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Thapki Pyar Ki

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Also known as  Thapki Pyaar Ki
Created by  Darien Amos
Hindi  थपकी प्यार की
Developed by  Darien Amos
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Genre  Indian soap operaDramaRomance
Written by  Ved Raj ShrivastavaDheeraj Sarna
Similar  Udaan (2014 TV series), Balika Vadhu, Ishq Ka Rang Safed

Thapki Pyar Ki (English: Pat of Love, Love and Support) (also known as Thapki Pyaar Ki) is an Indian television drama series that premiered on 25 May 2015 on Colors TV, and airs Monday-Friday at 6:30pm IST. This show portrays the story of a girl nicknamed Thapki who stammers.


Jigyasa Singh, Manish Goplani, Jatin Shah, Monica Khanna, Nitanshi Goel and Luvneet Rajpoot portray the lead roles in Thapki Pyaar Ki.

It is being dubbed into Tamil as Indira – Puthumai Penn (English: Indira – A Girl of Innovation) and airs on Raj TV. It airs Monday to Saturday at 9pm IST.


Vani Chaturvedi (Jigyasa Singh) is fondly called Thapki as she stutters while speaking. Thapki is a cheerful and intelligent girl. She never loses hope and doesn't let her stuttering become an obstacle in her life. Thapki isn't getting a marriage proposal because of her stuttering. After sometime, a marriage proposal is accepted by Diwakar Mishra, who is shorter than Thapki. As soon as he comes to know the stuttering of Thapki, he denies to marry her. But in the name of marriage, his family makes her family spend a lot of money. Diwakar insults her and denies to marry her on the mandap, leaving Thapki heartbroken.

After some weeks, Thapki gets a job in a channel named News 365, owned by Dhruv Pandey, a well-educated and gentle man, (Ankit Bathla). Thapki and her family migrate to Noida. Thapki gets the job soon and her work and confidence impresses Dhruv. Dhruv and Thapki soon fall in love.

Dhruv tells his family that he wishes to marry Thapki. Dhruv's mother says yes for the marriage. Vasundhra hate things which doesn't work properly or people who stutter. Vasu didn't know about Thapki's stuttering, but as soon as she gets to know, she finds ways to separate Dhruv and Thapki. On the day of the marriage, Vasu asks her adopted son and the brother of Dhruv, Bihaan (Manish Goplani), to mix drugs in Dhruv's meals. Dhruv regains consciousness after some time, but Bihaan hits him on the head and he again falls unconscious. Bihaan then marries Thapki, which gives a big shock to Thapki and her family. Thapki hates Bihaan because of his behavior, and of the past incidents of him making fun of Thapki.

Vasu is in a hurry to conduct the marriage of Dhruv and Shraddha (Monica Khanna), a girl of Vasu's choice, as she finds that Dhruv is still attracted to Thapki. Soon, Thapki and Bihaan find out that Shraddha isn't sweet and good as she pretends, and try their best to stop the marriage of Dhruv with Shraddha, but fails. Shraddha hates Thapki because everybody pays attention and appreciates Thapki. Shraddha is always on to downtrod Thapki, but fails.

One day, during a puja, a deity of a goddess was about to fall on Vasu. Thapki saves Vasu from getting hurt. From that day, she is ashamed of the wrong deeds she did to Thapki. Shraddha gets furious by knowing that Vasu has taken Thapki's side. Now, Shraddha starts to do all the things to down trod Thapki. She finds ways to insult Thapki and even fakes a pregnancy to get attention and care from the family. She even tries to kill Thapki. Bihaan finds out that Shraddha tries to kill Thapki. The family is shocked to hear this. Shraddha's fake pregnancy truth also comes in front of everyone's. Vasu then orders Shraddha to leave the house, but Dhruv refuses. Bihaan falls for Thapki. He reciprocates his feelings to Thapki. Thapki also loves Bihaan and also reciprocates her feelings. Shraddha is now good and helps the family members.

After the incident, Balvinder decides to re-conduct the marriage of Thapki and Bihaan, with all the rituals. Dhruv is now jealous of Thapki and Bihaan's immense love. He tries all ways to break the marriage of Thapki and Bihaan, so that he can marry Thapki. Thapki gets to know about the wicked plans of Dhruv to separate her from Bihaan. She confronts Dhruv, and Dhruv confesses his love for her. Thapki denies this, and challenges him that she will marry Bihaan. Dhruv tries many ways to create misunderstanding between Thapki and Bihaan. Finally Dhruv realises his mistakes and reunites them.

