's younger sister. Portrayed by Mariah Shirley.


  • Turok
  • Turok is an evil sorcerer that is featured in the first two episodes, and the season one finale. His daughter is Rumina. He was to make a full return in the third season. Portrayed by Juan Chiorian.

  • Rumina
  • Rumina is the daughter of Turok. She is the main villain of the first season. She loves Sinbad, but hates him for murdering her father. Rumina is an expert in black magic, which is easy to learn compared to white magic. Rumina is also obsessed with killing Maeve, something she never manages to accomplish. In the planned third season, Rumina would have made her return, and it was to be revealed she and Bryn were sisters. Portrayed by Julianne Morris.

  • Scratch
  • Scratch is a demon from the West. He calls himself the Devil and is a horned and hoofed creature. He goes by many different names, including the "Lord of the Flies." He is introduced in the episode "Conundrum" in season one and appears in two subsequent episodes.

    Season 1 villains

  • Eblus
  • (Appeared in: "The Return of Sinbad")

    A demon who worked with Turok, and the one responsible for Dim Dim's curse. He assumed a human guise and helped Turok bring ruin to whatever city he visited. His ruse was exposed when Rongar searched his belongings (revealed to be human flesh for him to consume), and he attempted to slay the crew, killing Mustapha with his poisonous tail. He was killed by Sinbad when the latter harpooned him in the mouth. Portrayed by Lawrence Bayne.

  • Vincenzo
  • (Appeared in: "Still Life")

    An insane artist who transformed the rightful rulers of the Island he lived on and their army to marble through the use of magic gloves. He did the same to Maeve, but was killed when Sinbad turned the power of the gloves against him, and sent the now petrified Vincenzo falling to his death.

  • Kris Kattah
  • (Appeared in: "The Ronin")

    The wicked ruler of a nation, and Tetsu's former master. Kattah wielded a sword of evil magic that enabled him to transmute into a cloud of poisonous gas. He was killed while in cloud form, when the crew and Tetsu used a giant pinwheel to disperse his body.

  • The Gilling
  • (Appeared in: "The Ties that Bind")

    A demon who blackmailed a crew of Vikings into kidnapping Maeve as a sacrifice in order to free their ship from his minion, a giant crab.

  • Drax
  • (Appeared in: "The Prince Who Wasn't")

    The insane uncle of Prince Xander, Drax was cursed to never sleep until the last of his brother's bloodline was erased. He believed this pertained to his nephew and had the boy killed, but Xander's spirit alerted Sinbad's crew to his uncle's actions, and revealed that his mother was pregnant with another child. Drax was then dragged off by the spirits of his victims.

  • The Vorgon
  • (Appeared in "The Village Vanishes")

    An immortal monster who possessed people and absorbed the souls of others. The Vorgon planned to possess Sinbad in order to travel the world to find more victims, knowing that Sinbad's reputation would prevent anyone from suspecting him. He lured Sinbad to his latest feeding ground with a fake message from Dim Dim, and began to absorb both the inhabitants and the crew. But he underestimated Sinbad, and was incinerated by the light of the setting sun (he could only come out during the day if he used a host body) after being hurled upward by a catapult.

  • Zabtut
  • (Appeared in: "Masked Mauraders")

    The corrupt royal protector of Mirhago, Zabtut and his goons robbed the subjects of their money with their unfair taxes. When Sinbad's crew teamed with the youths opposing Zabtut's tyranny, he attempted to flee via a magic carpet, but was followed by Sinbad, and fell to his death during his duel with the sailor.

  • Vatek the Ghoul
  • (Appeared in: "The Ghoul's Tale")

    An evil sorcerer who cursed Princess Gaia with death on her eighteenth birthday as revenge against her father.

  • Bellamur
  • (Appeared in "The Rescue")

    Once a renowned adventurer, Bellamur was in reality a cruel and vile man, tricking the crew into stealing back his unwilling fiancé, Jial, from her real true love, Turhan, a former enemy of Sinbad's. Bellamur's ruse was eventually discovered, and he was stabbed from behind by Jial, just he was about to kill Turhan.

  • Mahmud
  • (Appeared in "Monument")

    An alchemist from the island of Mylagia, Mahmud created a formula that turned him into a giant, but also warped his mind, causing him to see himself as a god, and plot to take over the world. His daughter, Jullaner, and the crew tried to convince him of his error, but Mahmud instead tried to kill them. However, while chasing Sinbad and Jullaner, Mahmud's now-superhuman weight caused him to plummet to the center of the world, as the ground beneath him could no longer support his size.

    The Trickster

    (Appeared in "Trickster")

    A mean spirited demigod known by many names with a flair for playing cruel tricks on others. He tricked the crew and Rumina into entering a supposedly cursed area where Maeve and Rumina's magic was neutralized, then proceeded to plague the crew and the sorceress. His ruse was discovered when Dermott attacked him, forcing him to show his true form.


