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Ishq Ka Rang Safed

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Final episode date
26 August 2016


First episode date
10 August 2015

Ishq Ka Rang Safed Colors new show Ishq Ka Rang Safed is a perfect comeback for Mishal

Created by
Rupali GuhaSusmita Bhattacharya

Written by
Dialogue :Shanti BhushanStory :Abhijit Sinha

Directed by
Uttam Ahlawat, Shahnawaz KhanNitin Mahesh Chaudhary

Creative director(s)
Upasna MannSameer Khurana

Eisha SinghSanjeeda SheikhMishal Raheja

Golden Petal Award for Best Debutante (Female)

Program creators
Rupali Guha, Sushmita Bhattacharya

Golden Petal Award for Favorite Jodi, Golden Petal Award for Best Actor (Male)

Udaan (2014 TV series), Balika Vadhu, Thapki Pyar Ki

Exclusive on location shoot tv serial ishq ka rang safed 2016

Ishq Ka Rang Safed (English: White Is The Color Of Love) is an Indian television drama series that premiered on 10 August 2015 on Colors TV and ended its run on 26 August 2016. The show portrays the story of a young widow, Dhaani, and a rich boy, Viplav, who falls in love with her and goes against the orthodox views of society to marry her. The show was very much accepted by the viewers at an early slot and gave tough competition to Star Plus's Suhani Si Ek Ladki. But its viewership dropped after the change of the concept, but still went on as the slot leader until the exit of the lead actress Eisha Singh.


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Rekha Bhardwaj re-recorded content from her 2011 album Kabir Chaura Sufi Chaura for the show.

Ishq ka rang safed watch chemistry of viplav and dhani in the show india tv

Plot summary

Ishq Ka Rang Safed Ishq Ka Rang Safed 27th March 2016

Viplav Tripathi, the carefree grandson of Dashrath Tripathi, meets Dhaani, a young widow on the bank of river Ganges in Banaras. Dhaani lives with her mother in a widow refuge. Viplav, an LLB, plans to go US for further studies. They get off to a bad start, and Viplav takes revenge from Dhaani for disrespecting him and pours alcohol in her pot which she takes to the temple. He realizes his mistake when a crowd comes to beat up Dhaani and saves her. Viplav continues to play pranks on Dhaani, but eventually apologizes honestly.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed Ishq Ka Rang Safed set for a leap soon Times of India

Dashrath sends Viplav to Delhi, and tries to vacate the widow refuge. Luckily, Viplav arrives in Banaras to fight the court case on behalf of the widows. To distract Viplav, Dashrath and Viplav's mother arrange for him to get engaged to his childhood friend, Tanya. Viplav is enraged when he finds out that they were hiding the truth from him, and got him engaged by creating misunderstandings. He leaves the ceremony midway and goes to the temple, where he sees Dhaani drowning after fainting from weakness due to her fast. He saves her, but Dashrath's illegitimate son and right-hand man, Tripurari, takes pictures that Dhaani takes out of context and creates more misunderstandings between the two. Later Viplav calls off engagement to Tanya. He blames himself for stealing the happiness of the widows and plans to stay in the widow refuge to help the widows rather than going to US.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed Ishq ka Rang Safed Colors TV Ishq ka Rang Safed Serial Ishq ka

Dhaani and Viplav become good friends after she sees his genuine efforts. After helping the widows, Viplav returns home. Dashrath and Kanak create misunderstandings between them again, which leads to Dhaani hating Viplav and therefore Viplav hating Dhaani. Dhaani gets engaged to Tripurari. During this period, Viplav and Dhaani are very conflicted about each other's feelings. But Viplav finds out the truth about Tripurari having gotten Dhaani's widow friend Suvarna pregnant, promised her marriage and then tried to kill her and the baby. He reaches in time to stop the wedding and Suvarna gets married to Tripurari again.

Dashrath is angry at his failed attempt and Kanak employs Tripurari to get Dhaani killed. He kidnaps her, but Viplav somehow saves Dhaani. While saving Dhaani, Viplav gets a head injury and falls unconscious. Dhaani saves him and gets them to a house where a lady lets them stay until Viplav gets better. Dhaani lies to the lady and says they are married to avoid getting kicked out. They spend multiple days there, and Viplav falls in love with Dhaani, and is about to confess his love but Tripurari and his goons catch Dhaani and bring her back to Banaras. The people in Banaras try to kill Dhaani seeing her in colored clothers, but Viplav reaches there in time and saves her. He confesses his love for her in front of the crowd, and threatens them against ever trying to hurt her, as she is his future wife. Dhaani gets very confused, and talks to him about his declaration. She doesn't accept his proposal, and says she only views him as a good friend. Viplav doesn't back down, and pretends to be taking a flight to US. Dhaani realizes her love and runs after him, and thinks for a moment that she has lost him forever. When he appears in front of her, she finally declares that she loves him too, and the two happily make wedding plans.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed Ishq Ka Rang Safed Cast Real Names with Photographs SifetBabo