Soon a new family enters the family and proves that Bihaan is their son. The family consists of Naman, Kosi Devi, Sankar and Janardhan aka John. Bihaan thinks they are his real parents and starts to hate the others. Thapki finds out they are his real parents only intend to turn Bihaan against them and steal the family money. They want Bihaan's kidney for their son, John as he has kidney cancer but in a twist, Bihaan had only one kidney but they don't care of Bihaan's life. Thapki tells Bihaan but he doesn't believe her. He tells her to come with him to live with his family but Thapki says no and stays with her in-laws. Sankar thinks that Bihaan is her lost husband. The two families face many challenges over time. Bihaan wants to throw Thapki from house because of some misunderstanding, as Thapki is pregnant and writes a letter to Bihaan but Sankar read the letter and doesn't tell Bihaan. Thapki had an accident in which she lost her baby and blames Bihaan and his family for the loss of her baby.

Two Years Later

Thapki came back as Vaani Oberoi, a business tycoon. She with the help of Kabir, exposes Kosi Devi. Kosi Devi is thrown out of the house but tell Thapki that she will come back, before going. Kabir also takes revenge from Bihaan form burning his sister, Neha house as well her husband and son. Thapki believes that Bihaan is innocent. Soon, Kabir also acceots that Bihaan is innocent. Thapki with the help of Vasu and Neha traps Sankar. Sankar then tells that she was the one who burnt Neha's house, husband and son. Police arrests Sankar but she escapes. Dhruv takes divorce from Shraddha and marries Aditi (Sheena Bajaj), Thapki's sister. He impregnates Aditi as well as Shraddha by thinking she is Aditi in a drunken state. Shraddha gives birth to baby girl and Aditi to a baby boy. She swaps the children.

Sonn, Thapki gets pregnant. Kosi Devi comes back as Kahlavti Devi and Sankar as Surmati Devi. They wants to explode Pandey House but fails as Thapki with the help of Bihaan exposes them and captures Kosi. However, Sankar kidnaps Thapki and takes her to a mountain. Bihaan saves Thapki but Sankar is hanging on the cliff, Bihaan tries to save her but fail as she falls. Police mistakenly arrests Bihaan for murdering Sankar. Sankar had fake her death. She meets Thapki and ask her to leave Pandeys and she will save Bihaan otherwise he will be hanged. Thapki agrees.

Thapki gives birth to twin daughters but Sankar tries to kill one of them but Bihaan saves her and adopts her. Everyone thinks that one of the daughter is dead. Thapki leaves with Kabir. Bihaan tries to stop her. Shraddha tells Sankar that she knows that she had blackmail Thapki. Shraddha and Sankar shake hands. Aditi overhears them. On the way, Bihaan meets Aditi who tells her truth. Now, Bihaan and Aditi tries to stop Thapki but Sharddha hits them with a car. They get injured.

Seven Year Later

The accident change many things in the lives of Pandeys. Aditi is shown dead and Dhruv (Jatin Shah) blames Thapki for her death, Bihaan is daily given brainwash by Shraddha and Sankar which makes him forget his Thapki. Bihaan can only recovers if Thapki will be with him. But Sankar and Shraddha tells everyone that Bihaan will only recover if Thapki will not in front of him. They give wrong medicines to Bihaan so he will stay like he is now. Aditi's son Veer and Shraddha's daughter Annaya aka Anu are grown up. No one still knows about the child swap made by Shraddha. Dhruv now becomes very harsh due to Aditi's death. Shraddha and Sankar treat Bihaan's daughter, Tina (Luvneet Rajpoot) badly. Tina is just like her mother Thapki. Thapki is now a reporter, Thapki is living with her daughter, Bani (Nitanshi Goel) who is just like her father, Bihaan. Previously, Thapki and Bihaan both lived away from each other. Tina is now studying in the same school as Bani. They becomes best friend. Thapki and Bihaan meet again after seven years. Thapki then comes to stay with Pandeys as she now knows that Shraddha and Sankar has told lie to family that she will only worse Bihaan's condition. She tells Vasu and she comes back to help her secretly. Shraddha forces Tina to ask Bihaan to marry Sankar or she will snatch Bihaan from her. She does it and Bihaan agrees. Everyone becomes shocked. Bihaan gets back his memory because of Thapki's plan and make plan to reveal Sankar's true face in which they also succeeds. Sankar tries to expose Sharddha but she cleverly gets out of the situation.