    (Appeared in "The Siren's Song")

    A greedy and heartless captain who sought to take Poseidon's Trident, only to harpoon a siren in the form of a dolphin. Fontassel and his men became the undead, having died days ago, but kept alive through dark magic. Fontassel attempted to take over the Nomad, but was stopped by Sinbad, and dragged off by Poseidon.

    Season 2 villains


    (Appeared in "The Sacrifice")

    The ruler of a tribe of island people who attempted to sacrifice Bryn to the island's monster, Caymen. Killed in an explosion.


    (Appeared in "The Return of the Ronin")

    A powerful demon who kidnapped young women in order to force them to breed with his warriors and create a race of deadly warriors. Killed by Sinbad and Tetsu.

    Baron Orlock

    (Appeared in "Heart and Soul")

    A sadistic vampire whose wife had Sinbad try to retrieve her heart from him in order to finally die after centuries of forced marriage. He attempted to foil his wife's plans by stopping or killing Sinbad and Rongar, but was ultimately defeated when Sinbad exposed him to sunlight, and threw a broken off chair leg at his heart, killing him. Curiously, despite clearly being vampires (displaying powers of shape-shifting and inhuman strength and durability), both Orlock and his wife absorb souls rather than drink blood.


    (Appeared in "The Voyage to Hell")

    A legendary villain whose soul resided in Hell. He attempted to use his namesake son as a vessel, manipulating him into villainous acts, but was usually banished back to the underworld by his wife, a witch, who did what she could to save her son from becoming like his monster of a father. When he forcibly took his son into Hell to take over, Sinbad and the crew followed. In a duel with Sinbad, Timor fell into a chasm.

    ·Ali Rashid

    (Appeared in "Ali Rashid and the Thieves")

    An evil merchant who stole Rongar's throne, and sent him into exile, Ali Rashid got hold of the Sword of Flame, and attempted to kill the crew. His was defeated by Sinbad and thrown off a balcony by Rongar.


    (Appeared in "The Gift")

    A demented hunchback who attempted to join the legendary crew, the Adventurers, but due to an accident, damaged his back, and became an outcast. He spent the next several years plotting his revenge, using magic to bring his dolls to life, and kill the Adventurers one by one. He was seemingly killed when his carriage fell off a cliff, but at the end of the episode, a young girl is seen carrying a doll that bears his image...

    Recurring characters

  • Dim-Dim
  • Master Dim-Dim taught both Sinbad and Maeve and disappeared early on in the series. Sinbad and his crew continue to search for him. Portrayed by Wayne Robson.

  • Tetsu
  • Tetsu is a Ronin Warrior who also wears a rainbow bracelet, like Sinbad and Bryn. He appears once in both seasons. Portrayed by Von Flores.

  • Mustapha
  • Mustapha was in the same prison as Doubar and Sinbad. When they were released to search for the lost princess, Mustapha introduced his good friend Rongar to the team. He dies in Rongar's arms in the second episode after trying to defeat a monster on board of the Nomad. He was portrayed by Ian Tracey.

    Season one

    In season one, Sinbad and his crew search for Master Dim-Dim, Sinbad and Maeve's old teacher who has disappeared.

    1. Return of Sinbad, Part 1: Returning home after two years at sea, Sinbad finds himself in prison. But the prince who threw him in there releases him for aid when his bride is kidnapped.
    2. Return of Sinbad, Part 2: Continuing from part one.
    3. The Beast Within: Sinbad is forced to play a game of hunter and prey with one of Rumina's monsters.
    4. Still Life: Sinbad and the crew land on an island owned by an artist with a disturbing secret surrounding his statues.
    5. The Ronin: Receiving a call from an old friend, Sinbad must defeat a master samurai in order to keep Baronia safe from a king with a sword of evil magic.
    6. Little Miss Magic: The crew becomes trapped in a cused town and try to keep a young magic user away from Rumina.
    7. King Firouz: Firouz is deceived into helping a corrupt general and princess.
    8. The Ties That Bind: Maeve is captured by Vikings who plan to sacrifice her to a monster.
    9. Double Trouble: Using her magic, Rumina shrinks Sinbad and uses his form to smear his image.
    10. Conundrum: While rescuing Rongar, Sinbad, Doubar, and Firouz find themselves helping a young woman retrieve four elemental skulls. But the quartet doesn't suspect the truth behind the supposed captive of the demon, Scratch.
    11. The Prince Who Wasn't: The ghost of a murdered prince convinces the crew to help him overthrow his insane uncle.
    12. The Village Vanishes: Upon receiving a message supposedly from Dim Dim, Sinbad and the crew find themselves trapped in a village where no one can leave.
    13. Masked Marauders: The crew finds themselves helping a group of kids fight the corrupt lawmaker of an island while on the search for Dim Dim.
    14. The Ghoul's Tale: The crew must lift a curse placed on a princess by the evil Vathak the Ghoul.
    15. The Rescue: The legendary adventurer Belamor asks the crew to rescue his wife from an old enemy of Sinbad's, Turhan. But it soon becomes apparent who the real villain is.
    16. The Eye of Kratos: An old friend leads the crew to a mission involving an evil cult.
    17. The Bully: Sinbad learns that the bully responsible for the death of his first love is on the island the ship's landed on. But he must put his mission of vengeance aside to save a village from a cyclops.
    18. Monument: A young woman gets the crew to help her find her father, not knowing what dear ol' dad's been up to.
    19. Trickster: The crew and Rumina must work together when they enter a supposedly haunted area where Maeve and Rumina's magic doesn't work.
    20. The Siren's Song: After they rescue a group of men from the sea, the crew begins to notice strange happenings aboard the ship. What dark secret do these men hold?.
    21. Isle of Bliss: The crew is hired to retrieve a magic sword with the help of a female captain. But the captain has her own plans for it, and isn't exactly what she seems.
    22. The Vengeance of Rumina: On the one year anniversary of when Sinbad decapitated her father, Rumina makes a pact with Scratch to finish off their mutual enemy and restore Turok to his full form.