This irks his mother and grandfather, and they secretly try to stop it. All attempts fail to separate the two though. One such attempt accidentally leads to the death of Kanak's husband. Even after this, and Dhaani saving Dashrath's life by putting hers in danger, the two don't stop trying to separate Viplav and Dhaani. Kanak comes to live at the ashram, and continues trying to create misunderstandings from there. She succeeds by playing with Viplav's emptions towards her, but Viplav overhears her boasting about her plan. He feels bad for not believing Dhaani, and raising his hand to hit her when she tried to explain. They both meet, apologize to each other, and decide to get married in the temple to avoid anything else every coming between them.

They reach his house to inform everyone of their marriage, but find a family fixing their son's marriage with Shalu. They decide not to tell anyone yet and continue as normal to avoid any issues in Shalu's relationship. When Dhaani gets upset at lying to Dulaari repeatedly, Viplav tells her the truth, and promises to take Dhaani to his house as soon as Shalu's marriage is done. Meanwhile, Shalu's to be husband is revealed to be Dhaani's ex-husband's younger brother. The brother, Raja, blames Suman, aka. Dhaani, for his brother's death, and has vowed to take revenge. Raja tells Viplav about Suman and Viplav agrees to be his lawyer. They joins forces with to try to find out everything about her, during which time, Raja finds out that Suman is Dhaani, the same Dhaani that Viplav is in love with. Viplav doesn't realize that the girl he is helping Raja find is Dhaani. However, on the day of Shalu's wedding, Dhaani finds out that her to-be-husband is Raja, and stops the wedding. She is arrested before she can reveal the truth about her husband's death, and Viplav vows to save her and prove her innocence. She tells Viplav the whole story about how he husband was an alcoholic who used to beat her, Raja used to try and force himself on her and his mother used to threaten and beat her up. She tells him that the night her husband died, he was drunk and trying to save Dhaani from Raja, but fell off the balcony and died. Since Raja tried to put the blame on her and filed a case against her, she ran away from their house. In court, the prosecutor instigates Viplav by calling Dhaani a gold-digger and characterless woman, and he gets angry and reveals that he is her husband in front of his, Dhaani's and Raja's family, and everyone gets shocked. They win the case with Viplav's evidence.

Viplav brings Dhaani home. Dashrath pretends to accept her, while Kanak and Shalu are against her. Shalu gets manipulated by Raja, and gets married to him by threatening her family with by threatening to commit suicide. They get married at a temple, and come home. Viplav gets angry that they did not believe him, and leaves home. Dhaani convinces him to come back and fight to save his family from Raja.

Viplav and Dhaani come up with multiple plans to bring Raja's truth in front of the family. First, they disguise Raj Lakshmi as a princess who was Viplav's college friend. They catch Raja's aunt stealing money from the "princess" and Raja throws her out to save his own name. Then, they try to use Raja's womanizing ways against him, and set him up so that he gets close to the princess. Unfortunately, he finds out that it was a plan and it backfires on Viplav. They next try to pretend as if the two of them are unhappy with each other and fight in front of the family so that Dashrath hands over the family's reigns to Viplav and trusts him more.However,Raja manages to convince Shaalu and others to trust him and makes family against Viplav and Dhaani. But eventually,Raaja's truth is revealed.. that he is a married man who cons girls of rich family and trap them. For revealing this truth, Raaja's father comes forward and helps Viplav and Dhaani.In anger and frustration,Raja admits all his crimes and is taken away by the people gathered in the temple when these things happen. Shaalu then asks for forgiveness from Viplav and they are set to do a puja after Viplav makes her sister smile and comforts her. While whole family is performing puja, Raaja comes with a pointed rod to stab Dhaani. But Viplav comes forward and he gets stabbed. Everyone gets shocked. Dhaani then snatches the big temple bell and starts beating Raaja leading him down the stairs black and blue. Raaja is then taken away by the police. Dhaani comes running to hospital where Kanak bursts out on Dhaani and reminds her of her SO CALLED ILL FATE... Dhaani cries and says that Viplav will come back as he is a fighter. Dhaani prays to God and Viplav is seen gaining consciousness. Soon,he is brought home and Dhaani takes care of him. Daadi asks if this time they can celebrate Viplav Dhaani's wedding with proper rituals and Dashrath Tripathi also gives affirmation though wanted opposite of this. A new entry is shown in the show ...Dashrath Tripathi's sister comes to Ayodhya Niwas and gets shocked seeing Viplav injured and his stitches. She gets amazed seeing Dhaani and asks who is she. Everyone lie to her saying Dhaani is a nurse appointed to take care of Viplav stating that Daadi bua wanted to find a girl for Viplav and she will get upset to know Viplav married the girl who is not of her choice. However, Viplav wants to tell the truth to Daadi bua. Dhaani stops him saying they will tell it in the right time. Daadi bua is irked with Dhaani and soon demands to know if her husband does not say anything to her even if she is staying to take care of a stranger. Dhaani gets short of answer. In due course of time, Shaalu and Pankaj get married as a result of lying to Daadibua that all the wedding preps are for Shaalu's wedding. Days pass, then comes Kaamini,the girl whom Daadi bua wants Viplav to marry. Kaamini tries to impress Viplav but fails as Viplav is busy trying to find a chance to sneak out with Dhaani as Daadi bua thinks Dhaani as a nurse. One day, Dhaani is asked to leave the home without informing Viplav. She does so. Viplav finds her and brings her back holding her hand. Viplav declares his relation with Dhaani which shocks Daadi bua and Kaamini. On seeing this, Kaamini tries to leave home but Daadi bua instigates her to spoil Dhaani's image in front of Viplav. Kaamini then starts her planning and befriends Viplav and Dhaani. Daadi bua taunts Dhaani of not being able to read and write. Then, Dhaani thinks to surprise Viplav by studying. She discusses what to do with Kaamini who evilly tries to send her to the night school via the red light street. Dhaani then starts going to night school while Viplav thinks Dhaani is hiding something and tries to find the reason as he is worried because Dhaani might get caught in some problem. Here,sending Dhaani to night school, Kaamini tries to get close to Viplav in the lieu of getting help in her law studies from Viplav. And Viplav teaches her unknown to her real intentions.