Vasu takes Bihaan and his family to Rajasthan's famous Temple. Amma Mai, a well known gangster kidnaps Bani and tries to make her, her daughter-in-law. They tries to free Bani but all in vain and goes back home without her as Amma Mai blackmails them that she will kill Bani. Amma Mai comes to Pandey house and says that it's a tradition that marriage occurs at bride house. It is revealed that Shraddha, in the mask of Thapki comes to Amma Mai and says that I want to make Bani, your daughter-in-law. Shraddha is taking revenge of revealing Sankar and her truth to everyone.

Crossover Episode

  • Ishq Ka Rang Safed known as "Mahameitry". It was broadcast on 12 February, 2016. Dhaani (Eisha Singh), comes at temple to apologize for drinking. She, then falls of Temple stairs. Bihaan saves her. Thapki comes at the same temple and hides from Bihaan. Dhaani helps her without even knowing her. They then prays together. Dhaani gifts Thapki, MataRani's chunri.
  • Trishakti

    Trishakti was a segment in which three serials were involved. This was not a crossover but each serial was broke down into smaller parts. All serials part were shown one after another. There are total of 9 Trishakti. There are total of 9 Trishakti. Three heroines of the serials were in the main lead in each Trishakti.

    Main Leads

         indicates Dhaani (Eisha Singh) from Ishq Ka Rang Safed.     indicates Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) from Thapki Pyaar Ki.     indicates Simar (Dipika Kakar) from Sasural Simar Ka.     indicates Anandi (Toral Rasputra) from Balika Vadhu—Kachi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte     indicates Nandini (Mahhi Vij) from Balika Vadhu—Lamhe Pyaar Ke     indicates Chakor (Meera Deosthale) from Udaan Sapnon Ki     indicates Swara (Helly Shah) from Swaragini — Jodein Rishton Ka Sur     indicates Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) from Swaragini — Jodein Rishton Ka Sur.


  • In the first Trishakti episode, Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) calls Dhaani (Eisha Singh) and talks to her as they have become friends at the temple in a crossover episode broadcast in February 2016. Dhaani says that she don't know what to choose. Whether her respect or her love. Thapki says do whatever your heart wants you to. Dhaani then thanks Thapki.
  • In the first Trishakti episode, Shraddha asks Thapki to order Laddos from Daddoji Halwai. She calls Simar (Dipika Kakar) and ask her to place her order on her behalf as she hasn't know the shop contact number. Simar says OK. Shraddha scolds Thapki while she is on call. Simar then asks her why the girl was scolding her. She says it is a long story but shortly I am servant at my in-laws in order to unite them. Simar, then motivates Thapki by saying it is very difficult to find such a brave daughter-in-law. Thapki thanks Simar for placing her order.
  • In the third Trishakti episode, Anandi (Toral Rasputra) was in lead while in the last Trishakti episode, Nandini (Mahhi Vij) was in lead. However they were from the same drama serial, Balika Vadhu. This happening of change lead took place when Balika Vadhu — Kachi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte, the first season of the show ended and the second one started which was Balika Vadhu — Lamhe Pyaar Ke.
  • In the seventh Trishkti episode, Swara (Helly Shah) was in lead as she had to save her life. Her sister, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) was not in lead.
  • In the eighth Trishakti episode, Chakor (Meera Deosthale) was in lead. However, in the episode promo, it showed Imli, her sister helping her.
  • International broadcast and dubbing

    The series aired in Pakistan by Filmazia simultaneously with Colors TV, till October 2016. It is being dubbed into Tamil as Indira – Puthumai Penn (English: Indira – A Girl of Innovation) and airs on Raj TV. It has also dubbed into Indonesian as Thapki and airs on ANTV since 18 July 2016.The film was also aired in Vietnam with the Vietnamese is Tôi, Thapki be broadcast on TV channel HTV3. thapki is also translated in Persian and broadcast on Gem Bollywood channel


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