    Season two

    In the opening of season two, Maeve is swept away during a storm. In his attempt to rescue her, Sinbad washes up on an island where he meets Bryn, who joins his crew. This season is darker in tone than season one, and explores the mystery of the rainbow bracelets.

    1. The Sacrifice: Washing ashore after a storm, Sinbad finds himself on an island where he rescues a young woman named Bryn from becoming a sacrifice.
    2. The Return of the Ronin: Sinbad and the crew reunite with Tetsu when the wandering samurai comes to the aid of a village under attack by seven demons.
    3. Heart and Soul: Sinbad and Rongar must defeat a vampire in order to save the rest of the crew from the blood (or rather soul) sucking fiend's wife.
    4. The Voyage to Hell: The spirit of a legendary villain plans to use his son as a vessel for his soul, and the crew must journey into Hell to rescue the young man.
    5. Ali Rashid and the Thieves: The truth about Rongar's past is revealed when the Nomad reaches his homeland, and the crew must foil the plans of the corrupt Prince Ali Rashid.
    6. The Gift: A reunion with Sinbad and Doubar's old crew turns into a nightmare when a deranged hunchback named Bakbuk uses enchanted dolls to murder them one by one.
    7. The Curse of the Gorgons: A boy recruits the crew to save his village from the thrall of a gorgon. But they soon learn that she wasn't the only one there.
    8. The Beast of Basra: Doubar is transformed into a werewolf.
    9. The Monster: A gentle giant named Uruk is forced to do evil by a sorcerer via a magic necklace, and the crew must release the poor man from the magic user's grasp.
    10. The Passengers: Two guests aboard the Nomad brainwash Sinbad for a dark purpose.
    11. The Invaders: Sinbad has a close encounter when an alien spaceship lands on an island. But that's the least of his worries, as a religious fanatic rallies the townspeople to try and destroy the "demons". The ending implies that Sinbad and Bryn's bracelets are actually alien technology.
    12. The Book of Before: An evil sorcerer plans to free the captured evil souls within an ancient book
    13. City under Plague: Sinbad and Firouz help an old friend of Firouz's try to cure a plague that's stricken the woman's village. But there's more to the disease than appears.
    14. The Empress: Sinbad becomes to target of affection for an immortal empress.
    15. Castle Keep: Arrested under the false charge of piracy, Sinbad joins with his fellow prisoners to try and overthrow the corrupt prince. But Sinbad learns that the leader of the rebellion may be much worse than the prince.
    16. The Gryphon's Tale: An evil hunter steals a gryphon's egg, inciting the beast's wrath.
    17. The Beast of the Dark: The crew finds themselves trapped on an island with a young man who has a connection with an invisible monster.
    18. Survival Run: The crew must dodge one assassination attempt after another when they escort a murder suspect to trail.
    19. The Minotaur: Sinbad comes to the aid of freedom fighters opposing the tyrannical ruler of an island by finding the Axe of Poseidon. But to stop the tyrant, he must defeat a minotaur.
    20. Stalkers: In the vein of "Them!", an island is terrorized by giant ants created and controlled by a deranged scientist.
    21. The Guardians: The crew must keep an infant safe from bandits who want to prevent him from achieving his destiny.
    22. Hell House: Scratch returns to try and force Sinbad to work for evil. But a mysterious woman sees to it that the demented demon's efforts are in vain.

    Planned third season

    Due to the success of the show, a third and final season was planned, but a contract dispute led to the series' cancellation. According to Ed Naha, had the third season been made, Rumina would return after a year of absence with a renewed desire to kill Sinbad. Bryn would have been infected with an incubus, and the crew takes her to a healer, believing him to be Dim Dim, only to find out it's actually a now deformed Turok, who would remain a neutral character throughout the season, and possibly be the one who destroys Rumina, thus freeing Dermott from her spell. The series finale would have also put a close to the mystery of the Rainbow Bracelets.

    DVD Releases

    Entertainment One released season 1 of The Adventures of Sinbad on DVD in Region 1 (Canada only) on May 25, 2004. As of 2010, this release is now out of print.

    Alliance Home Entertainment has released both seasons on DVD in Canada.


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