Dhaani succeeds in studying and is happy that she is finally able to write Viplav's name. But,due to evil plannings of Kaamini, elders ask Dhaani to stop studying in night school that too going via red light area. Viplav is proud that Dhaani is dedicated towards her studies and brings the materials for her at home. They spend some happy moments but Kaamini eyes their happiness and is in search of one such


  • Eisha Singh as Former Dhaani Viplav Tripathi
  • Sanjeeda Sheikh as Dhaani Viplav Tripathi / Suman Viplav Tripathi
  • Mishal Raheja as Viplav Tripathi
  • Pratima Kazmi as Indrani
  • Garima Vikrant Singh as Dulari
  • Vividha Kirti as Raj Lakshmi
  • Anshul Trivedi as Parshya Kulkarni
  • Arun Bakshi as Mahant Dashrath Tripathi
  • Kajal Nishad as Kanak Tripathi
  • Vidya Sinha as Sushma Tripathi
  • Khushboo Thakkar as Shalini Tripathi
  • Ishita Ganguly as Kamini
  • Dakssh Ajit Singh / Rumi Khan as Tripurari
  • Shubhangi Latkar as Durga
  • Amardeep Jha as Dadi Bua
  • Mudrika Gupta as Richa
  • Vandana Singh (actress) as Suvarna
  • Jasveer Kaur as Bijli
  • Aakash Talwar as Ram Chaturvedi
  • Snehal Rai as Tanya Vajpayee
  • Barsha Chatterjee as Rachna
  • Rashami Desai as Tulsi
  • Khushwant Walia as Raja Awasthi
  • Gulfam Khan as Raja's mother
  • Guddi Maruti as Raja's aunt
  • Nishikant Dixit as Shambhu Tripathi (Dead)
  • Crossover Episodes

  • Thapki Pyaar Ki known as "Mahameitry". It was broadcast on 12 February 2016. Dhaani (Eisha Singh), comes at temple to apologize for drinking. She, then falls of Temple stairs. Bihaan saves her. Thapki comes at the same temple and hides from Bihaan. Dhaani helps her without even knowing her. They then prays together. Dhaani gifts Thapki, MataRani's chunri.
  • Trishakti

    Trishakti was a segment in which three serials were involved. This was not a crossover but each serial was broke down into smaller parts. All serials part were shown one after another. There are total of 9 Trishakti.

    Trishakti Episodes

  • In the first Trishakti episode, Thapki (Jigyasa Singh), calls Dhaani (Eisha Singh), and talks to her as they have become firneds at the temple in a crossover episode broadcast in February 2016. Dhaani says that she don't know what to choose. Whether her respect or her love. Thapki says do whatever your heart wants you to. Dhaani then thanks Thapki.
  • In the first Trishakti episode, Shraddha asks Thapki to order Laddos from Daddoji Halwai. She calls Simar (Dipika Kakar), and ask her to place her order on her behalf as she hasn't know the shop contact number. Simar says OK. Shraddha scolds Thapki while she is on call. Simar then asks her why the girl was scolding her. She says it is a long story but shortly I am servant at my in-laws in order to unite them. Simar, then motivates Thapki by saying it is very difficult to find such a brave daughter-in-law. Thapki thanks Simar for placing her order.
  • References

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